Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coulter: 'Diversity' no better than cancer
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Coulter: 'Diversity' no better than cancer

Ann Coulter
In her new column today at, columnist Ann Coulter hammers away at the notion that "diversity" is a strength, as intoned by Gen. George Casey in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre.

Writes Coulter: "As long as the general has brought it up: Never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a problem. Look at Ireland with its Protestant and Catholic populations, Canada with its French and English populations, Israel with its Jewish and Palestinian populations.

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"Or consider the warring factions in India, Sri Lanka, China, Iraq, Czechoslovakia (until it happily split up), the Balkans and Chechnya. Also look at the festering hotbeds of tribal warfare – I mean the beautiful mosaics – in Third World hellholes like Afghanistan, Rwanda and South Central L.A."

Coulter continues: "'Diversity' is a difficulty to be overcome, not an advantage to be sought. True, America does a better job than most at accommodating a diverse population. We also do a better job at curing cancer and containing pollution. But no one goes around mindlessly exclaiming: 'Cancer is a strength!' 'Pollution is our greatest asset!'"

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Molotov Mitchell

What Ann Coulter represents to the written word, Molotov Mitchell is to the age of video. He's edgy. He's creative. And he's a digital bomb-thrower.

This week, Molotov Mitchell comments on TV's pro-life message: 'Times, they are a changing.'

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