Friday, July 31, 2009

Make More Money Than Most Professional Traders

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Dear Daily Reckoning Reader,

You know the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"? Well, that certainly applies to the investment world.

Most professional traders have been in the game for so long that they are bound to their 'old tricks' by preconceived notions...economic forecasts...and government reports. It is nearly impossible to have them implement a new strategy - let alone a strategy as simple as the one detailed below.

This "no-brainer" strategy could be your key to unlocking major profits...easily doubling your money in three months - many times over.

At that pace, you'd be making more money than most professional traders.

Keep reading for all the details.

Best regards,

Kate Incontrera
Managing Editor, The Daily Reckoning

P.S. You can try out this strategy risk-free for 60 days. If at the end of those 60 days, you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll give you your money back - guaranteed. Read on...

Locked away for 136 years, now open to you:

How to Legally "Hack" Your Way Into the World's Most Secretive
"Millionaire's Market"

Right NOW you can legally "hack" your way into the financial community's best-kept secret: the "Millionaire's Market."

Once inside, you'll have a chance to legally "withdraw" $810 or more per week — and you'll be able to deposit the money directly into your retirement account!

Dear Reader,

They won't like that I'll show you how you could "hack" into the market that makes them rich...

Why would they?

They've done everything to keep this a secret from you for years. And up until today, they've done a pretty good job...

You see, only 2,408 lucky people are currently "on the inside" of this "Millionaire's Market."

But today, I'll give you a chance to beat them at their own game. A simple and easy way to "hack" into their private "Millionaire's Market." Then you could start profiting alongside their transactions.

Sound crazy? It's not. Let me explain...

First, you won't hear about the "Millionaire's Market" on the evening news. The operation is hush-hush. And obviously, the millionaires want to keep it that way.

Next, only the elite can join. They charge outrageous membership fees to join the "Millionaire's Market." At least a million bucks.

That's exactly why I call it a "Millionaire's Market" — even though most people know it by another name. Some members have even paid $5.8 million to secure their seat inside.

I don't know about you, but I'd pay a few million bucks to gain access to a secret financial market only if I was certain to become "ultra rich" in the process...

And that's exactly what they're doing. Making millions of dollars year after year. All without touching a single stock... bond... or other kind of investment most people are used to.

In short, they're growing rich trading "secret" things in their "secret" market — while you and I are left spinning the roulette wheel that the stock market has become. Does that sound fair to you? Of course not!

Today, I'll give you information on how to "hack" into their market. So you can grab your share of the riches WITHOUT ever having to pay the million-dollar membership fee.

Don't worry. This "hack" is perfectly legal, even though it was locked away for 136 years. I'll explain the exact details of our secret "hack" below...

For now all that's important is that you understand that this "hack" could be extremely profitable.

I'll show you a few examples of how much you could make in just a minute.

But first, you're probably wondering just who these secret millionaires are... why they keep their market hidden... and how I know all of this.

So let's start from the beginning...

The 137-Year-Old "Millionaire's Market" Moves Stockpiles of Money Each Day...
Right Beneath Your Nose!

But Today, My "Hack" Gives You the
Chance to "Withdraw" YOUR SHARE...

Before we go any further, I want to make something clear: The "Millionaire's Market" doesn't involve stocks or bonds...

These millionaires could care less what the Dow Jones, S&P or Nasdaq do each day.

While thieving politicians try to "stimulate" the economy... while corporate stock market junkies try to convince you that "timing the bottom" is the best way to make money... and while brokers charge ridiculous fees to flush your money down the toilet...

This secret group of traders plays an ENTIRELY different game.

And they use the mainstream media's "know-it-all analysts" to convince you that the stock market is the place to be... all just to divert your attention away from them while they trade like bandits inside their secret Millionaire's Market...

Today alone, they've completed more than 1,623,280 deals. Yesterday, they closed over 1,122,345 trades... and the day before, they made 1,259,445 deals...

My point is that over a million of these transactions occur each and every day. And they've run this underground "Millionaire's Market" since 1872.

But today is YOUR day to "hack" into the Millionaire's Market with your own behind the scenes access...

But Why Do They Work So Hard to Keep
You Out of the "Millionaire's Market"?

It's simple — expensive cars, party boats, houses in the Hamptons, private helicopters... these guys have it all.

Think they want to give these things up to you? NO WAY! They want it all for themselves. And the more people who know about their market the more competition they have...

To me, that just doesn't seem fair... So today, I'll throw the doors wide open for you.

I'll show you a simple way to "hack" into the opportunities inside the Millionaire's Market.

And once inside, you'll be able to ride along with their trades — quietly "withdrawing" your own share.

You can think of it as your revenge against them for trying to shut off access to the hardworking, blue-collar Joe for so long...

When you use this "hack" to get in on the profit potential of the Millionaire's Market, you'll have the chance to make huge sums of income — as much as $810 per week — from the world's hottest and most secretive market.

Money like that can completely change your life forever. I know — because that income changed my life.

Here's How Access to the "Millionaire's Market" Has Freed Me From the
Shackles of Normal 9-5 Office Jobs

I've used the secrets I learned in the Millionaire's Market to free myself from the shackles of numbing 9-5 office jobs...

No tying ties for me at 6:15... no warming up a freezing car for an hour-long commute... no dealing with office politics...

The Millionaire's Market has freed me from ALL of that.

One of my favorite things to do is catch a quick flight down to Cabo San Lucas, check into the quiet Cabo Surf Hotel, put my toes in the warm sand, flip open my computer and "hack" my way inside the Millionaire's Market for a chance to grab some quick cash.

Other days I'm able to quit around noon and go check out a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.

And when the holiday's come, I simply pack up my laptop, head up to my parent's house in Northern Michigan, and "hack" my way inside the Millionaire's Market after the family goes to sleep.

After all, isn't life REALLY just about enjoying yourself? With as little work as possible?

I'm free from the shackles of "normal" work. You could be, too. I'll show you how in just a moment.

And if you're already retired, the "hack" I'll tell you about today could help you live more comfortably, too.

In the past I estimate that I've been able to use my access to this little-known market to make upwards of $15,000 a day. I use it whenever I need some extra cash for my wife, my young daughter or me.

Today, I'd like to show you how you could do the same thing...

How You Use YOUR Extra "Millionaire's Market" Money Is Completely Up To YOU...

Using the "hacking" information I'll give you today, you could live a happier life while making a consistent stream of money. And you can start as early as 7:10 a.m. EST tomorrow.

Take Ray Chan, for example. Ray's a 48-year-old software architect from Charlotte, N.C., who wrote saying that he's used his "hack" into the Millionaire's Market to average an extra $1,500 per month. For the past eight months!

What has he used the extra cash on? Well, Ray said this: "Giving gifts is a lot easier when you have some extra money that you didn't work overtime for!"

Or take Stan Rohl — a 51-year-old semiretired uniform rental operator — who recently wrote in saying that he used his "hack" into the Millionaire's Market to make $1,337.80 in only ONE WEEK.

If you could do that each and every week, it would add up to almost $70,000 per year in extra income. What would YOU do with an extra $70K per year?

Just think how extra cash like that would change your life...

Because today I'm giving YOU a chance to see the same type of gains.

You see, I'll show you how you could exploit a recent change at the Millionaire's Market that allows you to "hack" into their trading system... This "hack" wasn't available for 136 years but now you can take full advantage of it...

Combine that "hack" with a research service I now run and you've got the two tools you'll need to make money right alongside of these millionaires.

Stan and Ray are just two of the many readers taking advantage of this service.

But before I tell you how you can join me as we raid this market, let's get something straight...

The Millionaire's Market isn't for everyone. I want only aggressive, intelligent people joining me as we sneak into this market through the back door. We have no room for deadbeats.

So if you're not serious about a chance to make an extra $810 per week, stop reading. This letter isn't for you. But if that extra income potential sounds appealing...

Then what you're about to read is highly confidential.

The truth is, I'm lucky to be telling you about it all. That's because I wasn't born into the "Millionaire's Market."

Instead, I stumbled into it purely by accident...

How My Lucky Day 18 Years Ago Has
Paved the Way For YOU to "Withdraw"
Money From the "Millionaire's Market"
With an Undercover Guest Pass...

Ever heard of being in the right place at the right time?

Well that's exactly what happened to me 18 years ago while walking around the busy streets of downtown Chicago...

You see, I'm 6 feet 3 inches tall.

When I stand in a crowd... well, let's just say that I'm easy to spot.

And that's exactly why I was first offered a job in the Millionaire's Market.

Because of my height, an inside trader picked me off of the streets and hired me to be his "order runner" – basically just running his orders back and forth from the trading pits to the phone desk.

The easier I was to spot above the sea of shouting traders, the faster he could give me his orders to run... and the quicker he could make his thousands of dollars.

The Secret "Millionaire's

He paid me $2.85 per hour to do his grunt work.

But what he may not have known is that everyday I tirelessly studied his orders. And I quickly found out what he was trading to make himself so rich...

He never touched a single stock... never laid his hands on a corporate bond... and he didn't think twice about investing in CDOs, ADRs, ETFs or any other fancy acronyms.

He didn't have to worry about shady accounting practices... questionable insider transactions... or even SEC investigations...

Instead, he was trading things that couldn't be manipulated by Corporate America — the stuff we use each and every day.

Things like the oil we use to heat our homes... the orange juice we drink with our breakfast... the sugar we put in our coffee... the metals we use to run our electronics... and so on.

Bingo! I knew this was it!

Forget the stock market full of crushing losses. Here's where the rich go to get richer...

Want a chance to make a few hundred dollars extra per month? (Or even thousands – YOU decide!) Without ever touching another stock again? Then this is the place for you.

But, until today, this was always a good ol' boys club. The better your connections inside, the more money you made.

Then, of course, there's the secret of it all...

I'd guess that 99.9% of the investing public has no clue how to get in on this action. That's why I feel like the "Millionaire's Market" (known to most people as the commodities market) has been "hidden" and kept "secret" from you... until today!

Now due to a relatively recent change in their system, you have the opportunity to "hack" your way inside — getting your hands on a share of the profits...

Why I'm Now Using My Inside Experience to Open the Doors on Their Greedy Little Secrets...

Giving You a Chance to Use the "Hack" to Bring in Extra Monthly Income — No Matter What the Stock Market Does!

I figured out how every part of the system works during my years inside the Millionaire's Market.

I ran trades that banked over $400,000 in a matter of minutes... And I helped complete trades hundreds of times per day.

I discovered all of the Millionaire's Market's secrets.

But along the way, something didn't smell right to me...

First, they had no loyalty to each other. I often heard stories about some of their own wives not knowing what they were up to!

They were concerned only about fattening their own wallets at any cost. And that kind of mentality was sickening.

But then I realized what was really bothering me...

These guys were so selfish about the millions they were raking in they took steps to keep this market completely hidden.

Instead of sharing their moneymaking secrets with the world, they screwed over everyday people by charging million-dollar entrance fees. It was all designed to keep the rich getting richer... while the everyday Joes like you and me were grinding through 50–60-hour workweeks.

Call me crazy, but that wasn't the life for me. So as soon as I sucked up all the knowledge I could, I quit with the hope of bringing their secrets back home to my family and friends...

But how does this all add up to you making $810 or more per week from their "hidden" market? Well, that's the secret...

Long Gone Are the "Old Boy's Club"
Days of the "Millionaire's Market"...

Here's How a Recent Change Allows You to Hack Into Their Market to
"Withdraw" up to $810 per WEEK!

A year ago they basically fired all of the "order runners" and replaced them with computers. They went almost completely electronic.

So now the public has an opportunity to get in the system — which is why I call it a way for you to "hack" into their trades.

Nothing illegal... just a way for you to get into the former "old boy's club" from your own computer...

All from the comfort of your home office!

After I heard about the change, and knowing all their inside secrets, I logged onto my personal trading account and tried to "hack" into their online trading platform...

Truth is, I didn't know if it would work...

But when my trade went through, I was shocked. My pulse started to beat faster and faster. It wasn't a big victory — I only withdrew around $31.25 from their marketplace...

My appetite was whetted! So a few days later, I "hacked" in again... tagging alongside the millionaire's on another trade. And it worked again. This time, I withdrew a little bit more. Around $750.

Jackpot! You see, along with saving costs, their computerized system did something they may have never expected...

It leveled the playing field for everyday people like you and me!

And at that moment, I realized that anyone could tag right along with the millionaires... as long as they knew the secrets behind the "hack."

No more old boys club where the profits are reserved for the inside few... Now we've got the chance to ride right alongside of these millionaires as they trade!

Of course, this "hack" only gets us inside. You also need to know their secrets...

And that's where I come in.

This computer "hack" now allows me to recommend the exact same opportunities in the Millionaire's Market without having to be "on the inside."

With all of the money floating around inside the Millionaire's Market, it's like secretly reaching in and "withdrawing" money from their transactions — all perfectly legal and virtually undetected.

And today, I'm inviting YOU to do just that!

Since these secret millionaires complete over 1,000,000 commodity trades in their market per day, as long as you don't get greedy, they'll never notice that you're tagging along with their trades.

Here's How the "Hack" Works

Making money in the Millionaire's Market takes just two simple steps...

First, the "hack" that I'll show you today allows you to tap into their electronic trading platform — you'll be able to participate in the same transactions that the millionaires inside this "secret" market complete each and every day.

Once you're able to get "inside," you'll need to know exactly which transactions to focus on...And that's the second step.

By using the secrets I learned while inside their markets, I'll analyze thousands of transactions a day. When I find one that's potentially profitable, I'll rush you a quick alert, telling you to "hack" your way inside on a specific transaction...

You decide if you want to fork over the small amount of cash it takes to make the deal. Then, when it comes time to "cash out," you could take back your initial cost, plus your share of the profits.

I know it may sound complicated. It's not. Here's how we're going to play it...

Your FREE Way Into the
Millionaire's Market

I've recently joined a financial research service called Resource Trader Alert — a service that focuses on the kind of trades they make inside the Millionaire's Market.

And Resource Trader Alert's recommendations have safely and consistently been booking gains month after month.

Today I'm inviting you to join us....

Through Resource Trader Alert, I'll show you how to "hack" your way behind-the-scenes into the Millionaire's Market. You'll be able to trade alongside them and have a chance to make as much as $810 per week in profits.

I've been personally using the Millionaire's Market to make money almost EACH and EVERY week — for more than 18 years. I promise that Resource Trader Alert will show you how to do the very same thing...

Take Sacramento, Calif., resident Greg Clay, for example. Greg wrote my publisher saying that he "had absolutely no knowledge about [the Millionaire's Market.]" After Resource Trader Alert showed him how to "hack" his way inside, he started with just $15,000 in his account, and he says his account is now worth $123,000!

Sally Flemming from Cedar Grove, Wis., told us that she's "grown her account by $4,000" in four months. She's used the "hack" and Resource Trader Alert's recommendations to generate $1,000 in extra income a month!

Or look what Chuck Zhan — a 52-year-old former psychotherapist who can no longer work due to a disability — told us: "I've invested in a recommendation only one time thus far... and sold for a 96% gain, almost doubling my money." Since Chuck is on Social Security, he needs any income that the Millionaire's Market can bring him just to get by.

Now, with Resource Trader Alert in your hands, you'll have a chance to begin bringing in huge sums of weekly income from the Millionaire's Market. And you'll be able to start as early as 7:10 a.m. EST tomorrow. I'll show you how.


But before I give you access to this information, let me show you exactly how easy it is...

Millionaire's Market "Withdrawal" #1:
How to "Hack" Your Way Inside to
Make an Extra $810 in Just Seven Days...

Did you know that you could make great money trading cocoa in the Millionaire's Market?

You can. Today. But more than 99.9% of people never do. Because before today, the Millionaire's Market was reserved for, well, the millionaires only...

You see, cocoa trades on the Millionaire's Market each and every day. And they make a fortune doing it. But after "hacking" your way inside, you'll have the chance to profit by tagging onto their transactions.

You simply use the "hack" to get in on the action... and then take your share of the cash if they profit.

Here's how...

A few years ago, Resource Trader Alert rushed out the following note to our readers:

"BUY the December Cocoa Calls for $480."

Then seven short days later, Resource Trader Alert sent another note that contained this simple recommendation:

"SELL the December Cocoa Calls for $750."

In at $480... out seven days later at $750. That's like withdrawing $270 from the Millionaire's Market. All with just 10 total minutes of work. And all by just riding along on ONE contract...

Not bad, right? But some Resource Trader Alert readers could have made much more than $270...

If you'd have bought two contracts of the same trade, you could have made $540. And if you'd have loaded up on three contracts, you could have raked in an extra $810 in just SEVEN days.

You could have deposited it right into your retirement account... or used it to pay off some credit card bills... or put it toward a nice little vacation for your family. It's your choice.

But it gets even more fun than that. $810 in a week is nothing compared with what some of the other lucky Millionaire's Market "hackers" have had the chance to "withdraw." For example...

Millionaire's Market "Withdrawal" #2:
How Your "Undercover" Access Could Have Made You $6,208 in Just Under One Month

Another commodity that trades in the Millionaire's Market each day is heating oil...

And with Resource Trader Alert, you could tag along with the millionaires as they trade heating oil — quietly grabbing your share of the profits.

All you need is to know how to "hack" into their electronic trading platforms... and my simple to follow recommendations.

Here's proof on gains that Resource Trader Alert readers have seen by trading heating oil in the past:

From: Resource Trader Alert
To: All RTA Subscribers
Date: September 16, 2005
Subject: Heating Oil Prices Set to Skyrocket

..."BUY February $150 Heating Oil
Calls for $1,747."

Twenty-eight days later, Resource Trader Alert rushed out an alert again. This time, Resource Trader Alert recommended selling those same calls for $4,851 — a "withdrawal" of $3,104 per contract.

If you had bought just two contracts, you could have turned every $3,500 into $6,208...

Four contracts would have raked in $12,416 in pure profit. All in only 28 days.

Pretty impressive, isn't it? And that's money you could make by using your guest pass to get into just one of the 1,445,748 transactions that these guys USED to make behind your back every day.

This happens time and time again. Resource Trader Alert sends out recommendations... the subscribers get a chance to make money in the Millionaire's Market.

Here's another example...

Millionaire's Market "Withdrawal" #3:
$911.25 In... $3,375 Out...

Would an extra $27,095.75 per month help you sleep better at night?

If so, that's exactly the type of extra cash that Resource Trader Alert readers could have generated. And they'd have done it by playing coffee on the Millionaire's Market.

The trick to trading coffee is to know how the seasons affect the coffee supply.

And several November's ago, Resource Trader Alert readers were prepared for a winter rise in coffee prices when they received this simple set of recommendations:

"BUY May $1.05 Coffee Calls for $911.25."

Just 30 days later, the price of coffee had moved up quickly — sending the $911.25 coffee contract up to $3,375 — an amazing 270% gain!

Resource Trader Alert readers could have raked in a quick profit of $2,463.25.

Had you acted on the series of email recommendations, you could have safely turned every $3,000 into more than $7,389. Or with a little bit more aggressive bet of 11 contracts, you could have even made $27,095.75 or more.

All within 30 days.

And all by "hacking" entry into the Millionaire's Market.

But what about today's unstable economic conditions? Do they play a part?

Not at all.

You won't be playing stocks, remember? This gives you a chance to SAFELY make money, no matter what the stock market does...

While the U.S. Slogs Through a Recession, These Secret Millionaires Make More
Money Than Ever...

Giving You a Chance To "Hack"
Into Their Elite Game

Does it look like the Millionaire's Market players are hurting over the recession? Nope!

They're making more money than ever from soaring commodity prices.

Here's proof: The sheer number of recent Millionaire's Market transactions is just amazing...

In 2004, the daily average inside one of the Millionaire's Markets was 538,245. In 2005, it increased to 697,371... in 2006, it averaged a whopping 980,400... 2007 rocketed up to an average of 1,242,530...

Now it averages over 1,445,748 trades per day. That's an impressive 169% growth in just five years.

And this 137-year-old market has increased the number of transactions every year since it started.

This means that the volume of trading on the Millionaire's Market is so high that they'll never even notice you when you tag along to "withdraw" your share of the money!

For example, if you "hacked" in on only a tenth of a percent of their daily transactions, that would still leave you 1,445 cherry-picked potential trades to participate in each day!

The bottom line is that this profit parade won't end anytime soon.

And the Resource Trader Alert strategy will show you how to safely get in on only the VERY best transactions... the ones that could easily pay your monthly bills... and leave you some "extra" cash to burn.

The ones like...

The $4,000 you could have reaped in 20 days if you'd bought 8 of our recommended silver contracts

The $17,820 in pure profit you could have made in just 9 days from 5 wheat contracts

The $4,500 you could have raked in 19 days playing 9 corn contracts

The $4,704 you could have bagged from the Millionaire's Market in 6 days through 10 sugar contracts

The $9,200 you could have made in 28 days by playing 10 gold contracts.

That's exactly what the Resource Trader Alert strategy is designed to do — safely provide you inside access to the Millionaire's Market, where you'll have a chance to make as much as $2,000–10,000 per month, depending on your initial stake.

Wait, you might be thinking... Those profits look pretty darn good. But haven't commodity prices been killed in the past seven months?


But it doesn't matter. Here's why...

I Don't Care if Commodities Go
Up or Down Each Day...

As Long as They Move in Any Direction... You Could "Withdraw" Your Own Profits!

Don't kid yourself if you think the Millionaire's didn't profit from the downturn in commodities...

Some of them made fortunes.

And that's the beauty of it... as long as the prices move in either direction, there's money to be made.

With movement, you could hop on for the ride — positioning yourself to profit from spikes up OR down.

What does $35 per barrel crude mean to the economic landscape of the world? WHO CARES??!!? I'll leave that up to everyone else to figure out...

All I care about is where it's heading over the short term. And how to position Resource Trader Alert readers to profit.

Here's actual, real life proof on how Resource Trader Alert readers could have made money from FALLING commodity prices in the past...

Millionaire's Market "Withdrawal" #4:
Skimming a Quick $2,100 From
Crude Oil's Plummet

A few years back, Resource Trader Alert rushed out the following alert:

"When I start to hear that my dry cleaning guy and my chiropractor are trading in the energy markets, I need to take a step back...

So what do we do? Glad you asked. We move away from the herd and look a little further down a rather short road...

...When the correction eventually comes, we will, hopefully, grab our reward.

***Action to take... buy August $48 crude oil put options at $1,080 or better."

It's simple: crude oil put options go UP when the price of crude oil goes down.

A few days after the alert was sent, sure enough, oil started to drop...

And 23 days later when Resource Trader Alert recommended selling the contracts, each $1,080 put contract was now worth a solid $1,500.

That's like "withdrawing" $420 in pure profit from each contract.

With just five contracts, you could have made $2,100 in just under a month...

All without ever having to worry about a company going bankrupt... or announcing bad earnings... or coming clean with more mortgage write offs.

Again, Resource Trader Alert readers simply wait for recommendations... decide if they want to act... "hack" into the electronic trading platforms...and then act quickly when it's time to collect profits.

It couldn't be easier.

Here's another deal that could have brought you some quick cash as commodity prices fell...

Millionaire's Market "Withdrawal" #5:
Playing Cattle's Price Drop Could
Have Put $7,800 in Your Pocket!

Remember, all you need for a chance to make money in the Millionaire's market is price movement...

For instance, a few years ago RTA saw that Cattle prices were due for a correction.

To position readers, Resource Trader Alert rushed out the following recommendation:

"Buy June Live Cattle 82 puts for $600...

Over the course of the next three months cattle prices dropped... sending the recommended put options higher.

When it was finally time to take some gains, Resource Trader Alert sent the following note:

"Sell ½ of [your] June Live Cattle 82 puts
at $800.00..."

Said a different way — with 20 contracts purchased, Resource Trader Alert recommended selling 10 of those for a nice $2,200 profit.

$2,200 is nothing to sneeze at. But it wasn't the home run that Resource Trader Alert was looking for...

That's why Resource Trader Alert recommended letting the other half of those trades ride, looking for some big gains.

And 11 days later, those big gains came. A big drop in cattle prices caused my publisher to rush out the following alert:

"Some of you already scored good gains on the first round of profit taking so for many of you this is the second round.

Sell all of [your] remaining June Live Cattle 82 puts for $1,160.00..."

With the remaining 10 contracts you would have "withdrawn" another $5,600!
And that's on top of the $2,200 you would have booked by following our first sell recommendation.

And all with just a way to "hack" access to the best opportunities in the Millionaire's Market and 10 minutes of work.

Here's Why You'll Have a Chance to Generate Additional Monthly Income For Years... and Years... and Years

As long as the world spins, we'll need the simple things to live on. The things like sugar, cocoa, heating oil, cattle, oil and soybeans...

And it only makes sense that supply and demand will make the prices of these things go up and down...

All you need is a way to "hack" in their market and my transaction analysis...


But it's Important to Mention That Resource Trader Alert Hasn't Won on EVERY Millionaire's Market Recommendation...

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that Resource Trader Alert has never tagged along with a losing play.

In fact, if you ever hear someone claim that they've never picked a loser, hold on to your wallet tightly, turn around and run away... fast.

The truth is that losers are always part of the game.

The millionaire's market is no exception to this fact. But the trick is obviously to win more than you lose.

And Resource Trader Alert's amazing track record has been the key its success.

Here's how you would have done if you'd have acted on every "hack" I've recommended to my Resource Trader Alert readers in 2009:

That's 13 total trades I've recommended in 2009... and 11 total money-making "withdrawals." That's a whopping 85% win rate.

Does winning 85% of the time sound fair to you? I thought so...

And 2009's Been No Fluke...

Since 2005, Resource Trader Alert cherry-picked 118 Millionaire's Market closed recommendations for readers.

Ninety-six recommendations were winners.

After forking over the cash it took to get in on the transactions, the total cumulative gains (including losers) were a whopping 7,434%.

If you'd have dumped $5,000 into each and every single one of Resource Trader Alert's recommended Millionaire's Market trades, you could have made $365,800 in pure profit. That includes the rare break-even or losing transactions.

Compared with the Dow, which actually went DOWN 15.5% during the same time frame, now you can see why certain people pay ridiculous fees to join the Millionaire's Market!

By this point, though, I'm sure you have some questions about what I've told you...

So it Seems Only Appropriate to
Answer Your Questions Now...

I'd like to take a moment to make sure you're completely comfortable with how powerful "hacking" into this secret market can be...

Remember, I want only serious people "hacking" their way inside this secret Millionaire's Market. NO deadbeats allowed...

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Showdown With the Bond Vigilantes; Bill Bonner on the Idea of a Counter-Cyclical Stimulus

Celebrating A Decade of Reckoning
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The Daily Reckoning
Friday, July 31, 2009

  • Modern economics is an intelligence-destroying trade...
  • Inflation will cost the Chinese a pretty penny...
  • The IMF reports that a global recovery is not yet underway...
  • Bill Bonner on the idea of a counter-cyclical stimulus...and more!

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    Showdown With the Bond Vigilantes
    by Bill Bonner
    Paris, France

    It's time for summer vacation in France.

    "You can forget about getting anything done in the month of August," said colleague Simone Wapler. "The French are busy with serious things...real painting shutters and picking green beans...fixing curtains and making strawberry jam. They don't want to hear about economics or markets..."

    France begins its summer vacation today. We've come to join them...

    But we will keep an eye on the money anyways...because it's just getting interesting...

    Two interesting things are happening. First, the feds are facing a showdown with the know, the people with money - $2 trillion worth of reserves, $1.5 trillion of it in U.S. Treasury paper. They've got to convince them that they'll protect their investment. If they fail, the vigilantes sell their bonds...cause the dollar to collapse...and force up U.S. interest rates - which will come down like Round-Up on those green shoots of recovery.

    Meanwhile, stocks are not only anticipating a recovery, they're counting on it. And for that, they depend on stimulus from the feds. But what Bernanke gives in stimulus, the vigilantes are likely to take away...

    More on that in a minute...

    The other big thing that is going on is the rally in the worlds' stock markets. On Wall Street, for example, the Dow rose 96 points yesterday. How far will this rally go? Should you try to take advantage of it?

    As a rough rule of thumb, a bounce can be expected to recover half of the losses from the crash. The Dow went down 7600 points below its pre- crash high. So, we can expect a rebound of about 3800 points - which would put the index back around 10,300. By that measure, this rally could still have a lot of life in it - enough to convince practically everyone that the depression will soon be over. Don't believe it. This depression is going to last at least a few years...and the bear market isn't over. The Dow will eventually close below 5,000. At least...that's our story and we're sticking with it.

    [Our commodities man, Alan Knuckman has been staying far, far away from stocks - and benefiting greatly from that choice. This morning, he cashed out of one trade for 107% profits, and another one for 143% - in a little over one month. Get in on this killer winning streak by clicking here.]

    But let's go back to poor Ben Bernanke. And poor Tim Geithner. The poor fellows don't seem to know what they are doing. But why should they? Ben Bernanke spent his career as a professor of economics. Modern economics is fundamentally an intelligence-destroying trade. The longer you spend in economics, the less you know about how the economic world functions. Many years ago, the profession got the wrong idea of what it was up to. Ever since, it's been barking up the wrong tree. (More below...)

    As for Geithner, he is a smart young man...destined for hackdom almost from the day he was born. Ivy league firms...government - a protégée of Robert "Nobody Saw the Crisis Coming" Rubin - you can't blame Geithner either; he hasn't had time to think about how an economy really works.

    But at least their mission is clear: to convince the world of two things at the same time...both impossible and mutually exclusive! The Chinese vigilantes must believe that the feds won't undermine the dollar...and the rest of the world must believe that they will! Inflation is necessary for recovery and growth in the United States...or so everyone believes.

    It was French economist Jacques Rueff who revealed the scam more than half a century ago. The whole idea of Keynesian stimulus, he explained, was to cause inflation...which would reduce the real price of labor. In a modern democracy, politics prevents wages from falling. But in a correction, if wages don't fall people don't get jobs. Keynes' didn't mention it, but the only reason his stimulus works is because it pulls the wool over the eyes of the working classes - reducing their wages by inflation so employers can afford to hire them again. Ergo, no recovery in the job market. No recovery in the job recovery in the economy.

    But inflation will cost the Chinese plenty. And they've let it be known they won't sit still for it. Keep reading...

    Let's turn to The 5 Min. Forecast for more news:

    "The U.S. economy shrank at a 1% annualized rate in the second quarter, the Commerce Department estimates today," reports Ian Mathias in today's issue of The 5.

    "Since that's better than the 1.5% contraction the Street had predicted, we see headlines of 'the pain is easing,' and 'recession easing' left and right. True, the latest GDP number is better than previous quarters, but here are some of the stats that really got our attention:

  • The U.S. economy has now contracted four quarters in a row, the worst streak since the Great Depression
  • GDP has contracted 3.9% in the last year, the worst fall since at least 1947, when the Commerce Department started keeping track
  • First quarter GDP was revised down heavily, from a 5.5% to 6.4% - the biggest quarterly GDP drop in almost 30 years
  • The Commerce Department revised 2008 down too, from a 0.4% annual contraction to a 1% decline
  • Consumer spending, 70% of U.S. GDP, contracted 1.2%. Their retrenchment was largely replaced by government spending, up 10.9%
  • Employment compensation rose by just 1.8% over the last 12 months, the slowest rate on books that go back to 1982.

  • "But as you'd expect, the market has clung to the expectations-beating, lower than usual headline GDP. Thus stocks are currently holding on to yesterday's gains and hovering around breakeven."

    Wanna make sure you get The 5 - in its entirety - sent to your inbox, every Monday through Friday? You becoming a subscriber to one of Agora Financial's paid publications, such as Penny Stock Fortunes. Their latest special report details the easiest way to make money in this market - by focusing on stocks most investors overlook. Read all about it here.
    And back to Bill, with more thoughts:

    "China seeks assurances that US will cut its deficit," says a New York Times report:

    "China sought and received assurances from the Obama administration that the United States would reduce its budget deficit once an economic recovery was under way, a senior Chinese official said Tuesday at the end of two days of high-level talks between the countries.

    "Attention should be given to the fiscal deficit," said Xie Xuren, the Chinese finance minister. He said Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner had assured the Chinese that once the economy rebounded, the deficit would gradually come down from its current record levels.

    "Mr. Geithner confirmed that, saying, 'As we put in place conditions for a durable recovery led by private demand, we will bring our fiscal position down to a more sustainable level over time.'"

    Did you notice, dear reader? Geithner promised a "durable recovery led by private demand." In other words, it won't be government spending that pulls the United States out of its slump, he told the Chinese.

    He must have had his fingers crossed behind his back. At this stage, what other kind of demand is there? Are factories being built? Are they hiring? Are consumers borrowing and spending more? As we pointed out yesterday, private demand has collapsed ...and it's likely to collapse even more.

    But let's stick with our vigilantes for a while. Inflation would cause them to lose money. More importantly, it would cause them to lose face. American officials have told them not to worry; the Chinese seem satisfied. But woe to the debtor who lies to his creditor; he gets cut off.

    Meanwhile, a report from the IMF names Britain and the United States as the world's two biggest spendthrifts...and sees no end coming soon.

    A global recovery is "not yet under way" and likely to occur at different times around the world, so pulling back public spending and investment may be "premature," the IMF staff said.

    Additional discretionary spending may be needed in 2010, the report said.

    The staff report also said inflation expectations are picking up, posing a risk to a rebound in economic growth.

    "Preserving investor confidence in government solvency is key to avoiding an increase in interest rates, thereby not only preventing snowballing debt dynamics, but also ensuring that the fiscal stimulus is effective," the report said.

    The IMF noticed the fix U.S. officials are in.

    "On the one hand, a too hasty withdrawal of fiscal stimulus would risk nipping a recovery in the bud," the report said. "On the other hand, with a delayed withdrawal investor concerns about sustainability may increase, leading to higher interest rates on government paper, undermining the recovery and increasing risks of a snowballing of debt."

    The IMF staff urged countries to develop medium-term strategies to rein in rising debt levels. Some countries already have begun to do so, the report said.

    The economists at the IMF see this as a problem of "balancing risks." Here at The Daily Reckoning, we see it differently. To us, it is lies colliding with each other. Stimulus will not produce genuine prosperity. You can't cure a credit-caused crisis by offering more credit; it just won't work. But rather than let the system correct itself, the feds are determined to 'do something!' What can they do? They can only destroy the dollar - or try to - thereby destroying the value of China's $1.5 trillion treasure.

    Now, more on why private demand is going to weaken, not increase.

    As the boom of the post-war period continued, consumer spending played a larger and larger role in the economy. It averaged 64% of the GDP during most of the period, but increased to 70% in 2007. Likewise, debt service as a percentage of disposable personal income rose too - from less than 5% in the '50s and '60s to over 14% now.

    If, as we suspect, the trend towards more and more consumer debt has finally peaked out; consumption should have peaked out too. We should now see the percentage of the economy devoted to consumption go down...year after year...until it reaches the 'normal' level. Private debt too should go down, until it is at a more 'normal' level.

    We calculated that during the last 7 years of the Bubble Epoque consumers added $1.4 trillion in debt per year. That was the spending that made the old mare go. But now what? They are now adding no debt - zero. In fact, they are paying off debt. This alone removed $1.4 trillion in private demand from the economy.

    [It's clear that the U.S. consumers won't be able to save the global economy this time around. Here's how to protect yourself from the next leg down in this epic downturn. See here.]

    The savings rate is up dramatically too - from zero to 7%. This is another way of measuring the same phenomenon: the decline in consumer spending.

    The only thing that would cause consumer spending to go would be a substantial increase in real wages. This would allow Americans to buy more - while simultaneously paying down debt. But with 16% unemployment (Rosenberg's estimate) it will be a long time before real wages increase at all...let alone substantially.

    Keep reading for today's essay...

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    "Thanks for the [recommendation]. I got in at $1,310 and out at $3,400 for a $2,090 profit" - Theodore Kingston, July 31, 2009

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    The Daily Reckoning PRESENTS: Everyone remembers the television show that swept the nation in the late '90s: Jackass. Though the phenomenon has fizzled out in recent years, you can still enjoy the Jackass genre - all you have to do is read the news. Bill Bonner explores, below...

    We Are All Jackasses Now
    by Bill Bonner
    Paris, France

    For whatever reason, the French newspaper, Liberation, chose to recall a grim event last week. On February 4, 1912 Franz Reichelt, also known as the 'flying tailor,' put on his contraption - a homemade outfit designed to work like a parachute - went up to the first observation level of the Eiffel Tower, hesitated...then stepped over the rail and jumped.

    Alas, he did not fly. Nor even float. He fell "like a stone," the paper reported.

    Immortality was achieved, but not the way he had hoped. His stunt was captured by the new motion picture technology of the time. That silent film inspired the very popular Jackass videos, which show people engaged in reckless acts of mischief and mortality.

    But we do not have to go to Youtube to enjoy the Jackass genre. We have only to read the news. All over the world the authorities are strapping on their absurd parachutes...and climbing to very high places. In Europe, banks borrowed 442 billion euros last month from the European Central Bank. Much of it is lent back to European governments. In America, stimulus funds are used to fix public toilets, as well as to repair Wall Street's balance sheets. Trillions of dollars have been put at risk in these adventures - $23 trillion in the United States alone. And yet, despite the most daring experiment in stimulus ever, by the end of June, the British economy was 5.6% smaller than it had been a year before, paralleling the decline that followed the crash of '29. As for the United States...we await the figures...
    "In the past, workers were quick to move to where the jobs were. The Sun Belt traditionally bounced back first. But Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada have been flattened even more than the rest of the nation - by record foreclosures, government cutbacks and bankruptcies. Now, the jobless stay put...and stay unemployed."

    On the evidence, stimulus programs aren't working. In fact, where they are tried the most they work the least. For proof, we go to Stimulation Nation itself. From America last week came news that new house sales had finally turned up. They were up 11% in June, according to the papers. That was the monthly figure. According to the annual numbers, they were down 21% from the year before - at the second lowest since they began counting in 1963. And since the population is much bigger than it was 52 years ago, this was relatively the worst June in history for new house sales. And now that the economy is in a slump, the rate of new household formation has been cut in half. Faced with lower incomes and worsening jobs prospects, people are less eager to set up new households - reducing the demand for new houses.

    Unemployment shows no sign of improving, either. The stimulus program was supposed to cap joblessness at 8%. Officially, the rate is now 9.5%. Economist David Rosenberg puts the real unemployment rate almost twice that high. And businesses are cutting jobs even faster than expected. Economist Arthur Okun suggested a rule of thumb for predicting unemployment levels in a downturn. But firms are not only laying off redundant workers; they are laying off workers who would normally be spared. What's more, those who are left are working the shortest weeks ever recorded.

    In the past, workers were quick to move to where the jobs were. The Sun Belt traditionally bounced back first. But Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada have been flattened even more than the rest of the nation - by record foreclosures, government cutbacks and bankruptcies. Now, the jobless stay put...and stay unemployed.

    Currently, the excess capacity in the United States is staggering - both in labor and capital. Capacity utilization is only 65%; in theory, output can increase 35% before any new capital investments are made.

    Recovery? "Forget it," says Rosenberg.

    Now that the facts are out of the way, we end our critique of stimulus...and turn to laugh at the stimulators. "Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back," wrote John Maynard Keynes. And now it is Keynes' voice they hear.

    "We are all Keynesians now," said Richard Nixon as he strapped on a crash helmet.

    Keynes probably got the idea of a counter-cyclical stimulus in Bible class. And a good idea it was. Simple...intuitively correct...practically demonstrated...and theoretically sound. But he and his followers still managed to screw it up.

    First, Keynes' General Theory is no theory at least not in the scientific sense. It can't be tested. The results aren't reproducible. Instead, it's merely an idea about how things should work, based on an Old Testament story.

    Pharaoh had a dream. He dreamt he saw seven fat cows devoured by seven scrawny, misbegotten cows. He didn't know what the dream meant, so he called for a young Hebrew man who had interpreted dreams for his master. Joseph told Pharaoh that Egypt was to enjoy seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine. He told him what he should do about it too. He should store all the grain he could from the fat he could pass it out when the going got tough.

    This is a story we all know. It is easy to tell and easy to understand. But modern economists twisted it as though it were an inflation statistic. They maintain that when the business cycle turns down, it's just like a drought. And they can counteract the effect of the drought by giving the economy stimulus - liquidity - from the public sector.

    Trouble is, they missed the point completely. Do you recall any public official urging the public to stop spending so much in the bubble years? Do you remember any Treasury Secretary or Fed Chairman suggesting that the U.S. government run real budget surpluses in the fat years? Does any headline from any paper in the nation mention a storeroom in which grain or treasure was stored for the lean years? Not at all! Instead, the feds encouraged people to eat their grain! Governments ran deficits even during the bubble years, with the biggest deficit in history in 2008, just as the lean years began. Now they have no real grain to offer. So they turn to a reckless, disaster-defying stunt - passing out phony money, like sawdust muffins...

    Future generations will watch the video and laugh until their stomachs hurt.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Bill Bonner
    The Daily Reckoning

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