Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tell Congress "Hands Off My Health"

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Long waits for treatments, fewer choices, more government
interference, higher taxes and higher health care costs -- does
that sound like the kind of health reform you want? Congress'
so-called "public plan" threatens to raise your taxes, bankrupt
the country and force millions of Americans out of their current
employer-based coverage - and it does nothing to control rising
health care costs.

Supporters of the "public plan" say that more government control
of health care would inject new "competition" into our health
care system. Yet the public "option" is built on government
health care programs that are already going bankrupt here in the
USA and outright failing patients in Canada and the UK. And
incredibly, congressional reform proposals will force more than
119 million Americans from their good, private health care
coverage to this new government-run program. That's almost half
of all Americans who already have health insurance coverage.

It's time to expose the tremendous costs and consequences of
government-run health care. There are better ways to make health
care coverage affordable and patient-centered. That's why CMPI
Advance has created a Web site that provides policymakers and the
public with facts and resources and, more importantly, encourages
people like you to tell Congress to keep their hands off health

Please sign our petition today and tell Congress that the public
plan is a poison pill for patients and doctors.

And make sure to visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter,
sign our Twitter petition, and Tweet your support to #handsoff.

Act now and join the fight against government-run health care

Thank you for your support,

Dr. Bob Goldberg
President, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest Advance

The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest Advance (CMPI
Advance) is a nonprofit, non-partisan 501c4 organization
promoting innovative solutions that advance medical progress,
reduce health disparities, extend life and make healthcare more
affordable, preventive and patient-centered. CMPI provides the
public, policymakers and the media a reliable source of
independent scientific analysis on issues ranging from
personalized medicine, food and drug safety, health care reform
and comparative effectiveness.

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