Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chuck Norris: 6 Reasons Obama-Care Is Bad Medicine

Human Events
Chuck Norris 6 Reasons Obama-Care Is Bad Medicine
By Chuck Norris
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No one denies that in an affluent country such as our own, it borders on tragic that millions do not have some form of health care. I feel for those Americans; I really do. I agree that health care reform is needed badly in America, but I don't believe the bill of goods called "universal health care" that is being pitched presently by our president contains the solution. In fact, I believe it is bad medicine for America.
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-- First, universal health care unwisely is being rushed.

Should sweeping health care reform be enacted in a world-record time? Just like the stimulus packages and bogus bailout baloney, Obama-care is being shoved downed America's throat (without explanation) and propelled like a ramrod through Congress (without examination). I call it the Obama blitzkrieg: create crisis; crunch numbers; and cram legislation. The fact is the president continues to sell the program, but there is still no single plan he or Congress is ready to sell.

-- Second, universal health care clearly would drive our country deeper into debt, which is being progressively purchased by foreign powers without any concern by Washington to stop it.
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