Friday, July 24, 2009

Here's How To Survive America's Next Debt Collapse

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We're facing an avalanche of debt that is about to wipe out millions of Americans.
The government has been recklessly borrowing and spending for too long. But President Obama has accelerated this recklessness to breathtaking levels.
We are rapidly approaching the crisis point. And a catastrophic collapse is now the only way out.
Get ready for the Obama Depression...
How can I make such a dire prediction?
Well, it's right there in the pages of history. 
From my research, I can tell you that President Obama is following the playbook of the man responsible for the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover. 
Hoover launched the biggest stimulus programs and tax increases that the US had ever seen. Those policies doomed the US economy.
Now, we're seeing it play out again before our very eyes. 
Millions of middle-class Americans are about to suffer.
Read my full report NOW to learn how to protect yourself and your family before it's too late. 

James Dale Davidson 
Best-selling author of Blood in the Streets , Financial Reckoning Day and The Sovereign Individual

Founder and chairman emeritus of the National Taxpayers Union

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