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La Raza's racist agenda exposed by Tom Tancredo

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Dear Fellow Concerned American,

         By the time you receive this letter, confirmation hearings will have concluded on the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court.

         I have made it clear that I think President Obama nominated Judge Sotomayor not because he thinks she is the most qualified person for the job.

         Instead, he has nominated her because he thinks she is the most qualified liberal Hispanic woman for the job.   The president had a check list for the job...and the check-off boxes related to political ideology, ethnicity and gender, not judicial temperment!

         But the Sotomayor nomination is not the main reason I am writing and asking for your help today.

         Instead, I want to ask you to help me and Team America expose the National Council of La Raza, of which Judge Sotomayor was a member, for what it is: a radical pro-amnesty group that is dedicated to undermining our national identity through its aggressive advocacy of "multi-culturalism" and "diversity."

        When I spoke out against Judge Sotomayor's membership in La Raza, and referred to it on CNN as "the Latino KKK without the hoods and nooses," you would have thought I had insulted the American flag, motherhood and apple pie!

         La Raza and its allies in the pro-amnesty, multi-cultural movement rushed to the attack, targeting me in phone calls and emails to Republican leaders on Capitol Hill.

         Personally, these attacks don't bother me at all

         I have been called a racist, and worse, ever since I took up the cause of border security and real immigration reform over a decade ago. 

        In fact, I'd worry that I wasn't being effective in delivering my immigration reform message if La Raza wasn't coming after me!

         But I think the particularly hysterical reaction to my most recent remarks reflects the desperate attempts of the radical Hispanic lobby to deflect the spotlight of public attention away from La Raza and the multi-culturists' agenda for America!

         That's because they know that if average Americans knew the truth about La Raza they would reject out of hand La Raza's arguments in favor of amnesty and "comprehensive immigration reform!"
         Since you, like me, are deeply involved in the battle to secure our borders, enforce our laws against illegal immigration and preserve our national identity, I'm sure you're very familiar with La Raza (English translation, "The Race").

         La Raza is a leading national advocacy group for:

  • Driver's licenses for illegal aliens;
  • In-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens;
  • Social Security benefits for illegal aliens who work in the "informal sectors of the labor market;"
  • Eligibility for illegal aliens to participate in the new universal health care plan now being developed;
  • And of course, amnesty for illegal aliens.

         La Raza is also a powerful voice in Washington and around the nation against:

  • Building the congressionally-mandated fence along our border with Mexico;
  • E-verify programs, which they say discriminates against Latino workers;
  • And immigration laws at the state level.

         Now let me share with you some facts that you might not know about La Raza:

  • La Raza sits on over $100 million in assets; if you add in the wealth of its subsidiary organizations, the total exceeds $150 million;
  • The power and impact of La Raza has been bolstered by massive contributions from financial institutions that are now either fully owned or sustained on taxpayer funds through the "TARP," including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Citibank and Wachovia;
  • La Raza has received $950,000 in funds through the Obama economic "stimulus" plan;
  • Overall, La Raza has received more than $22 million in taxpayer funds directly from the federal government;
  • And La Raza's "Democracia USA" Project has been accused of serious voter fraud in the 2008 elections!

          La Raza is a hugely influential lobbying force in Washington and in the Obama administration (La Raza's senior vice president, Cecelia Munoz, received an "ethics waiver" in order to get around President Obama's rules against hiring lobbyists, in order to accept the same President Obama's appointment as Director Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House!)

          La Raza also flirts with groups and individuals that are profoundly racist and anti-American.

          In 1994, for example, La Raza awarded its Chicano Hero of the Year award to Jose Angel Gutierrez, who once said "We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is that if the worse comes to the worst, we have got to kill him," and "Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes."

          And La Raza has endorsed the radical student group MEcha (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan).  "Aztlan" is the radical separatists' name for the southwestern United States, which groups like MEcha want to see incorporated into Mexico

          MEcha's slogan in English is "Everything for the race.  Everything outside the race, nothing."  La Raza's support for MEcha extended to funding the MEcha chapter at Washington DC's Georgetown University.

          The fact is that La Raza is radical; it supports efforts to weaken the central role of English as our national language; it opposes all serious attempts at border control; it opposes all serious attempts at keeping illegal aliens out of the American workforce; and it supports groups and individuals who are committed to the dismemberment of the United States of America!

          Yet the mainstream media, the Obama administration and most members of Congress treat La Raza and its spokesmen as if they represented some benign Hispanic version of your local Kiwanis Club!

          I suspect that Judge Sotomayor's membership in La Raza will either be ignored during her confirmation hearings, or at best mentioned in passing by one of the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

          Far worse, with the Obama administration and the Democrats in their debt for their massive financial support and (questionable) voter registration efforts in the 2008 election cycle, La Raza is prepared to wield a powerful influence in the shaping of the new "comprehensive immigration reform" (amnesty) bill.

         That's why I want to ask you to join me, Bay Buchanan and Team America in a concerted campaign to take on La Raza and educate the American people with the facts about this radical organization!

          If you support stripping away La Raza's veneer of respectability and exposing its fundamentally anti-American agenda to the American people, then I have an urgent request to make of you today.

          Will you please click here to offer your "Pledge of Support" to TEAM AMERICA with your most generous contribution?

          I am counting on your financial help so that we can show visible public support for tough enforcement of our laws against illegal immigration, and take the amnesty fight directly to La Raza in our media appearances and interviews, in our speeches on college campuses around the country, and on Capitol Hill.

          Our immigration reform movement must be prepared for another congressional battle over amnesty within the next few months, like the one we fought and won in 2007.

          This time, because of the political power shift in Washington, the influence of La Raza in the amnesty fight will be even greater than it was two years ago.  Barack Obama and the Democrats owe La Raza big time, and they will do whatever it takes to get to an amnesty bill

          That's why it is so critical for Team America to take the lead on making sure the American people learn about the real agenda of La Raza, and the scores of radical separatist groups that work with it to undermine our laws against illegal immigration and our national identity.

            I want to thank you, as always, for your generous commitment to Team America and our cause of securing our borders, protecting our nation, and preserving our fundamental identity as a nation.

            I deeply hope I can count on your support again today as we take on La Raza and prepare to lead the fight against amnesty.

         Tom Tancredo
            Tom Tancredo

P.S.  Let me stress that La Raza's radical agenda and associations must be exposed, so that their arguments in favor of amnesty can be discredited in the eyes of Congress and the American people!  Please click here to offer your "Pledge of Support" to TEAM AMERICA with your best gift!  Thanks again, for your commitment to our cause and for your friendship.

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