Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Week in Human Events

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 Today's Top Story

Lauer Loses Cool During Malkin Interview (Video)

Bond Says Come Clean
by Rowan Scarborough

The CIA is not endorsing a move by Senate Republicans to allow the American public to learn critical information obtained from senior al Qaeda terrorists via tough interrogations.

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It is the latest twist in an ongoing Republican battle with President Obama, who released once-secret Justice Department memos that outlined the interrogation techniques, but not what they produced.

In fact, according to the just-published budget report by the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Obama administration deliberately redacted, or blacked out, on the documents what the CIA learned from questioning Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the September 11 mastermind, and from other al Qaeda henchmen.

That, to Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond of Missouri, top Republican on the intelligence committee, is unfair. He won passage 10-5 in committee of bill language that would order the CIA to produce an unclassified version of four secret reports that detail what the U.S. learned by using water-boarding and other harsh methods in the years after 9-11.

This Week's Top Human Events Articles
5. Blue Dog Dems Report Card
by Michelle Oddis

"Blue Dog Democrats" -- a formal group of 52 House members -- premise their campaigns on the idea that they are moderate or conservative and are independent of the liberal leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md).

But are they?

by Pamela Geller

There have been three separate incidents of honor killing in the past week: seven women are dead in Canada, and one in Germany. All were Muslims. The world in the West is changing for women. This war being waged in our society by Islam is about women -- it's about power, it's about control.

by Connie Hair

Democrat censorship of House Republicans' constituent mailings has reached Orwellian levels.  Republican members of the House Monday night took to the House floor during Special Orders speeches and gave examples of some of the censorship horror stories. (Continued Below)

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2. Obamacare Pushes Abortion
by Michael Steele

There is much about President Obama's government-run health care plan that should have Americans alarmed. It would make health care more expensive. It would raise taxes on families and small businesses. It would let a government bureaucrat determine what treatments patients can receive. And it could force 88 million Americans off of the private health insurance they now have.

1. The Shrinking President
by Jed Babbin

Just as small men can be great, the important can be small. Barack Obama, who strode the political world last year as a new Colossus, is shrinking before our eyes. His proclamation that the Cambridge, Mass., police “acted stupidly" in arresting his personal friend, Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., was one of those “teachable moments" the president is so fond of creating.

Also, check out the latest video from HUMAN EVENTS TV: with former NRA president Sandra Froman.

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