Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rep. Steve King: Tell Obama No Union Power Grabs

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Dear Friend:

I urge you to immediately sign our PETITION TO BARACK OBAMA.

I'll give you the link in a moment, but first I want to explain
why it's vital you respond today.

From tax increases to new regulations on job providers, there
are many "changes" Barack Obama hopes to impose in his
Presidency. But at the very top of his list are measures to
vastly increase the money and forced-dues power of the hard left
Big Labor Bosses.

Why? Because Obama knows that pushing his far left agenda will
be far easier with the money and manpower of Big Labor on his
side. And because, quite frankly, as he himself said in his
political memoir, "The Audacity of Hope,"

"I owe those unions... When their leaders call, I do my best to
call them back right away. I don't mind feeling obligated."

Well, Barack Obama may indeed owe the Big Labor Bosses. But his
election did not give him a "mandate" to dramatically expand
their forced unionism power...

... and your PETITION sends that message loud and clear to our
new President!

As a member of Congress, I can tell you that we now face
OVERWHELMING challenges in stopping these forced unionism power
grabs. Generating massive grassroots pressure is our only hope.

Your PETITION reminds Barack Obama that he was not in any way
elected to push through policies that will:

1) DENY workers the right to a secret ballot when voting on
whether or not they want to be part of a union (this is at top of
the agenda for Big Labor, because it would enable union
organizers to forcibly unionize millions more workers into
dues-paying union ranks);

2) BAN companies in effect from running their companies during
a strike -- a right they have held for roughly 70 years;

3) ATTACK all 22 state Right to Work laws, which make union
membership and union dues voluntary;

4) INSTALL hundreds of Big Labor cronies on the federal
courts, throughout the Department of Labor, the National Labor
Relations Board, and other federal agencies;

5) EXPAND the definition of "employee" and narrow the
definition of management, thereby placing more employees under
union boss control; and

6) FORCE state and local governments under the monopoly
control of union bosses as the monopoly bargaining agents for
police, firefighters, and other first responders.

Each of these steps will dramatically increase the political
influence, money, and power of the far left Big Labor Bosses.

Each will enhance Big Labor's ability to help President Barack
Obama and the anti-free enterprise majority in Congress impose a
crippling forced unionism agenda on America.

Each will ensure Big Labor's ability to help re-elect even more
union stooge politicians in the future...

... and each of these draconian forced unionism power grabs is
on the table right here and now in Washington!

That's why we haven't a moment to lose.

And why I need your signed PETITION TO BARACK OBAMA without
delay. Please, we plan on swamping Barack Obama in a sea of
PETITIONS just as he settles into the Oval Office. Sign the
petition to Barack Obama now by clicking here:


Because it is vital that he understands HE HAS NO MANDATE to
give his Big Labor patrons new powers to enslave millions of
additional workers in unions and steal their income through
confiscatory dues...

... and your PETITION will do just that!

But time is short. And we need to strike hard and fast.

So please, act now. Today.

Together, we will prevent Barack Obama from handing over the
keys to American workplaces to the Big Labor Kingpins.

And make no mistake: We fail at our nation's peril!

I hope you agree. And that you'll join me and the National Right
to Work Legal Defense Foundation (NRTWLDF) in this fight today.

The National Right to Work Foundation is one of my favorite
groups because it is so effective. Its attorneys have gone toe
to toe with union lawyers at the U.S. Supreme Court 14 times, to
say nothing of literally thousands of other cases

And no one has a better track record on taking on the Big Labor
Bosses and their agenda -- and winning -- than the Foundation's
legal team.

For example, it was the National Right to Work Foundation that
won a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of CWA Union
v. Beck, forbidding union bosses from spending workers' forced
dues on politics and lobbying.

Of course, the Big Labor Bosses have all but ignored that

And the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation
continues to slam them with lawsuits to remind them that the Beck
decision is all too real -- and that they must follow the law!

But facts are facts.

And the union bosses' vision for "change" in Washington is going
to make our job harder than ever before. But we have been through
tough times before and prevailed.

We can and will prevail again in this age of Obama.

And we will do so with the help of the Foundation's team of
tough, brilliant, and freedom-loving attorneys who will be
working from day one to:

1) Keep Barack Obama from advancing the power and reach of the
corrupt labor union kingpins -- fighting his illegal forced
unionism policies in the courts.

2) Prosecute union activists who illegally seize and spend
forced-dues money to lobby Congress and state legislatures for
bigger government, higher taxes, or more forced unionism.

3) Protect popular state Right to Work laws from attempts to
limit or abolish the legal rights that workers in 22 states enjoy
under those laws. Union Bosses are mounting end runs around these
laws and may now mount a full frontal assault.

4) Expose Big Labor's misdeeds. Every time Foundation
attorneys file charges against union bosses for breaking the law,
misappropriating union dues, or instigating violence against
independent workers, the Foundation hammers the union bosses in
the press for their ugly abuses.

This program could not be more needed as we enter the radical
Obama era. And none of the Foundation's planned precedent-setting
legal battles for 2009 will be more crucial than its Supreme
Court legal program.

For example, not long ago, Foundation attorneys scored another
major victory at the United States Supreme Court in the case of
Davenport v. Washington Education Association (WEA).

This pivotal case appealed a Washington State Supreme Court
ruling granting union bosses the right to spend on politics the
confiscated dues of nonmembers without obtaining their consent.

The lower court's decision even threatened Right to Work laws
banning forced union dues in all 22 states where they now apply.

And, if it had been upheld, it would have been a disaster for
hard-working Americans everywhere -- and a major, historic boost
for the union bosses.

But the Foundation fought it. And won.

And this is just one example of why the Foundation's Supreme
Court litigation program is crucial. But, regardless of which way
the Foundation's Supreme Court cases go (including one pending
right now)...

... winning in the court of public opinion is going to be just
as important as winning in a court of law.

It's also vital that we keep the heat on politicians to ensure
they do not trample the constitutional rights of America's

And with the recent election of the most extreme President and
Congress this nation has seen in a generation...

... the Foundation's mission has never been more needed!

But -- while the Foundation is expert at taking on the Big Labor
Bosses and their forced unionism, leftist agenda in both the
court of law and the court of public opinion -- it cannot succeed
on its own.

It urgently needs both the grassroots AND financial support of
like-minded, freedom-loving Americans like you.

Which is why, in addition to your signed PETITION TO BARACK

... I also hope you will make a generous and urgently needed
donation of $20, $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, or more to the
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation once you have
signed your petition here:


Your PETITION will serve as an official "welcome" to Barack
Obama and official notification that, while the national news
media may cover for him whenever they can...

... when it comes to his appeasing the leftist Big Labor Bosses
and their pathological lust for power,

... the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation will be
fighting him every step of the way!

But to ensure that this "welcome" (and warning) is a big and
continuous one, the Foundation wants to distribute as many as 10
million additional Petitions over Obama's first several months in

... which is why it also needs your tax-deductible donation of
$20, $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, or more.

Your much-needed generous gift will help fund the substantial
amount this grassroots Petition campaign may require when all is
said and done.

Your special tax-deductible gift will also help our ongoing
operating and legal costs which are -- believe me -- significant.

The bottom line is, it costs a lot of money to keep attorneys
available to help workers fight back, carry out legal research,
hire security to guard workers who are threatened, conduct
depositions, and pay for court costs.

But that's what is needed to mount strong cases and see them
through to victory.

To raise these funds, the Foundation relies entirely on
voluntary donations from patriots like you.

And believe me, it has a long history of using these resources
for maximum benefit.

I hope you understand -- and that you will respond without

So again, please, sign the PETITION TO BARACK OBAMA by clicking

Then please make a most generous and much-needed donation of
$20, $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, or more to the National Right to
Work Legal Defense Foundation.

Since your donation is fully tax deductible, I am hopeful you
may even consider making a larger donation of $250, $500, $1000,
or more.

But please, try to give at least $20 along with your signed

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is fighting
to give rank-and-file workers a choice.

And nothing would cripple Big Labor's agenda faster than ending
forced union dues for politics.

But with Barack Obama and the most pro-forced-unionism Congress
in at least a generation now in charge in Washington, this
mission has never been more difficult -- or more urgent.

I hope you agree. And that I hear back from you without delay.

Thank you.


Steve King (R-IA)
United States Congressman

P.S. Our liberty and our entire economic system will never be
more at risk than in the weeks and months ahead. "Change" is
indeed coming.

And the National Right to Work Foundation's mission will be to
ensure that this "change" does not include giving the Big Labor
Bosses sweeping new power to force workers into unions and
confiscate their wages. So please, act now. Today.

Your signed PETITION TO BARACK OBAMA and tax-deductible gift of
$20, $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, or more will help place pressure
on the Obama White House and keep it there day in and day out in
the critical weeks and months ahead.

To sign the petition click this link.

P.P.S. No other nationwide organization is better poised in the
courts to slow or stop Big Labor and Barack Obama's plans to turn
America toward the far left than the Foundation. But there's no
time to spare. So please -- respond today!


The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is a
nonprofit, charitable organization providing free legal aid to
employees whose human or civil rights have been violated by
compulsory unionism abuses. The Foundation, which can be
contacted toll-free at 1-800-336-3600, is assisting thousands of
employees in more than 200 cases nationwide. Its web address is

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