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Welcome to Taipan Daily

Welcome to Taipan Daily
Taipan Daily

Dear New Taipan Daily Member,

Welcome. I'd like to congratulate you for signing up to Taipan Daily, brought to you by Taipan Publishing Group. My name is Sandy Franks, and I'm the Executive Publisher of Taipan Daily and Taipan Publishing Group.

Before I introduce you to all of the privileges and benefits that you receive as a member of Taipan Daily and Taipan Publishing Group, we need to take care of some administrative tasks. I'm sorry about that. I wouldn't take up your valuable time if it weren't necessary.

First, it's extremely important that you confirm your subscription to ensure uninterrupted delivery of all your e-alerts from Taipan Publishing Group, including the Taipan Daily.

Please confirm your subscription here.

Now, one last thing before we get started. In this day and age of unsolicited e-mails, or "spam", many ISPs and e-mail providers have installed powerful filters to make sure that the messages you receive are the ones you want. To make sure your valuable Taipan Daily alerts make it to your e-mail box, please register our e-mail address,, with your ISP by adding it to your online address book.

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Now… onto the good stuff.

Taking the Next Step Towards Profits

As a new member of the Taipan Publishing Group community, you'll receive Taipan Daily, providing you with a broad range of investing tools necessary to build a solid foundation to your investment portfolio.

First thing in the morning Monday through Friday you'll receive Taipan Daily with in-depth research and forward-thinking investment opportunities. On Saturday we'll send you Taipan Daily's Weekly Wrap-up, with a look at what happened that week – as well as the strategies that you need to profit off today's economic conditions – and a look at what's coming up.

With each Taipan Daily you'll receive an e-mail written by renowned financial expert, Justice Litle. You might recognize his name as the former editor of Outstanding Investments, a monthly commodities publication.

While it's fair to say no one knows the commodities market better than Justice, his background is quite diverse. He's worked with hedge funds, traded equities for a private partnership, written multiple articles for Futures Magazine, been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, and contributed to the book Trend Following: How Traders Make Millions in Up or Down Markets.

In Taipan Daily, Justice will share with you his views, thoughts and commentary on the financial markets along with valuable investing insights and tips. For example, in past issues readers learned....

  • How new generation "clean-tech" companies are out-performing blue chip companies. In fact, the stock doubled in price in just a few weeks.

  • The driving force behind one of the largest vodka producers whose stock has climbed from around $30 to $74 in just under 12 months.

  • Why they should sell five particular shipping companies NOW. When oil skyrockets, shipping companies' costs shoots up. In good times, they can pass these costs on to "end-users" (you!). In bad times, customers balk and shipping sales and profits fall off a cliff.

And to help you boost your portfolio, we have Adam Lass, creator of the WaveStrength Analytic System, contributing to Taipan Daily. Adam created the WaveStrength System to exploit market weakness for quick and explosive gains, with very limited risk. Members of his trading research service, WaveStrength Options Weekly (WOW), have been able to benefit from his analysis and insight with posted gains of 387% on Microsoft in only 4 months, 58% on Caterpillar in 2 weeks and 50% on Emerson Electric in 5 days. And just recently – even with all the volatility in the markets – Adam's readers saw gains of 267% on Intel… 175% on Nucor… and 307% on Kohl's.

Adam's deep insight into – and his analysis of – the economy and markets has enabled him to reliably guide his readers around the minefields of today's incredibly volatile markets. He offers you that same foresight to you in Taipan Daily.

Introducing You to a Global Network of Opportunities

You should also remember that Taipan Daily isn't just about the U.S. markets. Justice and Adam will also show you how to profit safely from emerging opportunities in countries that are becoming integral players in the global economy, including Brazil, China, India, Russia and many others.

A few years ago, Wharton finance professor and investing sage Jeremy Siegel raised eyebrows when he suggested that American investors keep 40% of their stock holdings in foreign shares – more than double what the average investor owned at the time.

Had you followed that advice, and added some international stocks to your portfolio in say, an index fund that tracks global markets such as Vanguard's Total International Stock Index Fund, you could have pocketed gains of over 40%.

I could go on and on telling you about Taipan Daily, but you'll see for yourself. Here's the thing to remember most: Taipan Daily will become a powerful weapon in helping you secure a financially rewarding retirement. Not only will you be up-to-date on all market events, but you'll also know exactly how to turn those events into moneymaking strategies.

And because we know how valuable your time is, we've designed your Taipan Daily alerts to be an easy-to-read, combining the investment commentary and analysis you need for your investment profits.

Taipan Daily is easily the most profitable five minutes of your day.

At Taipan Publishing Group, We Bring You More

Plus, as a member of Taipan Publishing Group, you also have access to our Web site,, our online hub where you can find resources for almost any investment-related topic that comes to mind.

You can peruse our library of special reports and white papers, charts and analyses (made simple so even beginning investors can follow and profit), archives of investment and financial articles, stock quotes and up-to-date insight and analysis on what's happening in the market, along with links to Taipan Publishing Group's entire line of products and services – all from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

And it's all FREE with your membership to Taipan Daily and Taipan Publishing Group!

Ready to Profit?

As I mentioned above, your Taipan Daily e-alerts are designed to provide you with a global perspective to the financial markets and what's making them move, so you can gain a broad understanding of the marketplace… and profit. Our team of editors and analysts are your eyes and ears on the investment strategies in the rich emerging and frontier markets of Russia, Thailand, Peru, Spain, South Africa, as well as the opportunities in the United States… those hot sectors that Wall Street is overlooking.

Our worldwide "man on the street" network will show you firsthand how to unlock those explosive fortunes hidden in those sectors. Whether it's the next IPO for you to profit off of… options or ETFs… the best way to make money from today's commodities boom… our team will deliver you specific investment recommendations designed to grow – and protect – your wealth, with just the right balance of safety and adventure for your investment profits.

And in today's crazy market, you need that!

With the dollar plunging… the credit crisis… inflation rearing its ugly head, investors don't know which way to turn. But you don't have to have to be one of those lost investors – losing hard-earned money out of your portfolios. Now is the time to protect yourself. In fact, let me ask you…

Do You Know How to “Pirate” Thousands of Dollars From Corporate Accounts?

If you're like the majority, you’re sitting around, losing money, while these fat cat execs are spending millions of dollars irresponsibly.

But this doesn’t have to be the case...

You see, there’s an obscure SEC regulation that allows you to legally "pirate" some of these recklessly spent millions for yourself.

Take AIG, for instance. Last year, top execs shelled out over $400,000 for a top-notch retreat in California and another $86,000 for a hunting trip in England... all the while standing in line for $85 billion worth of government bailout cash.

But Frank Lighton had no problem "pirating" almost $54,000 from the public account of AIG. And he did it 100% legally… thanks to that little-known clause.

It's easy to do if you know the law. You just have to identify which accounts you can take advantage of. And that’s the real trick.

But Taipan Publishing Group editor Zach Scheidt can find these targets for you. In fact, he’s found about six corporate accounts that are absolutely brimming with cash...

And it's yours for the taking.

Learn how you could be one of the select few who can “pirate” thousands from these corporate accounts. All the details are in Zach’s Special Report that you can download here.

Thank you for subscribing to Taipan Daily and welcome to Taipan Publishing Group. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

To your wealth,
Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily, Taipan Publishing Group
Sandy Franks
Executive Publisher
Taipan Daily
Taipan Publishing Group

P.S. You should soon receive your first issue of Taipan Daily. Until then, please visit to explore what Taipan Publishing Group and Taipan Daily offers you. I think you'll agree the investment strategies are quite unique and beneficial to your portfolio.

P.P.S. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact our dedicated customer service agents by sending an e-mail to They will be happy to assist you.

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