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Agora Financial Investment Symposium Day 3: The Most Offensive Speech That No One Walked Out of...

Whiskey & Gunpowder
By Greg Grillot

July 24, 2009
Vancouver, Canada

Agora Financial Investment Symposium Day 3:
The Most Offensive Speech
That No One Walked Out of…

Dear Reader,

I look forward to one of the speakers every year: Doug Casey, of Casey Research.

He's a verbally obnoxious, forceful man that you might under-describe as an extreme anarchist.

I've seen him speak about six times.

And, by way of background, the most astounding thing about his speech today is that ALMOST NO ONE WALKED OUT OF IT. Here's why that's surprising:

In the past - and perhaps not coincidentally during maniacal bubble markets - as much as 33% of the Symposium crowd would stand up and retreat from the conference room in a disgusted unison.

Perhaps the fact that only about four people walked out today means that his prescient outrage now broils the hearts of many. So maybe his outspoken warnings about the Greater Depression in the past years were simply too early for good appetites.

Enough warm-up, let's get to his speech...

His presentation today updated his thesis of a coming Greater Depression.

Of course, now it seems we stand in the muck of its first leg. Doug claims that we've barely started, that we've got much much deeper to go, and that today's Depression will last far longer than the one that careened from '29 to '46...

And he pinpointed why: 5 HUGE PROBLEMS that Obama can't do anything about and just might make a damn lot worse:

Huge problem 1: Global warming! Ugh, it's always something! AIDS is the old global warming. Swine flu might be the new one. Although mankind can and should change the earth, we're trivial compared to ocean currents, volcano action and the sun. The climate's changed for 4 billion years, we've been around for about 2 months. So don't worry about it - it's all mass hysteria.

Huge problem 2: Resource Depletion! We're rapidly running out of oil, food, copper, and water. There's not enough of anything except carbon.

Huge problem 3: Demographic Change! Might Europe get taken by Muslims and America grabbed by Mexicans? Why should you give a damn? In the recent past, America and Africa got conquered by whites, Europe by Mongols, etc. These ebbs and flows have went on since civilization it'll be good since it'll establish destruction of the nation state. This will make your countrymen people who you share interests and values with, not those who hold some passports or other gov't bailiwick.

Huge problem 4: The Military Problem. Despite these stupid, counterproductive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama is likely to start new ones, mayhap in Iran. Military spending grows apace despite the Greater Depression.

Huge problem 5: The Economics and Finance problem. Here's what we SHOULD do: deregulate totally, abolish all agencies like the SEC, FBI, ATF, DOT - eliminate taxes which misallocate capital from the productive to the lazy - abolish the Federal Reserve - allow the collapse of corrupt overstuffed institutions - default on the national debt so we can punish the idiots that lent to us....

Sound extreme?

Well, Doug wouldn't shy from offering you action-solutions...

First: stocks? No's far too soon to get back in. These green shoots are vile weeds. Wait till yields climb back to 10%...

Bonds must eventually collapse. The dollar's dead.

But what does this mean to Doug..?

Buy precious metals and put them aside...

Short interest rates...

Ride the next possible bubble - junior mining stocks - up for mega money...

Buy real estate in a foreign country - preferably in Argentina and Uruguay...
And, lest you think Doug's a big dourpuss, here's his final quote:

"The situation's hopeless, but it's not serious..."

I know that could seem very extreme. But I really didn't cover but one third of what Doug said. And I captured nothing of his sardonically charming hilarity. In my opinion, you should get your hands on the Symposium Audio Set recordings for Doug's speech alone...

And now, the next speaker...

Famed "rock hound" Byron King of Outstanding Investments and Energy and Scarcity Investor took the Main Session stage and asked:

"Is God Brazilian?"

Byron didn't waste a single breath. His enthusiasm for oil befits a studied geologist and old oil patch he jumped right to the action:

The next Saudi Arabia is under the South the coast of Brazil.

He nearly shouted: "And YOU can profit from it! All Hail the Brazilian Oil God!"

So how does this massive oil field stack up compared to other fields?

Well, this Brazilian beast beats total US reserves by over 4 times. She's about the size of Saudi Arabia's famed Ghawar.

Yes, they're making oil history in the South Atlantic. It's all quite easy, really:

First, you start with 200 million years of geologic pressure

Then add the best deepwater oil exploration advances of the past 50 years

And unprecedented capital flows in deepwater drilling investment

And you get what could be the mother of all projects for the next century for Brazil.
The catch? The oil's up to 200 miles offshore. Under 12,000 feet of water. And then you gotta drill through about 25,000 feet of rock and salt.

That's darn deep...

As Byron explained in his brilliant stroll through 200 million years of ocean and continental development - those thousands of feet of salt have kept the decayed organic matter (read: OIL) in place, and until now, impossible to grab. So...

It's big money time for select drilling, rig hardware, and oil services companies that can get down there...

The Chinese have already inked a $10 billion deal to fund much of this offshore development.

Brazil's also going to entertain taking on other partners.

And you could be one of them.

How? By having a stake in the select basket of firms that will be most intimately involved in this massive new project...

Now - I want to disclose just exactly which firms Byron mentioned to the audience on Day 3. And while I can't tell you all the names here - know that you can get every single ticker he discussed by grabbing your complete audio set right here...

Remember though - your exclusive discount to grab the audio set ends soon. Now's the time to lock in your savings before the new prices kick in!

For now, here are tickers Byron presented that I have permission to share...

Petrobras (PBR) Repsol (REP) Baker-Hughes (BHI)
So grab those three, and you're ready to get some Brazilian oil gains...

But you're missing FOURTEEN other opportunities.

Because in all - Byron mentioned a whopping 17 companies in his lightning-paced talk.

Get them all on your copy of the complete Audio Set, right here.

Next up, the man with the hot hand in commodity options - Alan Knuckman - took the stage for his AF Symposium debut!

Alan has booked a slew of triple-digit gains for his Resource Trader Alert readers, including a Canadian dollar money doubler just today...

He introduced himself by way of a story. His punchline:


Everything you do. Everywhere you go. Every purchase. Guided directly by commodities...

Alan proved his thesis by sharing the story of how he came to Vancouver this year.

The OJ the morning he was set to depart Chicago...the crude used to craft the plastic cup he received when he bought his coffee on the way to the airport...the corn chips at the airport... Bean oil in the newspaper he bought for the flight...cattle in the hamburger he had for lunch when he landed in Vancouver...soybeans in the tofu burger he refused to look at...the Canadian dollars he changed at the airport...the cotton in the sheets at his hotel...the nat gas he burnt to crank his AC to arctic before dreaming lustily about GOLD...

Corn, cotton, cattle, coffee, the OJ - the oil - the list doesn't end.

Alan walked the crowd through his day. Step-by-step. Transaction by transaction.

Commodity by commodity.

You might not even realize it. You might not actively trade them in your accounts.

But commodities are your life. They make your life pleasant. Possible.

And Alan introduced himself as a master of trading them - time and time again - for maximum possible profits.

Some of the specific trades he mentioned during his talk were in fact worth $40,000, $23,000, $18,000...

Don't let all those dollar signs fool you though. This ain't gambling. It's probability.

Because it's not so important which commodity you invest in at any given moment - Alan admitted he'll trade anything, anytime, anywhere - so long as it fits his strict trading philosophy...

What counts is HOW you invest.

And in his small-group Breakout Session - Alan went through his trading platform piece by piece.

You want those details? Your FREE Breakout Session Special Report tells you all you need to know. Get your report as part of the complete symposium audio set, right here.

Near the end of his talk - as he finished a 64 ounce Diet Coke Big Gulp he brought on stage as a crutch and prop - Alan slashed all the moorings and smashed the crowd with a series of trading insights the average Joe would kill to master...

Commodities options profit from finite resources - stocks can go to zero - but because of unslayable need, oil or cattle will never go to zero

Discipline counts - Be extremely selective. Learn the risk/reward ratio for each trade. Know when to get out

Trading is for tomorrow. Never overexpose yourself today and put tomorrow at risk.
Bottom line? You deserve to give Alan Knuckman a moment of your time. He's averaging 85% gains over the past 4 months. He delivers Big Gulp profits to folks just like you.

You'll get a clear recording of Alan's breakneck presentation, his system explanation and what he sees in the months ahead with your complete audio set right here.

Next, Paul van Eden, President of Cranberry Capital Inc. hit the stage to discuss Gold, Silver, and Commodities...

Using regression analysis, Paul historically tracked silver, copper, lead, zinc, nickel - and of course GOLD...

And made a case for their relative strength (and how accurately they're currently priced) compared to our ever-weakening dollar.

His conclusions?

GOLD should be $815 an ounce.

Why so low? Because the gold market has already priced in the future devaluation of the dollar.

So believe it or not, there's an even better hedge right now against a continually falling dollar. What is it?

Well... forgive me for not disclosing, but I'm forced to reserve the answer for CD buyers only.

Next up, the Sovereign Society's Eric Roseman...

Well, I should just be honest.

Eric covered so much, so fast during his presentation that I needed an oxygen mask just to keep typing along at my computer...

So if I've said it once - I must say it again - get the audio set here: because the bullets I'm about to fly through do his spot-on presentation no justice at all...

Domestic consumption has fallen off a cliff. Folks save more, consuming less.

Eric's advice?

Well, he's a gold bull. And a dollar bear. JOIN THE CLUB, ERIC!

The banks won't lend - despite "TARP" - despite "PPIP" so the morass of "stuck money" gets worse...

We're saddled with massive spending - the gov't can't continue to be consumer of last resort...we're riding the bomb of a soaring deficit...

The "green shoots" in the economy are mostly hollow and filled with poison.

I know - holy hell - what's with all the good news, right?

Thankfully, Eric was also kind enough to rifle through a litany of solutions - real ones too - which had the audience notepads flying full steam...

He named three defensive stocks he likes right now - Nestle, Diageo, and Kraft.

(When all else fails - go with chocolate, booze, and processed cheese.)

He also mentioned XXXX - the "Strategic Growth Fund"** as his favorite fund in the U.S. today...

** Note: this fund symbol has been removed so only Audio Set listeners and Symposium attendees can know it...

There's more. A ton more. But I've run so long today...I must get out of my own way...

Almost as Good as the Real Thing - But for Only $149...

Some people paid as much as $995 for admission to the Symposium. And that doesn't include the cost of getting here and staying in this fine and expensive city. My plane tickets from Baltimore cost well over $1,000. And I fly economy-style.

What's more, my hotel costs over $300 per night. And the exquisite food I can't keep from devouring sure ain't cheap.

All in all, I conservatively estimate that this entire trip, all added up, would cost the average attendee about four or five thousand dollars, depending how far away they travel from.

What's more, the travel itself takes a great deal of time. And I'm sure you're familiar with the iniquity and unnecessary humiliation you encounter at airport security and customs...

Now, to be sure, I ain't complaining. Not the least bit...

I love the Symposium - it's by far my favorite event of the year. Just pointing out that it takes a considerable amount of time and money to get out here.

That's why I'm glad to give you the opportunity to listen to all of the main session speeches and the opportunity to take advantage of all of the specific stock picks presented this year for a tiny sliver of what it would cost you to come to Vancouver.

You'll pay only $149.

I estimate that that's 97% off what it's gonna cost me to be here.

So let me explain exactly what the deal entails...

For the low price of $149, here's what you get:

a slick package of high-audio quality CD's mailed right to your doorstep

a full set of easily downloadable MP3's that you can play on your computer or iPod

an instantly downloadable report (as soon as it's ready) that covers the small-group Breakout Sessions and all of the stock picks presented in them
I constantly listen to past years' recordings. Usually when I'm at home cooking. Or during long enough drives so that I can concentrate well.

(Shoot, we even make the recordings available to new Agora Financial writers and employees so they can easily grasp the investment philosophy and get instant exposure to well-reasoned stock recommendations...)

And, I must humbly admit that, even though I ran around nearly insane taking notes in every main session to supply you with these timely Roving Reporter updates - there's no possible way I could completely capture the essence of such an event in this space.

And that's not even counting the over 70 small-group Breakout Sessions...

At some points we have five Breakout Sessions going on at once! Obviously, I only have so much time to research and write these dispatches. Even more obvious - I can't be in five places at one time...

That's why we painstakingly documented every Breakout Session - where most of the actionable, specific tips and stock picks get presented. There may be hundreds of potential picks for you to look into. We present these Sessions, in vivid detail, in a Special Report that's yours FREE when you purchase the Audio Set.

And remember: right after the final Roving Reporter dispatch hits your e-mail box on next Monday, the price for this Audio Set will immediately jump at least $100.
So click here right away to insure that you get the lowest possible price on this informative Audio Set and FREE Special Report...

That's it for me for today.

I gotta go hit the private Agora Financial Reserve reception that features more cocktails, more British Columbia beef, and an intimate concert with the world famous California Guitar Trio.

I hope you enjoyed this dispatch as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it...

Talk to you on Monday,

Greg Grillot
Roving Reporter,
Vancouver, BC

P.S.: I firmly believe that Doug Casey's flamboyant and pointed anarcho- speech alone is worth far more than the price for recordings of the entire Symposium. I bet you'll listen to it a few times to let it fully sink in. So make sure you get your copy of the Symposium Audio Set right now before the price goes up after your last dispatch is sent...

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