Friday, July 24, 2009

Help stop ObamaCare's moral disaster

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Family Research Council

We must defeat the Left's plan to turn their culture of death into national health care policy!
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Dear Glen,

This week congress is debating President Obama's plan to seize control of your personal health care. It will produce a moral disaster that puts you and your family under the thumb of politicians and federal bureaucrats.

But with your help today, Family Research Council (FRC) will battle back against this massive, unprecedented attack on faith, family, and freedom.

We have a plan that will cost $600,000 to counter the millions being spent by our opponents. Many of us have co-payments for doctor visits and prescriptions.

If just 40,000 people give a $15 "co-pay" to FRC, we will be able to aggressively shape this debate.

Please send a generous financial gift to help FRC launch our concrete strategy--which I'll explain in a minute, so please keep reading--to expose President Obama's immoral "Tax-and-Death" national health care plan and stop it in its tracks!

Immoral? Tax-and-Death? Let me explain.

ObamaCare will enable the Washington liberals to use your taxes to turn their entire anti-life agenda-from unrestricted abortion on demand to euthanasia-into national health care policy. That's moral disaster No. 1.

And because federal taxes will pay for treatment and medicine, ObamaCare will give federal bureaucrats life-and-death power to decide who's worthy of care . . . and who's not. This happens every day in England . . . a "model" for the U.S.

Now, ask yourself: When you--or your child or elderly parent--need medicine or treatment, how will the government classify you: WORTHY OR NOT?

That's moral disaster No. 2. Moral disaster No. 3 is:

ObamaCare's arrogant assault on religious freedom!

Pro-life health care professionals will lose their careers unless they set aside their convictions to perform tax-paid abortions and provide "morning after" pills.

Tax-and-Death. Your taxes paying for the Left's deadly agenda. Help stop it now!

You and I have a moral obligation to fight back.

As people of faith, we cannot allow our government to victimize the very people God commands us to care for. And that's why FRC has developed a campaign to expose and stop President Obama's "Tax-and-Death" plan to nationalize your health care.

Please send a "co-pay" gift today to help us raise the $600,000 we need to:

  • Add more health care policy experts to our FRC team.
  • Examine the massive ObamaCare blueprint, pick apart its details, and expose all the dangers posed to your faith, family, and freedom.
  • Help FRC promote affordable, morally sound health care-that avoids waiting lines for your family . . . and tax-funding of sin such as abortion.
  • Deliver authoritative position papers that will open the eyes of Congress.
  • Build a broad coalition to take our family-friendly health care principles to Congress to defend your values-and your family's health care-in this urgent battle.
  • Flood the media with television and radio appearances and ads, newspaper op-eds, and press conferences to advance and defend your values.

The battle is fast and furious. Congressional liberals say the final ObamaCare draft will be ready for President Obama to sign this fall . . . some even want it by mid-August.

FRC has been advancing the family in Washington, DC and across the nation for 26 years, but we don't have one minute to lose.

Thank you for your immediate "co-pay" of $15, or more if you are able. And thank you for forwarding this message to your friends and family.


Tony Perkins

P.S. After making a secure, online donation, please click here and tell a friend about this exciting "co-pay" campaign for life. We can reach 40,000 people, please take a moment to help.

Family Research Council: 801 G Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001
P: 202/393-2100 or 888/372-2284 W:

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