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Urgent Update From The Agora Financial Investment Symposium

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From the Desk of Bruce Robertson, Symposium Director:

How to Get Your Personal
“One-Click of the Mouse” Access to the 2009 Agora Financial Investment Symposium…
..for 97% off.

The snag: You must act before Midnight this
Monday, July 27.

Dear Reader,

On Monday, this year’s Agora Financial Investment Symposium in lovely Vancouver ends.

Since it’s our flagship event, we’ve updated you as much as we can about what happens there.

I regret that you couldn’t attend this weeklong event of aggressive, timely investment advice. 

The most common theme was this: How to understand, prepare for, protect yourself from – and most importantly profit from – the brutal unraveling of debt in America.

So you couldn’t make it out to Vancouver.  But that doesn’t mean you’re cut off from this event.

You see, we recorded the whole shebang so you can take advantage of all of the analysis and advice right from home.

And today, I want to let you have those recordings for what amounts to a 97% discount to what it would have cost you to attend the event. 

But you must hurry – because this extremely low offer will only last until Midnight, Monday, July 27.

We have to end the discount price on Monday because that’s when the final real-time Roving Reporter update will go out.  After midnight, the price will go up by at least 40%.

Let me quickly explain how the Symposium works…

  • Main sessions:  These speeches are open to the entire conference.  They occur in a mammoth room with massive TV screens so the people in the back can get a perfect view.  Here, the speakers belt out their main outlook on the present economy and they sometimes detail specific stocks, options, funds, commodities, or other plays you might look into
  • Breakout sessions: The speakers present these small-group, intimate sessions to those extremely interested in their main session speeches.  At my last count, we hosted over 70 of these!  Now, this is where the majority of the specific stock discussion and analysis happens.  Sometimes the speaker will analyze 15 to 20 companies in a single session.
Now, we recorded each and every main session on high quality audio equipment.  You can have it on convenient CDs, delivered right to your door, or you can have it on simply-downloaded MP3 format so you can listen on your computer or music player.

As for the breakouts, we sent our research analysts scrambling to cover them.  We will immediately write up a brief summary of each session so you don’t miss one single stock mention.  These summaries will come with a FREE special report that you’ll get with your audio recording purchase.

Now, let me briefly give you a rundown of the highlights of these recordings…

First, you’ll hear your favorite Agora Financial editors:

  • Chris Mayer on the coming Agriculture boom, why most investors ignore it and how the few keen enough to play it now will get damn rich
  • Byron King on a world-changing oil find about the size of Saudi Arabia’s in the waters of a friendly nation. And the 17 companies you’ll need to own now to reap the bounty
  • Dan Amoss on how to intelligent short sell stocks in a filthy world of crony capitalism
  • Patrick Cox on how to get rich by investing in his favorite ground floor opportunities being presented in life extension breakthroughs, genetic disease prevention and cell regeneration
  • Eric Fry on how you ought to prepare for the “new normal” economy and the 4 specific alternative ways to play it
  • Alan Knuckman on the secret tool he uses to aggressively play commodities with strictly controlled risk and unlimited upside
  • Rob Parenteau on Dr. Kurt Richebacher’s revenge on the prissy doe-eyed economists of the past bubble…
And, you’ll also get access to these famed financial analysts:

  • Rick Rule on how to play the coming resource boom with intelligent, rock-bottom-priced microcaps
  • James Kunstler on how you should prepare for the end of America as we know it
  • Barry L. Ritholtz on the new future of Capitalism and how the new corporate-political nexus will affect your portfolio
  • Eric Roseman on how to invest in the new age of credit destruction with at least 10 specific plays
  • Doug Casey on how to live through the Greater Depression…with practical solutions you won’t feel depressed
  • Alex Green on getting wise and wealthy…and getting on with life by using his “Gone Fishin’ Portfolio”…
  • Karim Rahemtulla on making volatility your slave rather than letting it victimize you

And that’s just scratching the surface of the audio that you’ll get when you buy the Symposium recordings. 

And, of course, you’ll hear the founder of Agora, Bill Bonner’s snarky takedown of our gang of econo-political fools and charlatans…

And you’ll have access to the hundreds of aggressive, specific stock discussions in your free special report.  We’ll immediately rush your report to your e-mail once it’s finished.

But, like I said, you must act right now because we will immediately end this lowest-price offer right on Midnight on Monday.

At that point the price will rocket up by $100.

But if you act right away, you can purchase a complete set of recordings of this year’s 2009 Agora Financial Investment Symposium in one of two formats: Electronic, downloadable MP3s for just $99 — or conventional CDs for $149...

But here’s the best part…

Until midnight at Monday, we’re also offering the “dual media” package — BOTH CDs and MP3sfor the same $149.

Here’s how it works…

You get all of this for just $149!

For the low “dual media” price of just $149, here’s what you get:

  • A slick package of high-audio quality CDs mailed right to your doorstep
  • A full set of easily downloadable MP3s that you can play on your computer or iPod
  • An instantly downloadable report (as soon as it’s ready) that covers the small-group Breakout Sessions and all of the stock picks presented in them
Pretty easy, right?  And you can take advantage of all of this right from your own easy chair.  Personally, I spent over $5,000 and a week of my time to get what you’ll get for just $149…

So act right now and lock in the lowest possible price for your entire access to 2009’s Agora Financial Investment Symposium.

Click here to order.

Bruce Robertson
Symposium Director, Agora Financial

P.S.:  This cheap “dual media” $149 offer will disappear right at midnight on Monday, July 27.  I hope you’re not too late… Just click here to order.

Agora Financial

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