Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Dear Investor,

These are truly unprecedented times. The housing market has
collapsed. The U.S.
economy is shot. And Washington lawmakers are scrambling to find
a solution - any
solution - to get things turned around as quickly as possible.

They don't care what the long-term consequences are for you and
me. They don't care
what happens to the value of the money in our wallets ... the
tax rates we pay going
forward ... or how many generations suffer because of the piles
of debt they've created.

But here's the thing ... I think Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and
his cronies are about to
take fiscal irresponsibility to a whole 'nother level!

I want to make darn sure that you understand, well ahead of
time, precisely what is
going to happen, including:

* Why Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and central bankers from around
the world are plotting
to drastically change the world's monetary system ...

* How the "powers-that-be" have used similar measures in past
financial crises - without
giving you one minute to prepare your finances ...

* And the three uncommonly wise steps you need to take NOW to
help protect your money
and to profit from these sweeping changes!

Look, most investors are going to be absolutely blindsided when
Bernanke and his cohorts
meddle with the monetary system.

But I want you to make absolutely certain that you ARE prepared.
That's why I've put
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n Uncommon Wisdom, my colleagues and I will alert you to the
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and safety. We'll show you how to use real assets such as gold,
silver, and other natural
resources to protect yourself and profit. And we'll point you to
a whole range of investments
overseas, where economic growth - both now and in the future -
looks far more promising than
it does here in the U.S.

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truly unprecedented times are

Best wishes,

Larry Edelson
Managing Editor, Uncommon Wisdom

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