Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FW: Word's out on GHLV - My Top Biotech Pick of 2009

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November 2009

My readers just witnessed 14 back-to-back triple-digit gainers in the last 60 days
--- that's an average of one home run every four days!

Now, please pay attention because I don't want you to miss out on this one. It could make you 405% richer in the next two months. But you need to hurry...
Time is running out.

Dear Fellow Investor,

There's a massive boom happening in biotech stocks right now. And investors just like you are making a killing... up several hundred percent in the last two months alone.

Just think how your portfolio would look today if you had:

taken a position in Interleukin Genetics...
and watched it multiply 538%
bought shares in Helicos BioSciences...
right before it jumped 426%
or, purchased Imaging3 Inc...
and then rode it for a mind-boggling 1,750% gain

How's that for a track record?

The fact is, you could be cashing-in monster gains like these, day-in & day-out.
I'm talking about stocks like Candela Corp, up 226%... Discovery Laboratories, up 260%...
and IsoRay Inc, up 275%.

A modest $3,000 investment in each of these picks would have multiplied into a staggering $31,830.

And that's why I had to rush to get this special report into your hands immediately...

You see, I've identified the next blockbuster biotech stock to explode. In fact, it could make you 405% richer in the next 30 days.

But there's simply no time to wait...

This stock could go ballistic at any time and if you don't jump on it immediately, I'm afraid you'll miss out.

The company is Global Health Ventures (GHLV:OTCBB) and I think it's an
absolute lock to make you seriously rich. In fact, GHLV could become my biggest gainer of all-time. Here's why...


The company is developing a proprietary drug delivery technology that could make â€Å"pill formâ€Â� medication obsolete...
+ It's run by one of the most brilliant minds in biotech with an outstanding track record for making investors huge bags of money...
+ The company is about to take three multi-billion dollar markets by storm.
=This stock is a grand slam.

Listen, biotech stocks are going nuts... right now. (Remember, I just told my readers about 14 back-to-back triple-digit gainers...)

You need to read the enclosed report right-away. It could make you 405% richer in the next 60 days.


Joe Marino
Editor, The Stock Profiteer

P.S. when you cash-in your gains, be sure to save some of your profits to join my Stock Profiteer investment advisory. We've been making a killing and I'd hate for you to miss out.

Don't delay. Read the special report now.

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