Saturday, November 28, 2009

What's happening beneath the surface of the news

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Sat., November 28, 2009
Taipan Daily: What's happening beneath the surface of the news
by Sara Nunnally, Senior Research Director, Taipan Publishing Group

This week we celebrate an American holiday. We here at Taipan Publishing Group wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe and fun extended weekend.

But even with the shortened trading week, there’s plenty happening that investors need to stay on top of. The Senate finally approved a healthcare-reform bill. Housing data showed that home sales are finally on the rise. Crude prices are falling (for now).

According to both Justice and Adam, not everything is as it seems. Read more about what’s happening beneath the surface below…

Crude Oil Is Roiling… On the Inside

According to Bloomberg, 10 out of 27 analysts think that oil prices will drop through the holiday weekend.

On the surface, oil demand here in the United States is so anemic that crude refineries are shutting down across the country. But below the waterline, Adam Lass writes, there are some major long-term moves being made by tomorrow’s key players: China and Africa. Adam equates these moves to icebergs. Find out all the dangers below the surface here…

Ready for the Financial Thrill Ride of Your Life?

Thanks to an SEC rule change, a hot niche market is cranking out stunning returns of 7,100%... 12,300%... even 13,900% in a single day. Follow this link now to get your share…

The Great Louisiana Healthcare Rip-Off

It’s business as usual in Washington as Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu received an “old-fashioned cash-money bribe” for her vote for the Senate’s version of the healthcare reform bill, writes Justice Litle.

On the table was $300 million in “extra” federal money for her state.

Justice is calling this the new “Louisiana Purchase.” But that doesn’t mean everything is locked in. Justice explains how some healthcare holdouts have Democrats over a barrel here…

Of Roller Coasters and Mortgages

Roller coasters are only fun in amusement parks… When the markets start to feel like a roller coaster, it’s downright scary.

Justice says at the top of the coaster, investors are at “the point of maximum risk.” Here is where all investors are confident, even “euphoric.” But what comes after the top? The plunge. Investors feel fear, anxiety and then panic. But somewhere beyond panic – “before depression,” he says, there is “the point of maximum financial opportunity.”

Find out where the markets are on this roller coaster here…

Congratulations Keith!

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Loans to Congress – The Untold Debt Story

If your congressman walked up to you this afternoon and asked you personally for a loan – would you consider lending him money? Would your answer change if he offered the full faith and credit of the United States as a guarantee on your principal?

Well, many investors today are saying "yes" to this request – possibly without fully understanding the risks involved.

How to Play the Biggest Economic Shift of Our Time

The rules of making money have changed – forever. With the collapse of investment banks, trillion-dollar-plus government bailouts, and the Dow plunging like a rock, it's never been more important to understand – and actually profit from – the "new rules."

This economic shift – the biggest in 200 years – is reshaping the U.S.'s role as a world financial leader. Not only that, it is changing the way average investors make money.

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