Sunday, February 14, 2010

Get in now - get a 10 million mailing free...

I have just partnered with the Supreme Elite Team...

Some of the biggest names on the net. Mike G is one

of them and he gave me this offer for you.

-Glen Brink


Do you know what businesses thrive in a down turning

Business Opportunity Sites... They not only thrive
but blast off because people need money!

And this program is a recession Buster!

And guess what? There's NO recruiting required to be
paid on all levels! I'm pushing this program hard
every month and YOU can just ride on my coat tails
all the way to the bank!

With the economy spiraling downward... People are
trying to get everything they can with their average

The great thing is with this program, anyone can
afford it!

I've partnered with the biggest names on the internet
to do one thing for you.... put people in this
program under you. The roster of partners reads like
the "Who's Who" of marketers online, including Jane
Mark, John Denton, Paul Darby, Rachel Long, and Mike Glaspie!

They are all determined to pile people into this
program for everyone's mutual benefit including

Amazingly, this has been a life changing concept for
many people, myself included.

We have made a very special deal with the Owners to
allow you and everyone you introduce (and everyone
they introduce) to get paid on all 7 levels forever
without ever having to bring any one in!

So Ignore the video that says you have to have 1 to
get paid on level 1 etc. and 3 for the next pay
level. It's not in effect for you! Or if you do
sponsor, its not in effect for them, ever!

You will make $ just by joining. I'll prove it to you
every month.

Here's what the President/CEO of the company has to

"I'm very excited to have finally partnered with THE
Mike G!

I've known for years how famous he has become on the
'Net, and how he is able to pour thousands of people
into a quality program.

That's the reason we've done something special and
EXCLUSIVE for Mike G... everyone who joins ANYWHERE
in Mike G's group will never have to sponsor anyone
to qualify for commissions on all seven levels! This
has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE with our program!

It's simple... Just join and you'll start making
money soon. Invite others to join under you, but of
course still in Mike G's group, and you'll make
more….. a LOT more!"

Seth Fraser
President/CEO, FreebieForce

This is your chance to start a home-based business
that can bring in thousands a month!

What better way is there to be involved in a program
where you can obtain free products of high value?

...Exactly, so go ahead and satisfy the urge to
explore your future.

I'm behind this program 100% and I love this program
for a ton of reasons. . .

Here's why I'm so excited about this opportunity:

* It's international. You can offer it everywhere.
* It's got a price point anyone, and I mean anyone
can afford!
* You got paid without recruiting anyone ever!
* It's a 5x7 forced matrix. . . let me explain:

The group will, not maybe, but will be putting people
in this program. Very likely thousands of them!

Because of the nature of a "forced matrix", everyone
I put in this program (or everyone above and below
you) who puts people into this program will produce
revenue for you, a full 7 levels deep!

And you get paid automatically on all seven levels
without ever putting one single person in...

This is awesome!

Here's the interesting part, though - you'll not only
be obtaining free products of high value, you'll also
be starting a home based business.

It's easier than you think! Click the link below to
find out more information.

Be sure to read the special P.S. below!


Glen Brink

PS: And when you join (it doesn't matter... anywhere
in the special Mike G matrix!) Mike G will do a 10
million mailing and include your link in it!

So every month Mike G will drop a 10 million mailing
for everyone who has joined the previous month. It
doesn't matter who you joined under. We will do this
all levels deep! And Mike G will do this for you

This mean if you bring in Jack or Sally and they
sponsor Bill or Jane, and Bill and Jane sponsor
Richard, yes even Richard is included the month after
he joins in a 10 million mailing with his link!

So when you get signed up, go here:

All you need to do is make certain that your
FreebieForce link is active. Mike is offering you
this unabashed bribe and everyone who joins on his
personal team during this month. Toward the beginning
of next month he will schedule this huge mailing for


PPS: Immediately after you join, go here:
and you will have access to all Supreme Elite Team
members favorite resources... stuff that really works
to blast this program, or any program you choose!


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