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Taipan Daily: Do you know how to use the new "Direct IRAs"?

Dear Taipan Daily reader,

You're probably not aware of this, but there is a small fraction of Americans who know how to use "Direct IRAs" to potentially build retirement fortunes flat-out faster and better than ever before. I'm talking about amounts like $300,000, $400,000 even $500,000 or more added to your retirement portfolio with relative ease.

"Direct IRAs" have been around for years... except they've been deliberately hidden from you. But Editor Kent Lucas of Safe Haven Investor is blowing the whistle on the network of secrecy deep inside Wall Street. In his report, which I've included in this e-mail, you can read all about "Direct IRAs" and how they can help you add tremendous amounts of money to your retirement portfolio.

Please read his report and then let us hear from you as soon as possible.

Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily
Sandy Franks
Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily

Wall Street Outraged
Over New "Direct IRAs"

They sidestep overpriced brokers and
blow away conventional retirement plans
with returns of 2,300% or more...

"Want to make your broker mad? Want to buy stocks without paying a commission? Want to make money in your spare time? Consider ["Direct IRAs"]."

-- CNNMoney

Dear Reader,

If everyone in America knew what I'm about to tell you, money-hungry brokers and crooked investment banks would be out of business by the end of the month.

Those greedy fat cats would be trading in their Bentleys for bus passes...

Moving from their McMansions to studio apartments...

Canceling their steakhouse reservations and heating up a Cup o' Noodles instead.


Because the new "Direct IRAs" I'm about to reveal to you allow an exclusive segment of American investors to cut these glorified middlemen completely out of the picture...

And if you give me just five minutes of your time right now, I'll make YOU part of the small fraction of Americans who know how to use "Direct IRAs" to potentially build retirement fortunes flat-out faster and better than ever before.

I'm talking about amounts like $300, $400, even $500,000 or more added to your retirement portfolio with relative ease.

View Monthly Retirement Income Chart

You see, once you're freed from the needless junk fees and transaction restrictions that plague corrupt mainstream investing, you could end up with more money in your pocket -- so you can keep living the good life longer.

The money-grubbing suits up and down Wall Street will do anything they can to keep YOU from finding out about "Direct IRAs."

So far, they've been successful in keeping it under wraps from nine out of 10 American investors...

According to Moneypaper, "Direct IRAs" are (for the moment)...

"... The best-kept secret on Wall Street"

All thanks to one government regulation that lobbyists for the investment banking industry no doubt cooked up to bury this secret moneymaker from the public:

Currently, the SEC actually forbids companies from advertising their participation in "Direct IRAs" to anyone besides their shareholders.

Why do you think that is?

MarketWatch explains it best:

"Most people haven't heard about them for one simple reason... Because brokers and fund managers can't sock you with big fees and commissions... So they won't tell you the 'best-kept secret' and they've made sure Congress and the SEC keep it a secret too."

And they're doing a great job of it. Believe it or not, it's estimated that out of the 45 million Americans who invest in today's markets, only 5 million actually are aware that "Direct IRAs" even exist.

That means 89% of the investing public is losing huge chunks of their retirement savings to insanely inflated bank fees and commissions simply because they don't know any better...

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The "Direct IRAs" I'm going to tell you about have been proven to deliver gains of as much as 2,300% or more... far outpacing the average returns of conventional Roth IRAs or 401(k) plans... straight from blue chip companies themselves.

And the best part about them is -- their returns, which could top $500,000 or more, can start with as little as $60.

"Direct IRAs" are simply:

  • Easier to use...
  • Quicker to deliver...
  • And far more effective in helping ordinary people just like you retire sooner and better off than they ever dreamed possible.

Take people like Carol and Charlie Urban, for instance.

Charlie, a retired school bus mechanic, was watching his retirement account flip-flop back and forth for decades. Carol stayed home taking care of their five kids.

On the surface, life was good...

But Charlie knew that simply funneling a portion of his paycheck into a stagnant retirement plan every two weeks wasn't going to cut it if the two of them wanted to eventually live comfortably in their golden years.

Not to mention, the valuable funds he was losing to the unending fees his money manager was charging him...

"[Direct IRAs] over time can substantially boost returns."

-- Forbes

Then one day, one of Charlie's co-workers mentioned the success he was having with a "Direct IRA."

Never having heard of "Direct IRAs," Charlie was naturally skeptical. But going off his friend's advice, he decided to take $100 of his hard-earned money and start one of his own.

Today, his "Direct IRA" is worth around $334,000... and counting.

And he didn't have to shell out one cent upfront beyond that initial $100, PLUS he doesn't pay one red cent to any "professional" retirement planner either.

This isn't an isolated incident. Millions of Americans -- once they find out about "Direct IRAs" -- are dropping their old-fashioned retirement plans...

And rest assured, these people who are building their retirement fortunes faster and higher than they ever thought possible are NOT risking their nest eggs on some shady fly-by-night outfits either.

Quite the contrary. "Direct IRAs" are available through rock-solid blue chips like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, BP, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Wal-Mart and more.

Meaning your risk is utterly minimal -- but your potential reward is off the charts.

Let me show you what I mean...

America's Best-Kept
Retirement Secret -- Revealed

If you've got a moment, sit down, call your broker and ask if he can set you up with a "Direct IRA."

Chances are they'll either play dumb, have another (more important) call come in, or just flat-out hang up on you.

That's because they don't want to risk a cent of their "hard-earned" commissions by telling you how to build your retirement by buying stock directly from companies themselves, rather than through him.

It's the same reason the SEC won't allow those companies to tell you about "Direct IRAs" either.

You really think they're going to risk ticking off the big investment houses by advertising a way for you to avoid putting more money in their pockets?

The usual suspects down on Wall Street are all keeping this news under wraps... and that's a shame, because:

"[Direct IRAs] are a great way to invest dollars... create a long-term savings plan and build a retirement portfolio of solid blue chips," according to The Wall Street Journal.

Consider this:

If, back in 1985, you had invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 index as part of your retirement plan and not touched it for the next decade, you would have ended up with $29,150 at the end of 1995.

And consider this:

If, back in 1980, you'd bought $10,000 worth of stock in a company that paid you a healthy 6% a year PLUS a nice 3.5% dividend to boot, and simply held that stock in your portfolio for the entire 30 years you would have ended up with $76,764 today.

Not a bad return on your investment... but check out what you could have made if that same company offered a "Direct IRA" program for you to invest your $10,000 in instead.

With the same return and dividend being paid on the stock, but with the "Direct IRA" program in place for you... today you'd instead have a $145,756 cash infusion coming your way.

In other words, the slightest difference in your retirement planning could have meant an extra 89% gain in your pocket!

And that's without having ever added a single cent to your original $10,000 investment!

If you'd continued to add to that investment year after year and held over an even longer period, your $10,000 "Direct IRA" could have transformed into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

After all, check out what a contribution of just $100 a month on top of your original 10 grand would end up netting you with several companies' "Direct IRAs":

  • Reynolds American's "Direct IRA" would have accumulated as much as $38,154...

  • AT&T's "Direct IRA" would have handed you retirement savings of as much as $99,324...

  • Pitney Bowes' "Direct IRA" would have padded your retirement account with as much as $122,189...

  • Progress Energy's "Direct IRA" would have built your portfolio up as much as $108,413...

And amazingly enough, if you had just contributed a paltry $1,200 a year ($100 a month) -- less than the amount many Americans waste on brokers' fees annually -- Home Depot's "Direct IRA" would have sent your retirement nest egg skyrocketing as much as $504,411.

Today I'm going to introduce you to three of the absolute BEST "Direct IRA" opportunities in the world today.

These "Direct IRAs" have returned as much as 2,300% to their holders over the years, and they're as strong today as they've ever been.

And in just a moment, I'll tell you how to receive all the information you need to enroll yourself in these untouchable plans.

Hundreds of Thousands
in Retirement Riches...

Despite the intense secrecy Wall Street has worked so hard to veil over "Direct IRAs" in order to save their bottom line, many savvy Americans have been using them for years in order to achieve their retirement dreams.

Take someone like Maxwell Buckley, for instance...

Max works as a pharmacist at a local grocery store in Springfield, IL. He's 45, single, owns a home and makes a decent living.

But he doesn't want to be filling prescriptions until he's 80. And if he'd chosen to stick with a traditional retirement plan, that's almost certainly what he'd have to do.

Fortunately, a person like Max Buckley chose a different route. A route that saves him money, gives him the freedom to pick and choose what companies he builds his retirement with, and ends up outpacing traditional plans by a country mile.

Max started his "Direct IRA" through Wal-Mart, one of America's most successful and rock-solid business titans.

He chose wisely too, because even as the retail sector has suffered over the past few years with people spending less... Max's Wal-Mart "Direct IRA" has still been building his retirement fortune fast and furious.

Contributing only $100 a month over the last 25 years to his "Direct IRA" through Wal-Mart, Max has seen his nest egg grow to $213,000.

And an amazing $183,060 of that amount is PURE PROFIT for him.

That's right, Max was able to add over $183k to his retirement savings by only contributing a paltry $100 a month. Not one cent more.

He didn't have to empty his savings account and start out with a huge initial investment of thousands...

That's the incredible thing about how much money these little-known retirement gold mines can make you... that you pay almost next to nothing out of your pocket to make it happen!

What it all ends up meaning is that Max spends way less time worrying about when and how comfortably he's going to retire...

And instead enjoys his weekends building model fighter planes -- a hobby he'll be able to continue long into his golden years.

But what if Max had NOT chosen Wal-Mart's "Direct IRA" profits -- and instead simply contributed to his employer's 401(k) plan? What kind of return would he have seen instead?

Well, consider this: Even in the best of times, the most common types of 401(k) plans have averaged the following:

  • Money Market Funds: 4% a year
  • Bond Mutual Funds: 8% a year
  • Stock or Equity Mutual Funds: 10% a year

Max's "Direct IRA" has given him a total return of 611% so far...

He didn't need to pay a huge fraction of his savings to a broker or bank either. He kept all of it for himself!

And in just a moment, I'll present to you three "Direct IRAs" you can enroll in right now... one of which has returned over 2,300% to its holders over time.

Think about the returns your account is seeing right now, and what a 2,300% gain on your retirement contributions could do for you instead.

That's what someone like Carmen Gioso had to think about back when she started her own interior design business at age 30 in the picturesque town of Collingswood, NJ.

Being a small-business owner, and not having access to a corporate 401(k) plan, Carmen knew it was up to her to decide her own retirement destiny.

That's why in the late '80s she decided to invest in "Direct IRAs," taking advantage of one offered by cleaning giant Clorox...

Carmen's been a bit more aggressive contributing to her "Direct IRA." She takes $150 out of her paycheck every month to put toward it.

But boy, has it paid off. Today, after just over 20 years, with hardly any work, hardly any upfront investment and NO nickel and diming by greedy brokers, her "Direct IRA" account balance sits at $169,461.

Meaning her $150-a-month contributions have produced $130,311 in profits for her!

Carmen is now so confident in her future retirement plans, she's already starting mapping out the next phase of her career -- a small baking business she calls "Carmen's Cakes and Cookies."

But would Carmen or Max be in the enviable positions they are today if they'd gone the traditional route -- and went through a broker or investment bank for their retirement needs?

How Much Money Could You
Save Cutting Out Brokers?

A quick survey of just the online "discount" brokers shows the following trading fees...

  • Scottrade: $7 per trade
  • E*Trade: $8 per trade
  • ShareBuilder: $10 per trade
  • TD Ameritrade: $10 per trade if you do it online by yourself... $45 a trade if you have a broker "assist you"!!!

"After one of the most awful years in the history of the mutual fund industry... you might expect fund companies would give investors a break and lower their fees. But just the opposite is true."

-- CBS MarketWatch

And these are the DISCOUNT brokers!

If you're not comfortable executing these orders on your own, and want some assistance by a "professional," the price absolutely explodes.

Never mind what you'd pay if you go to one of the really prestigious investment banks that require an appointment weeks ahead of time...

That could be in the hundreds of dollars.

In fact, investment research firm Morningstar recently conducted a study that shows over the past year, brokerages have raised fund fees in almost every category.

And that's despite those same investment houses losing money hand over fist for nine out of 10 investors over the last year!

What's wrong with this picture???

Forbes states -- "Costs are the biggest problem with [retirement funds]. These costs eat into your return, and they are the main reason why the majority of funds end up with sub-par performance."

Just take a look at the chart below to see what I'm talking about.

View Broker Fees vs. Broker Free Chart

See the insane amount of money you end up handing right back over to your broker?

An initial $10,000 into a broker-managed fund over 50 years should end up returning $1.1 million, but only paying 2% fees to that broker every year actually results in your LOSING an incredible $700,000 of that return.

In other words, over half of your 50-year retirement savings goes right into your broker's pocket.

The bottom line is this: Depending on how you're building your retirement, you're handing over a significant chunk of it every time you want to move your OWN money around to try to improve your returns.

Doesn't seem like a very productive way to get where you want to go, does it?

With "Direct IRAs," you never have to worry about throwing money away like this.

Unless you've got tons of disposable income lying around that you don't mind handing to a broker in exchange for a two-minute phone call and some pencil pushing, this is your money you've earned -- and you deserve to see it last...

"... critics of the industry say that... fund companies get away with the fees they charge only because the average investor does not understand what he/she is paying for."

-- Forbes

That's what any average Joe who's worked hard his whole life wants.

An average Joe like Freddy McNulty.

Freddy drove a UPS truck around Madison, WI, for 35 years. He always delivered his packages with a smile and never spent less than half his day laughing and telling corny jokes to co-workers and customers.

But underneath that everyman exterior, Freddy was actually a shrewd investor. He knew he couldn't depend on conventional methods to retire the way he'd always dreamed. And he didn't make a good enough living to throw gobs of money away on broker and transaction fees.

So Freddy opened a "Direct IRA" through General Electric.

Now, because money was tight for him, Freddy was only able to put aside $50 a month for his "Direct IRA."

But that didn't matter one bit. Because he kept steadily adding to it over his entire career, Freddy ended up with a small fortune.

His GE "Direct IRA" is now worth a whopping $397,081.

That means his simple $50 a month ended up netting him $373,131 over the long haul!

Today, Freddy is 61, and lives in Mesa, AZ -- where every spring he heads out to see each and every one of his beloved Chicago Cubs' spring training games.

Just like he always dreamed of...

And it's all possible thanks to his decision to open a "Direct IRA."

But it doesn't always take the span of an entire career to start seeing results with "Direct IRAs."

In fact, you can start early, at a young age, and begin to see the cash start to pile up almost immediately.

Younger professionals across the country can avoid the crisis that's gripping America right now -- and begin planning early retirements with a "Direct IRA."

Young people like Byron Charles, for example.

Byron is a high school basketball coach and history teacher. He's at an age where retirement is still a long way off...

But thanks to some good advice in his 20s, Byron started preparing early.

While playing ball in college, a business professor of Byron's told him about "Direct IRAs" and the advice stuck.

A few years later, when he started receiving his first steady string of paychecks, Byron headed straight for the safety and profitability of these "alternative" retirement plans.

But even though he was making a passable living, Byron still didn't have wads of money to be setting aside for retirement.

So with just $75 a month -- the price of dinner for two at a casual restaurant -- Byron started his "Direct IRA" with a company called Illinois Tool Works.

And after only a few years, he's already seen his retirement savings grow to $55,771.

And $38,596 of that total has come right from his "Direct IRA" returns... NOT from his pocket!

Today, Byron doesn't worry much about the future, because he knows he started early and started smart. In fact, his biggest concern these days is the marathon he's training for this summer!

And while Illinois Tool Works might not be a household name, it's still providing Byron with outsized returns for his future retirement.

That's the beautiful thing about "Direct IRAs." You can participate in them through household name companies like Coca-Cola or Wal-Mart -- or through little-known rock-solid businesses like Illinois Tool Works.

But while I've clued you into some of the companies you can set up a "Direct IRA" through, there are still some that are better than others.

And I've set aside three such companies I think you'll want to start with immediately once you choose to open a "Direct IRA" for yourself.

Here's a brief preview of each one...

The Three Best "Direct IRAs"
for You Right Now

"Direct IRA" Company #1: This global energy corporation has its hands in one of the most lucrative sectors of them all -- oil. And even though oil rises and falls quite often, its "Direct IRA" maintains a massive return throughout.

Over the last 30 years, $80 a month filtered into its "Direct IRA" program would have ended up today handing you a retirement windfall of $298,321... $268,641 of which is straight-up profits...

What other retirement plan allows you to turn $29,680 into $298,321???

"Direct IRA" Company #2: This company is one of the most recognizable brand names in the world, but what most don't recognize is its immeasurable potential to help you secure a lavish retirement.

Starting with as little as $60 this company's "Direct IRA" could have accumulated $564,852 over the last 32 years for those who knew about it.

And remember, that number could go much, MUCH higher if you choose to be more aggressive and up your monthly contribution. The rate at which your "Direct IRA" inflates your retirement account is totally up to you!

"Direct IRA" Company #3: This industry leading health & beauty company will no doubt be familiar to you once you hear it, but thanks to years of Wall Street cover-ups, very few know it offers one of the best "Direct IRA" opportunities on the market today.

In fact, if you had opened up a "Direct IRA" with it 35 years ago and contributed just $100 a month to it over that time, today you'd be sitting on a retirement fortune of $1,090,444!

That's a 2,330% return on your contributions!

Try finding a Roth IRA or 401(k) that'll hand you that...

There's really no point in looking. It doesn't exist. Only a "Direct IRA" can offer you the kind of pure profit power you're reading about today.

And in just a moment, I'm going to tell you exactly how to receive the names of these three companies, plus complete instructions on how to set up a "Direct IRA" with one or all three of them, WITHOUT the help of a broker...

But first, let me take a moment to introduce myself...

A Safe Haven for Your Money Equals
a Retirement That's Second to None...

My name is Kent Lucas.

I'm a proud Harvard graduate with a master's from Stanford.

I've spent 20 years in the finance industry, including seven years managing portfolios for a leading investment firm -- during which I actively oversaw roughly $1 billion worth of assets for some very powerful and influential clients.

I don't tell you this to brag, believe me. That's not my style.

The only reason I'm bringing it up at all is to prove this point...

After two decades of researching the markets for a living -- it takes quite a bit to surprise me.

And I'm utterly shocked at how well Wall Street has kept "Direct IRAs" a secret.

What doesn't surprise me, however, is that they'd be so hell-bent on doing it.

After all, this is their livelihood we're talking about. A livelihood built on charging billions upon billions of dollars in needless junk fees to hard-working folks who are just trying to retire comfortably.

So it's no wonder they're seething mad every time somebody pulls their money out of their hands and moves it over to a much cheaper, much more potentially profitable "Direct IRA."

But guess what? That's not your problem. Not anymore.

Because if you choose, I'll immediately e-mail you a copy of a FREE report I've just completed, titled "'Direct IRAs': The Retirement Secret Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know."

Inside it, you'll discover:

  • How to start investing in broker-free "Direct IRAs" with as little as $60

  • Complete details on how you can use "Direct IRAs" to build the retirement of your dreams

  • All the information you need on how to get started with the three "Direct IRA" companies I previewed for you

  • How you could begin accumulating accelerated retirement savings through these three "Direct IRAs" starting as soon as tomorrow morning

It's simple, hassle-free and above all keeps your money in YOUR pocket, rather than in some slick, fast-talking Wall Street resident's.

But look, put all that business aside for a moment. Take the brokers out of the equation and boil it down to the most important thing we're talking about here:

Your future.

You control your own destiny. How do you want to spend your retirement years?

Traveling... spending time with family... relaxing with friends... catching up on all the things you've wanted to do, but never had the time?

Or spending sleepless nights worrying about having enough to pay for groceries and the electric bill... having to go back to work at Wal-Mart or McDonald's... never being able to enjoy the fruits of your working years the way you deserve?

I hope you don't think I'm being melodramatic by asking that.

Because these scenarios are playing out every day in America... and sadly, many retirees are experiencing the latter.

But with a little smart planning, and the help of a "Direct IRA," this most definitely doesn't have to be you. Today you can make the choice -- no matter how close you are to retirement -- to start preparing for a potentially richer one, sooner, with "Direct IRAs."

Here's exactly how to make it happen...

Safety First... Profits Always

It's been a rough couple of years for investors. That's no secret.

But now things finally seem to be turning back around -- slowly but surely.

That's probably why people are constantly asking me how to make money in such a crazy market... how to avoid losing money... and even how to read the market for the biggest gains out there.

More people than I can even begin to respond to...

Of course, there are tons of people out there who are willing to share a piece of their minds about money and investing.

Not so lucky for you, however, is the fact that most of those people have no idea what they're talking about.

And many of the ones that do... the brokers, money managers, retirement planners... I can assure you that a great deal of them DON'T have your best interests at heart.

If they did, why would they be keeping "Direct IRAs" a secret from you?

They do it for the same reasons you scrimp and save and invest so diligently: For THEIR retirements...

That doesn't sound like someone whose mission is to ensure you retire safely, securely and -- above all -- happily, does it?

So the dilemma you're left with is: Whom can you trust?

Who can offer you sound, intelligent research and analysis without the ulterior motive of milking every last cent out of you in return?

That question is exactly why I decided to go to work as the executive editor of Taipan's Safe Haven Investor, an independent financial research service headquartered in Baltimore, MD.

After years of watching people lose money thanks to bad advice from friends and so-called "experts," I decided that writing a newsletter like Taipan's Safe Haven Investor was really what I got into this business for in the first place.

You see, unlike most of the "advice" out there, this newsletter is completely based on helping you keep your hard-earned cash protected in challenging markets like we're experiencing now...

While at the same time giving you the chance to learn about little-known ways to grow your assets far more than what mainstream investors ever get the chance to do...

(And "little known" is exactly the term I'd use to describe a retirement jackpot like "Direct IRAs.")

To me, it all adds up to a very realistic way to grow an investing portfolio AND pocket huge sums of cash along the way.

There's Always a Way to Make Money --
You Just Have to Find It

Throughout my career, I've made it a mission to find the right investment at the right time for my readers.

And it certainly isn't easy.

In fact, it's quite a bit of work. It means two-hour conference calls, sitting in on three-day-long meetings, and sifting through hundreds of financial reports each week...

But all this work pays off. I'm proud that I've been able to steer my readers toward positive returns, no matter what the markets are doing.

Even though the economic climate has been pretty lousy lately, Taipan's Safe Haven Investor readers have still seen some pretty nice gains so far in 2009.

In fact, four of my open recommendations right now have racked up gains of 102%, 117%, 90%, and 118%.

And as I mentioned, those gains are all on current picks -- they still have the chance to go much higher...

PLUS... those four triple-digit winners are all part of the larger Safe Haven Investor portfolio that, as I write, has racked up cumulative gains of 931%!

Now don't get me wrong, those are great numbers... and I'm thrilled I've been able to provide them to my readers. But what I'm writing you with today is so much more than that.

I'm 100% confident that the three "Direct IRA" opportunities I'm ready to send you inside this FREE special report could have the potential to change your financial future forever.

We're talking pure retirement profits that measure into the hundreds of thousands of dollars -- and perhaps even higher, depending on how much you're willing to contribute each month.

This truly could be the break you've been waiting for to finally accelerate the retirement game plan you've been putting off for years.

But the only way you'll receive complete details on each one of these "Direct IRA" plays is to respond to this letter NOW. As with any red-hot opportunity, only those who take advantage before the masses stand to see the biggest gains...

And as retirement becomes a bigger and bigger issue in America -- especially with a whole generation of baby boomers reaching that age -- the secret of "Direct IRAs" can't stay hidden forever.

That's why I'm going to make sure you get this time-sensitive report, "'Direct IRAs': The Retirement Secret Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know," the minute you respond to this letter.

I want you to have this zero-risk, yet potentially wildly lucrative opportunity in hand seconds after you request it.

I don't believe in dawdling when it comes to the possibility of my readers pocketing a half million dollars or more for their retirement...

Once you have FREE report, you'll know exactly how to take set up a "Direct IRA" of your own -- and most importantly: How you can begin outpacing traditional retirement plans with gains of 2,300% or more.

So, how will this information arrive at your fingertips?

It's simple.

Sign up for Safe Haven Investor -- with zero risk or obligation -- and you'll immediately receive, via e-mail, your Special Report "'Direct IRAs': The Retirement Secret Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know."

As I've mentioned, this report is absolutely FREE. All you have to do is claim it, with no risk (I'll tell you how to do this in just a second).

It really is as straightforward as it sounds.

Respond to this letter... read the Special Report... watch your retirement savings skyrocket.

It doesn't get any easier than this to potentially make more than half a million dollars, as far as I know.

Now, I bet I know what you're thinking:

"What's the deal here? I'm sure I have to do something to receive this kind of information, right?"

True enough. But if you read on for a moment longer, I'm sure you're going to be surprised at how little I'm asking of you...

One Proven Investment Research Service --
8 FREE Ways to Profit From It

First, I want you to realize I'd never ask you to spend a dime unless it was 100% risk- and obligation-free...

All I ask before I send the special "Direct IRA" report I've promised is that you accept a simple, risk-free trial to my newsletter, Taipan's Safe Haven Investor.

And for simply agreeing to test my service, you'll get a wealth of powerful profit resources:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of Safe Haven Investor -- Each issue is loaded with commonsense market analysis... not to mention stock picks you can use for the opportunity to build your wealth without the risk and uncertainty that usually go along with investing.

  • FREE Weekly E-mail Updates -- Every week, I'll give you an update on the market's pulse via e-mail, detailing what's happening in the world of money... plus I'll give you current info on my open model positions.

  • FREE Private Access to Our Members-Only Web Site -- Think of this as your electronic portal into a powerful world of investment opportunities. Safe Haven Investor online gives you easy access to investment updates, special investment articles, and unlimited access to all the research we've compiled over the past several years.

  • FREE Subscription to Taipan Daily -- Your inbox becomes a virtual ATM with all the FREE financial news you can use to build wealth. These alerts provide expert analysis of global trends, giving you useful information to help you profit on commodities, foreign stock markets, and hard-to-find opportunities that slip past your broker.

  • FREE Privately Circulated Taipan Insider e-Letter -- You will see firsthand how our publishing group uncovers the many ideas we pass your way, and you'll also learn what our editors think are the most important and pressing economic issues that could impact your wealth.

Most importantly, you'll immediately receive your FREE copy of "'Direct IRAs': The Retirement Secret Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know," my Special Report revealing the details of the game-changing retirement builder that Wall Street and the SEC are working so hard to keep secret.

It's not every day you get a chance quite like this one.

And for the chance to build as much as $300,000, $500,000 -- maybe even $1 million -- in retirement savings while shelling out less than you'd ever have to in a traditional plan, most people would be willing to pay a boatload...

$1,000... $2,000... certainly even $5,000 or more.

After all, we're talking about enough money to keep you living the good life for literally decades...

However, if you think my newsletter costs anywhere near that, you're going to be shocked at what I have to tell you.

But before I get to that, let me tell you about two bonus gifts I want to give you in addition to everything I listed above.

And all of it for simply agreeing to try my Safe Haven Investor newsletter with absolutely no risk.

Special Bonus #1:
Profit Report: "How to Bank $540,000 Worth of the New World Reserve Currency"

In 1913, seven men -- who collectively represented 25% of the world's wealth -- gathered on a seven-mile strip of land called Jekyll Island off the Georgia coast. Ostensibly, their purpose was a friendly duck-hunting expedition between old friends...

However, not a single duck was shot that weekend.

Instead, this secret alliance changed the world's definition of "money" for the next century.

You see, what came of that meeting was the creation of something you know as the American Federal Reserve -- an institution that's been in power now for more than 95 years.

Today, a similar red herring is on the horizon.

Five men from around the globe will meet -- much like the Jekyll Island Seven -- under the pretense of a routine get-together.

When that meeting ends, the way you think about money will change forever.

Thanks to a high-placed source, we have a pretty good idea what the outcome of this future meeting is going to be.

Those who are in the know and take action immediately stand to be rewarded with the payday of a lifetime.

You could easily walk away with as much as $540,000 -- in one fell swoop -- if not more.

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In 1970, a young Greek-American immigrant named John, fresh off a tour of duty in Vietnam, came home to launch his business career -- and plowed every penny he had into a very special kind of investment.

That investment eventually helped him amass a $1.7 billion fortune and transformed him into one of today's most respected industry players.

In 1990, Kenneth, a recent college graduate -- using the same special kind of investment -- laid the foundation for what would eventually become one of the most successful hedge funds in America.

In 2008, this fund was valued as high as $18 billion.

And as recently as this past November, the former chief investment officer of a major American bank went on a shopping spree -- pouring $17.5 million of his portfolio back into the very same investment.

Guess what? He locked in double-digit returns in the midst of one of the worst months in American financial history.

So why am I telling you these stories?

Because right now, you can get your hands on the same special investment all of these men built their massive fortunes on for less than half its true value!

I call these special investments "Crisis Bonds," and they're specifically tailored to investors looking to both protect their assets AND build their wealth during tough times.

And here's the thing. "Crisis Bonds" aren't just for the ultra-rich either.

Greek-immigrant John started buying "Crisis Bonds" at the age of 28. He didn't have much formal investing education or trading experience. Plus he had very little money to get started...

Kenneth began purchasing "Crisis Bonds" from his Harvard dorm room in the late 1980s. Little did anyone else know that they'd eventually turn him into one of the most powerful men on Wall Street...

These financial geniuses both realized early enough that "Crisis Bonds" are some of the safest and most reliable moneymakers you can ever hope to own. What's more, there's never been a better time to add them to your portfolio.

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As I said before, most people would be willing to shell out quite a bit of money for hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct retirement returns.

And investment advisory services that actually have a chance at delivering these kinds of gains can cost a good chunk of change -- anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

In fact, I personally know people who pay well over $5,000 per year for the same kind of information you're going to get from Safe Haven Investor.

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Why am I offering this information so cheap, when I could easily get 100 times more money for it?

Because frankly, I'm fed up with Wall Street's sleazy cover-up of "Direct IRAs."

The power they have to help ordinary Americans live the retirement dreams they've worked so hard to achieve is phenomenal.

Believe me, if the word on "Direct IRAs" were to make it out into the mainstream...

If the SEC actually allowed companies to advertise that they offer them...

Well, those brokers would be out a serious amount of money. YOUR money.

Money you could be using to pay off bills, enjoy your golden years, or to flat-out stop worrying about your retirement.

It's time that more people knew about this. And if I'm the one to get the word out, so be it. I'm not going to charge a fortune for information you have every right to know about anyway.

These three "Direct IRA" opportunities I'm ready to send you are some of the absolute best you'll find on the market today. Believe me, if you're going to open up one (or more) of these fantastic retirement builders, you'll want to start with these three companies.

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$50 a Month Made Them $480,000...

When you think about your retirement consider the two roads you could go down.

You could be 75, living in a meager home or apartment, taking the bus to a minimum wage job at McDonald's every morning just so you can afford your basic everyday needs like food, electricity or medicine.

Or you could use "Direct IRAs" on a company like McDonald's to ensure that you never have to live out this nightmare scenario.

That's what retirees like Anna and William Hanson of Cleveland have done.

Over the course of four decades, Anna worked at the cosmetics counter at Macy's, while William walked a city beat as a police officer.

Sure, they had William's pension to fall back on. But civil servants are always the first to feel the pain when times are tough -- and the Hansons knew that pension would never be enough if they wanted to retire in style.

So with the help of a "Direct IRA" from -- you guessed it, McDonald's -- the Hansons made a bold move to make sure they weren't caught watching their retirement dreams turn into nightmares.

With just a miniscule $50 contribution each month, Anna and William began building the foundation of their future.

A foundation that grew bigger and bigger over the years until today -- when their "Direct IRA" is allowing them to live the life they've always wanted.

Today, as I write this, their McDonald's "Direct IRA" is worth an incredible $480,966.

And the best part is -- over $460,000 of that fortune came directly from McDonald's!

Now Anna and William travel regularly to Pennsylvania and North Carolina to visit their grandkids.

They go on a Caribbean cruise once a year, and they're even considering relocating to the more expensive East Coast to be closer to their family.

None of which they'd have been able to do without the help of their "Direct IRA."

It's easy, it's inexpensive, and best of all -- your money STAYS your money.

It doesn't get nickel-and-dimed away by some corner office fat-cat broker who'll never even take the time to meet you face to face.

No, because "Direct IRAs" do exactly what their name says. Return the money directly to you.

Directly toward the retirement of your dreams.

Now's the time to make the switch and experience for yourself what Wall Street has been trying so hard to keep you from finding out.

Send for your FREE report today...

Kent Lucas, Executive Editor, Taipan's Safe Haven Investor
Kent Lucas
Executive Editor
Taipan's Safe Haven Investor
February 2010

P.S. Remember, you can always cancel your Taipan's Safe Haven Investor subscription at any time within those first 90 days -- not a single question asked. Just call us, and we'll issue you a check right away, and you'll receive ALL your money back pronto.

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