Thursday, December 17, 2009

$4,000 for an Ounce of Silver? Impossible!

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$4,000 for An Ounce of Silver Bullion? Impossible!

10 years ago I'd have thought this prediction was crazy... yet today it's a fact. Now a deal with a $4 billion precious metals wholesaler could get you 24% off the market price for America's hottest ounce of silver!

Fellow Investor,

It may be hard to believe that an ounce of silver could sell for $4,000, but that's exactly what's happening right now in one of the hottest markets going -- the market for perfect U.S. Mint Silver Eagles.

But there is a catch... More of a glitch, really, and one that's been corrected to your advantage.

You see, I recently learned about an amazing opportunity from my friend, Nick Bruyer, CEO of First Federal Coin.

Nick told me that recent demand for Silver Eagles has been unprecedented! In 2008 alone, the U.S. Mint shattered its previous sales record of 10.4 million by selling almost 20 million -- and demand still hasn't cooled off. The premiums people are willing to pay are staggering -- some of the highest premiums ever recorded for Silver Eagles. And that's just for the ordinary Silver Eagles that the Mint produces in the millions.

But almost no Eagles leaving the Mint are in PERFECT condition -- and those are what folks are really scrambling to find.

Because of his relationship with a $4 billion bullion trader, Nick was able to acquire a limited supply of perfect MS70 2008 Silver Eagles graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service (previous years of PCGS MS70 Silver Eagles are valued at as much as $4,000)! But, before I could even tell you about this amazing deal... Nick's inventory sold out and these are already selling for almost double the initial offering price.

Nick wasn't surprised at all. "Considering how hot these perfect Eagles are in the marketplace... they just blew out the door," he told me.

And the amazing opportunity I told you about...

Because of our special relationship and his regard for Eagle Financial members, Nick has a new offer that could turn out to be an even bigger deal!

He is currently offering Eagle Financial members special access to his MS70 2009 Eagles. Every perfect Eagle has huge potential, and these 2009 Eagles are in huge demand. But what makes this deal even better is the fact that Nick is willing to hold the price on the 2009s at the same initial level as the 2008s -- which, I repeat, are already selling for almost double the initial offering price!

I urge you to get the full details today on how you can get your hands on what could be the next $4,000 coin!* This special offer is reserved for Eagle Financial members, but please be aware that supplies are limited and orders will be placed on a first come, first served basis. Click below and get the discount reserved for Human Events members or call Nick at 1.800.222.3891 (mention your special promotion code of HE400P).

Reserve Your 2009 MS70 Silver Eagles Today!


Roger Michalski
VP/Group Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications

P.S. Please act quickly. Nick's very generous offer to Eagle Financial members allows you access to these First Strike Silver Eagles, but with limited quantities. Collectors already snatched up Nick's stash of 2008 Silver Eagles and their price has already almost doubled... Don't miss your opportunity to own the 2009 Eagles at the same price of the 2008s!

Click Here Now to Order Your 2009 MS70 Silver Eagles

*Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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