Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fistgate: Obama chief `knew' of 'disgusting' sex subjects A Free Press For A Free People
Fistgate: Obama chief 'knew'
of 'disgusting' sex subjects

A pro-family organization is accusing President Obama's Office of Safe Schools chief, Kevin Jennings, of knowing in advance the "gross and disgusting" subjects that would be covered at a seminar on sex for teenagers.

There have been multiple reports about a Massachusetts school seminar 10 years ago sponsored by the group Jennings founded, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, that included instructors providing explicit direction on homosexual activities, such as "fisting."

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Plus! White House science czar John Holdren openly acknowledges geochemist Harrison Brown's writings influenced his decision to devote his career to the science of ecology. Brown, a member of the Manhattan Project who supervised the production of plutonium, advocated world government in the 1950s to impose mandatory controls over population growth. Among Brown's proposals for a better world: "All excess children could be disposed of much as excess puppies and kittens are disposed of at the present time."

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