Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alpha Traders Are Busy Buying This Now… You Should Too

Don't Bet On a Continued Dollar Rally...
Especially When Global Markets Are Still Cooking

Alpha Traders
Are Making a Fortune!

New trade recos out this week -- and
I'll guarantee you at least 7 triple-digit winners.
Dear Fellow Investor,

In the last two weeks, the dollar's rallied slightly, but who knows how long that's going to last? What's certain is this...

Right now, global markets are still cooking. If and when the dollar reverses course, that'll provide an extra boost to the tail wind pushing our global stocks.

Which means you could pull in profits of 40% to 100% by picking the right stocks. Which is what the Alpha Traders do day in and day out.

Since March we've closed 6 triple-digit trades and 14 double-digit trades.

And there are plenty more where those came from. Join us today and you won't miss a single one. You could double your money over and over again.

For the biggest profits, follow the best traders. Like the ones in my small group. They're among the best in the world, pulling "off-the-chart" profits for the billions of dollars we manage.

One of these Alpha Traders saw the subprime meltdown coming long before the investing masses, making upwards of 1,000% on one bet. He used a strategy that you could use just as easily as he did -- if anyone would tell you about it.

Another parlayed what he knows about energy markets into profits that are annualizing at an extraordinary 105% for 2009 so far. He's not using exotic trading instruments, which means you could just as easily be racking up gains like his -- if someone would tell you what to do.

As for me, I'm outpacing most of them, with 48% annualized profits for four years.

And I'm here to tell you right now -- our next trades could be just as big. And this time you can be right there too, because I'm going to tell you exactly what we're trading, and when to buy and sell.

The traders who make spectacular profits year in and year out are quietly moving into a handful of stocks, and you're about to discover what they are.

Follow the Alpha Traders to the
Biggest Profits of Your Life

My name is Nicholas Vardy, and I work in the same world of professional traders as the Alpha Traders I'm telling you about.

I came to the world of private money from the mutual fund business, where I managed funds in a group responsible for about $1.2 billion.

Today I run a private investment firm and count among my friends some of the most successful traders in the world.

In fact, members of a strategy-sharing trading group I put together manage about a quarter of all the hedge fund money in Europe.

Our jobs are to create fortunes, taking profits before others even take a position, always staying one step ahead of market turns.

And to do that, we can't wait for just-right market conditions, and we can't jump on top of trades everyone else is making.

To make the kind of profits we're used to -- single trade profits as high as 1,000%, portfolio gains as high as 209% in 2008, and my own 48% annualized returns since starting my trading service in October 2005 -- you need an edge. A private method you don't share with anyone.

And the biggest edge you can have is to trade "developing trends" (I call them shadow trends), like the ones I'll reveal below.

Why the World's Top Traders
Make More Money

Lots of traders go wrong in thinking that specializing in currencies, or commodities, or options, or bonds, or any other investment vehicle gives them an edge.

But when your job is to make big money, there's no such thing as waiting for the market to fit your strategy.

The best traders are more like mechanical engineers, knowing how gears and systems of an entire machine must work in unison to move a vehicle. The best traders look anywhere and everywhere for opportunities.

Whether it's seeing oil prices starting to rise in 2003, China flexing its economic power in 2006, or global telecom take off in 2007, you reap the biggest, most solid profits by watching the gears of the global economy turn and knowing how one small event affects specific investments.

That's why subscribers to my trading service reap steady profits, like:

75% in a global agribusiness ETF in under 2 months
48% in an Chinese financial stock in a little over 90 days
106% in a Russian mining and metals stock in 2 months
150% in a Canadian stock in 150 days
257% in a dry shipper option in 7 weeks
203% in another mining stock option in 2 months
235% in a communications giant option in under 90 days

Even when most investors look at the markets and see nothing but directionless confusion, a void of trading opportunity, Alpha Traders can see events and trends and ride them to spectacular profits.

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