Saturday, December 12, 2009

Is Gold Going to Crash the Market's Holiday Party?

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Sat., December 12, 2009
Taipan Daily: Is Gold Going to Crash the Market's Holiday Party?
by Erin Beale, Group Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group

Despite all the fears, the festive holiday season is apparently not lost on the markets… or the shoppers. With the Dow now sitting comfortably around 10,400 – a solid 60% rise off of March’s lows in the 6,500 range – is the economic crisis really on its way out the door? Consumers certainly seem to think so… November retail sales clocked in higher than expected.

But what about gold? Why is it getting hit, despite the improving conditions in retail and jobs numbers? Learn what’s really going on with gold prices… the new “forex flu”… the secrets to being the best long-term investor you can be… and much more, below…

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t

According to the WSJ, investors were happy to see last Friday’s jobs number improve... yet bummed out to see the yellow metal take a hard hit in price. This really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Why doesn’t it make sense? Because gold is the “canary in the coal mine” for systematic breakdown. It’s a sort of safety cushion in the event of economic train wreck (and the currency debasement that follows).

In the environment we have now, down is up and bad is good – at least where the U.S. economy and inflation are concerned. Justice explains here...

An easy $1 million using only "pip strikes"

If you opened a Forex account today, would you have any idea how to make $1 million within the next year?

If your answer is no, that's okay. The answer is no for most people.

But what I'm about to reveal to you today could most certainly change that. Using a little-known strategy called "pip strikes" you could make anywhere from $500 to $2,000 every day the markets are open… heck, maybe even every hour the markets are open.

It's the fastest way to build a fortune in the currency markets, hands down.

Why All the Best Castles Have Wide Economic Moats

Warren Buffett is known for discussing his investments in terms of castles and moats. He views the castle as the business itself, and the moat as how much of a sustainable competitive advantage it has.

The truth is that sustainable competitive advantage has to do with how well a company stacks up relative to competitors within the same industry. Some companies find themselves in outstanding competitive position in their businesses or markets they serve, with a market share position that is very hard (or impossible) to attack – thus possessing a wide economic moat. Kent explains this concept – and how to make it work for your portfolio – right here…

Do You Know How to Protect Yourself From the “Forex Flu”?

Worried over H1N1 swine flu? Forget about it (at least for now). A new epidemic, P1N1 forex flu, is sweeping the globe as you read this. Symptoms are breaking out all over the place. It’s hard to say who will be infected next.

And what does “P1N1” stand for, you ask? It’s a little term your editor has coined from his outpost here at CDC headquarters (the Center for Delusion Control).

The P stands for “paper.” N stands for “Null Value.” Symptoms include a knee-jerk embrace of debt and toxic assets... a compulsive tendency to babble nonsense phrases like “government-created jobs” and “inflation is contained”... and, most alarmingly, heaving convulsions of excess bank reserves. Dr. Justice explains all about the new “Forex Flu” right here…

The New Flatline Poster Child

For the past decade or so, Japan has been the poster child for moribund First World economies. But it wasn’t always that way. Once, in fact, Japan was an icon of dynamic growth.

In the 1960s, it managed some 10% a year, a feat usually only managed these days by overheating Third Worlders. But even the 1970s’ 5% average and 1980s’ 4% average would be considered robust these days. Robust? Actually, Japanese economic managers would probably sacrifice a limb for half that.

Learn how the Japanese economy ties into one of America’s best-known clothiers, and how their flatline can be yours gain…

The "Green Mafia" Can Make You $110,000 in the Next Year

Our government is in the hands of a "Green Mafia," that is using pseudoscience about the environment to enforce their "Green" agenda on the American people.

At the same time they're funneling taxpayer money to their friends. Their latest scheme was just approved on Nov. 18. And you could have the chance to make as much as $110,000 in a short period of time. Find out how here.

A Closer Look at the Biggest Trade of All Time

Being an avid observer of markets, financial history and the human psyche, Justice reads a good two dozen books per year on average. There are usually at least two in progress at any given time.

As might be expected, many of these titles fall into the “decent” or “not bad” category. (The disappointments are given very short shrift.) But every once in a while, a book really and truly stands out. Here, Justice reviews The Greatest Trade Ever by Gregory Zuckerman and gives a closer look behind the scenes of the biggest trade of all time…

U.S. Dollar Driving Commodity Prices

This week's fluctuations in the U.S. dollar have impacted commodity prices. Where's the greenback headed next? And will commodities like gold and oil follow?

World's Rarest Commodity Creating Metal Millionaires

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