Friday, December 11, 2009

Yet another 2500 page bill headed our way

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December 11, 2009

On Today’s Program

Congressman Jason Chaffetz
The 2500 page Omnibus bill is expected to pass this week, and it's nothing more than yet another spending fiesta. Things like $17 million for Ireland and $1,948,000 to the Fish Lake Trail completion in the state of Washington. All worthy causes, that someone else besides taxpayers should spend money on. Glenn talks with Congressman Jason Chaffetz from Utah about his battle against wasteful spending. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

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Healthcare 'compromise' planned?

Not shockingly, the media did not bother to look any further on the sudden 'compromise' by Democrats to drop the public option. Why would Nancy Pelosi and the gang just fold and give in to this demand? Probably because it's not really going away. Glenn talks about when and if this plan will pass, and what it will do to the future of America. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Tiger offspring? The question real journalists are failing to ask, and it's an obvious one. How many out of wedlock Tiger cubs are running around America right now? We've got the complete Tiger scorecard along with photos, info and more. View it HERE.

Glenn up close and personal with John Stossel

Glenn seemed to invade the personal space of John Stossel last night on TV, but it was especially entertaining because Glenn was riding a scooter. Yes, it's too bizarre to just read about -- you can watch the segment HERE.

A bird? A plane? A black hole?

There was a bizarre light in the sky over Norway and video of it is making the rounds on the Internet. What was it? Experts say it was a missile. Get Glenn's reaction. ( Transcript, Insider Audio) and watch the video of the light HERE.

Journalists attack...Obama?

Journalists seemed to go on a little break right about the time of the election. Instead of focusing their resources on sensitive troop locations and fake National Guard memos about the President - they've put their feet up and kicked back. Why bother? President Obama is perfect! Well, it appears that the skies might be getting ready to open up again. Are the journalists starting to actually criticize this President? Hurricane Glenn reports on the scattered showers and gives the forecast in the latest Beck Talks video blog. Watch it HERE.

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TV Tonight: What are all the bills that Democrats are pushing going to mean for the average American worker? Glenn breaks it down tonight at 5pm only on the Fox News Channel!

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