Thursday, December 10, 2009

PC Myths About the Founding Fathers

The truth about the Founding Fathers -- and how they would lead America today

The Politically Incorrect Guide™to The Founding Fathers Dear Fellow Conservative:

Did you know that HUMAN EVENTS, America's conservative newsweekly, is the place I call my editorial "home"?

It's true. For the past 12 years, in fact, I've not only been a regular contributor to HUMAN EVENTS, I've also been a key voice in their weekly editorial meetings.

Which means that, more than any other publication today, HUMAN EVENTS reflects my brand of conservatism.

I think you know what that is. No excuses. No compromises. No prisoners. Lots of spunk -- and punch. And laughs.

That's why I don't just write for HUMAN EVENTS -- I devour it every week, from cover to cover.

And so will you, I'm convinced -- if you'll just give it a try, by taking advantage of this specially-discounted Charter Subscriber offer, which includes a FREE hardcover copy of Brion McClanahan's, The Politically Incorrect Guide™to The Founding Fathers.

Click here to learn more. Meantime, I'll be waiting for you... at "home."

Your friend,
Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

P.S. You know who else loved HUMAN EVENTS? My hero Ronald Reagan -- the greatest president since George Washington. In fact, he called it his "favorite newspaper." Find out why -- by giving it a try, at zero risk. And you get a FREE book, too!

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