Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TIME Magazine: You don't exist

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December 16, 2009

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Time Magazine: YOU don't exist
Time picked its person of the year and the winner is (drumroll) none other than Ben Bernanke. He's been running the Federal Reserve since before the economic crisis began. Is he on the list to be scolded? No! That would make too much sense. Instead, we are supposed to thank him for losing 7 million jobs! ( Transcript, Insider Audio)
People who Matter

The Wall Street Journal included Glenn in an online poll that Glenn is not sure he's excited to be on, especially considering Bernie Madoff is one of the other choices. How does Glenn feel about being talked about in all of these end of year polls? Here's his reaction from radio this morning. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

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Glenn's special interest group

For as much as Glenn hammers politicians for doing favors for special interests - he has one of his own. Glenn Beck Insiders at What are Insiders getting that you non-Insiders aren't? For starters: Full length streaming video of Glenn’s classic Christmas Tour. Stu’s book as a PDF download: Clichés, The Worst Thing Since Sliced Bread. Plus radio archives, message boards, podcast and much more. Everyone has access to a PDF download so you can give the gift of the Insider to a friend. Find out more HERE.

Andy Williams

When you think Christmas and Christmas music, one of the first things that instantly comes to mind is Andy Williams. This guy has inspired so many people, including Michael Buble, which was breaking news to Andy. A great interview that starts off with Andy questioning Glenn's 'he's still going' comment in the introduction. Check it out. ( Transcript, Insider Audio)

Why Hollywood Hates the Troops

Sure, they say they love the troops, but then why does Hollywood insist on making every American soldier the quintessential dirtbag in their movies? Glenn talks about the latest train wreck on the big screen that chronicles a soldier who, of course, is a psychotic freak, in the latest Beck Talks video blog. WATCH

TV Tonight: What happens when an 8 year old draws Jesus for a 'holiday' assignment? Find out tonight at 5pm only on The Fox News Channel!

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