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Taipan Insider: Have you heard about the "Hungarian Gauntlet"?

Dear Taipan Insider,

Every now and then you come across an incredible story of rags to riches. But what makes those stories even more exciting is when you can actually follow in that person's footsteps. That's what I'm going to share with you today. In the attached report, you'll learn about a little-known moneymaking strategy developed by a Hungarian refugee who amassed a $15 million fortune.

Here's the thing. His technique, called the "Hungarian Gauntlet," was designed to thrive during recovering economies - exactly where the U.S. economy is right now. What's even better about this technique: Anyone can use it. In fact, when Nick invented this strategy, he had ZERO investment knowledge. But he was desperate to make money for his family and tried every formula possible until one succeeded - and it did beyond his wildest expectations.

His story is amazing. I encourage you to read it... and then consider using his technique for yourself.

Anxious to hear your thoughts,
Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group
Sandy Franks
Executive Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group

"Too Profitable!"

Why New York's Attorney
General tried to ban the Hungarian Gauntlet strategy...

And how you could use this
millionaire-making strategy for
yourself - before the government
outlaws it forever.

Dear Reader,

In 1960, New York Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz decided there was no way in the world Nicholas Darvas could become a multi-millionaire in just 18 months.

After all, just a few years earlier, Darvas was a 23-year-old penniless Hungarian carrying a forged visa, hardly able to speak English and without a single second of investment experience to his credit.

And yet here was this humble eastern European immigrant, claiming to have made $2 million (the equivalent of $15 million today) in the stock market in just a year and a half.

All without the help of highly paid advisors, or years of financial training...

How could it be possible?

To Lefkowitz, it was beyond unbelievable -- and therefore HAD to be illegal. This man's story was just TOO profitable to be real.

So he "threw the book" at Darvas and launched a full-scale criminal investigation into how he made his millions.

A year later, Lefkowitz's investigation ended quietly, with no proof that the European had lied about a single thing.

And yet Darvas's "Hungarian Gauntlet" -- the simple, hard-charging, money-making strategy he used to shock the world -- had effectively been buried... a victim of Lefkowitz's very public skepticism.

While the attorney general had failed to indict Darvas in court, he's succeeded in poisoning the investor's good name for millions who followed his crucifixion in the media.

So even though savvy, independent-thinking investors have used the "Hungarian Gauntlet" strategy to make millions over the last 50 years... the majority of the general public has never even heard of it.

With countless so-called experts hawking their "fool-proof" trading strategies at every corner of the market, the "Gauntlet" has been pushed off the radar screen of the Average Joe almost completely.

Until today, that is...

You see, now more than ever, the strategy of this man, who escaped a Nazi invasion and arrived in America with ZERO investment know-how, could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

In fact, the information I'm about to share with you today about his theory could result in a $1 million return for you in just 12 short months.

In just a few minutes, I'll share with you three stocks that are poised to race through the "Hungarian Gauntlet" - each one potentially quadrupling your money without even breaking a sweat.

But if you plan on using Darvas' secret to your massive financial advantage, I suggest you do so immediately.

With the America's financial recovery finally beginning to take hold, market conditions are now PERFECT for the "Hungarian Gauntlet" to provide outsize returns...

That's because the "Gauntlet" was designed to thrive during recovering markets, just like the one Darvas made his $2 million in back in the 1950s as the U.S. healed from the deep scars of the Great Depression and World War II.

During that decade, the average annual market return soared to 19.28%... a number that's never been equaled to this day.

But the fact is, we've just experienced the worst economic crisis since the Depression...

And we very well may be entering a period of recovery and rejuvenation not seen since back in those days.

I'm not saying everything is going to be sunshine and roses. We're still struggling to get back into the black as a nation. A lot still needs to be fixed...

But all signs point to our darkest days finally being over. In fact, as I write this you this letter, the AP has just reported the following:

"The U.S. economy grew at a 3.5 percent pace in the third quarter, the best showing in two years... It's the strongest signal yet that the economy has entered a new... phase of recovery and that the worst recession since the 1930s has ended."

So while we're still in store for some bumps along the road, these rising numbers and positive outlooks mean one thing for sure...

Nicolas Darvas' "Hungarian Gauntlet" is without a doubt more potent than ever.

Just ask "Gauntlet" disciple Glenn Hartline who says:

"The ["Hungarian Gauntlet"] is so sound and so brilliant... it's like being an Inside Trader without an inside trader's information."

Take heed, however: The history lesson I've just laid out for you is crucial to remember...

Because once the "Hungarian Gauntlet" begins to take hold in the investment world again -- just as it's done in almost EVERY bull market since the 1950s -- we very well may see a new Louis Lefkowitz try to dispute its legality once again...

And this time, they may succeed.

That's because overly-ambitious politicians make their names on busting up what they claim are "crooked" investment schemes.

Remember when TIME Magazine called Elliot Spitzer "Wall Street's Top Cop" a few years back?

Do you think he would have ever been elected governor of New York if he hadn't made headlines telling his top aides to "get them all" -- and completely reshaping America's financial markets with his investigations?

He went in, guns blazing and wrestled a $1.4 billion in fines from almost every major brokerage in America, including Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan for what he said was their "biased investment advice".

Guys like Spitzer know that going after Wall Street bigwigs and ultra-successful investors is a sure-fire ticket to the top.

In fact, they don't even care if the people they target are crooked or not. When the government sees its citizens making just a little TOO much money... they start chomping at the bit to take them down.

That's what happened to Nicholas Darvas.

Two million dollars in profits over 18 months ($15 million in today's market) was too much money for a bureaucrat like Louis Lefkowitz to ignore...

So he launched his ruthless smear campaign against Darvas that attempted to prove him a liar and a criminal.

Luckily for you, Lefkowitz failed.

But even though the "Hungarian Gauntlet" has never been proven to be anything less than 100% legal and completely legitimate...

That doesn't mean that once it creates a new class of millionaires, the government suits won't try to outlaw it once again.

It's been that way from the days of Lefkowitz all the way to Spitzer. And it won't stop any time soon.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, let me show you...

  • How this Eastern European immigrant went from losing money in the market at every turn to becoming one of the most successful investors of all time

  • How his genius creation shocked Wall Street, the government and the rest of the world with its unstoppable money-making power

  • And how you could use the three "Gauntlet Plays" I'm about to show you to bump yourself up to millionaire status in just 12 months' time

From the Ballroom to the Courtroom...
The Creation of the "Hungarian Gauntlet"

At the age of 23, Nicolas Darvas decided he wasn't going to wait for the Nazis to invade his homeland of Hungary. He was destined for bigger and better things than living in a poverty stricken war zone.

So with a forged visa and 50 pounds sterling to his name, he escaped to Turkey.

Fighting off starvation and joblessness, he met up with his sister Julia in Istanbul. From there, they embarked on one of the most fascinating entertainment careers of the era...

Nicolas and Julie performed as a world-class ballroom dancing team that eventually gained worldwide recognition throughout Europe and America.

By 1953, they had appeared with Bob Hope and Judy Garland. And by 1956, they were touring the world...

It was during those years performing with Julia that Darvas became fascinated with the stock market.

It all started one night in Toronto when a club owner, short on cash, offered to pay Darvas in shares of a Canadian mining company called Brilund.

Darvas reluctantly accepted.

But just a couple of months later, his shares of Brilund -- worth 50 cents when he's gotten them -- shot up to $1.90 apiece.

He quickly sold, and pocketed a profit of almost $8,000.

Darvas was hooked. A stock market junkie for life.

But it would be almost seven years until he would experience success like this again.

You see, Darvas would throw himself obsessively into figuring out how to conquer Wall Street.

He asked everyone he met for stock tips, played most of them and lost thousands.

He hired a broker, hoping that professional advice would make the difference. Again... it did not.

He subscribed to several expensive investment advisories, only to see their prices unjustified for what he saw in return.

Finally Darvas - on the verge of giving up completely, decided if he was ever to become rich buying and selling stocks, it was going to be on his own. Through his own smart judgement and keen instinct.

Wall Street didn't care if he got rich. Neither did any of the analysts, brokers or "insiders" whose advice he had so intently listened to.

If he was going to find another Brilund, he would have to create a way to make it happen.

Thus the "Hungarian Gauntlet" was born...

Along with your opportunity to become a millionaire just 12 months from now.

Just Five Stocks is All it Took
"The Gauntlet" to Produce $2 Million

As much adversity as Nicolas Darvas had faced in his life, from fleeing the Nazis, nearly dying penniless on the streets of Istanbul, and now facing constant failure in the stock market...

He always knew how to persevere and find a way to triumph. He hadn't become the highest paid ballroom dancer in the world by accepting failure.

So that's why -- when everything he'd tried to produce a winning portfolio blew up in his face -- Darvas created the "Hungarian Gauntlet" strategy.

And what's even more amazing, that $2 million he made using the "Gauntlet" was made off only five stocks!

So how did he do it? What's the power of the "Hungarian Gauntlet" in recovering markets?

It's a simple premise. really. One that only a novice investor like Darvas could have come up with...

With a market in recovery-mode, you're naturally going to find a large number of stocks hitting their 52-week highs.

Darvas would simply search for these types of stocks. Stocks with positive momentum that were charging upward. Makes sense, right?

As Darvas himself once said:

"The only sound reason for my buying a stock is that it is rising in price. If that is happening, no other reason is necessary. If that is not happening, no other reason is worth considering."

But once he pinpointed one of these stocks, he had to put it to the test.

Darvas had to be sure that the price rise he initially saw wasn't a fluke. That this stock's momentum was the real deal... a sustained climb that was going to make him big gains.

So if a stock was going to keep its place in his portfolio, it would have to run through the "Hungarian Gauntlet".

The "Gauntlet" consists of a series of boxes, each more valuable than the last. Take a look and see for yourself below...

The Gauntlet

A stock starts in the lowest box. In order for Darvas to keep it, it needed to maintain it's upward trajectory and break through into the next box.

Each box represents a $5 price window. As long as a stock did not drop down into a lower box, Darvas would hold it and continue to make money.

Each section of the "Gauntlet" that the stock managed to get through made Darvas more and more money. But as soon as the stock showed him that it couldn't continue any further on the "Gauntlet", Darvas would sell and take his profits.

That's exactly what he did with the five stocks that made him $2 million in 18 months.

Those five stocks, Universal Products, Thiokol Chemical, Texas Instruments, Zenith Radio and Fairchild Camera each ran the "Gauntlet" far enough to add up to $2.45 million in profits for Darvas.

Here's the "Gauntlet" that Universal Products ran that ended up netting Darvas a profit of $409,000.

Universal Products

You can see that when Darvas initially purchased Universal, its price was right around $35... a new 52-week high for the company.

Universal continued to power its way through the "Hungarian Gauntlet" over the course of the next eight months, going as high as $102 a share.

Darvas ended up selling Universal after it faltered at its highest point and dropped down to around $89... which even a little off its high was still good enough to hand him over $400k.

See how it works? You find a company that's quickly gaining a head of steam and then you ride that freight train as far as it'll go before it runs out of fuel.

Along the way you crash through each and every barrier in your way, getting stronger and stronger as you go. The "Gauntlet" is the ultimate test of the will and power of a stock.

And with each passing grade it receives, you make more and more money!

It's so simple it's no wonder the ultra-skeptical government stiffs were ready to outlaw the strategy.

"Hungarian Gauntlet" user Peter Alford sums it up best when he notes:

"With more and more powerful computers available to traders, it seems that most try to use more and more complex systems with many, often conflicting and confusing indicators. They are in effect searching for the holy grail of trading that does not exist. What [the Hungarian Gauntlet] shows is that to be successful all you need is a system, simple enough to you that you can easily implement and stick to it."

Just take a look at what Darvas did with another of his five "two million dollar" stocks - Thiokol Chemical.

Check out its "Hungarian Gauntlet" path...

Thiokal Chemical

While he was traveling in Tokyo in 1958, Darvas noticed that Thiokol was experiencing some heavy trading and had jumped to $45 a share.

He bought in at around $47 and a few weeks later the stock was pushing up towards $50, ready to break through the "Gauntlet".

Three months later, he had made $250,000 and Darvas was heavily tempted to take the money and run. But as he would later say: "You have no reason to sell a rising stock."

The Thiokol stock ended up doing a 3-1 split after that and Darvas would watch as his 18,000 split shares ran the "Gauntlet" all the way up to $72.

When it hit the wall he then sold all his shares for an average price of $68... good for an incredible return of $862,000!

Using the "Hungarian Gauntlet" strategy, Darvas had made over $1.2 million off of just two stocks alone.

And he'd ride just three more through the "Gauntlet" to push his total 18-month return to over $2 million.

All of a sudden - Nicolas Darvas was a millionaire and an investment legend.

The Man Who Made Too Much...
And Told Everyone How He Did It

Darvas was rich. He was famous, both in the entertainment and financial worlds.

But one thing he wasn't was selfish.

Even though it had taken him years and countless losses to develop the "Hungarian Gauntlet" and experience the success it had brought him, he had no problem at all sharing his secrets with the world.

So he sat down and wrote a book entitled How I Made $2 Million In The Stock Market.

Pretty straightforward title no? How could you NOT want to read that?

In the book, Darvas detailed every step he took in developing the "Gauntlet".

He outlined his failures and his successes. His reasoning behind buying the stocks he did, and how he finally figured out his method for success.

The book sold nearly 200,000 copies in its first eight weeks. 10 times that number are probably in print today.

TIME Magazine did a full story on Darvas and his investing success. He was the toast of the town and the party guest everybody wanted to talk to.

And that's when Louis Lefkowitz said: "Enough."

Darvas's fame and fortune seemed too good to be true. From penniless Hungarian immigrant to stock market millionaire in just 18 months?

Not to mention, the "Hungarian Gauntlet" strategy just seemed way too easy to be true. Just follow a stock's rising price until it drops - then sell?!?

No wonder Lefkowitz believed Darvas was lying about his results. If it wasn't fabricated, then it had to be a fluke.

And yet, Lefkowitz was never able to prove that Darvas did anything but make the money he said he did. His investigation was shut down a year later... completely unsuccessful.

But that doesn't mean there isn't still danger that the "Gauntlet" could once again come under fire... especially during the prime market conditions we're about to enter into.

That's why I urge you to adopt this strategy NOW. Before it's targeted again.

I'd hate to see good honest Americans lose out on the chance to retire early thanks to Darvas's simple yet powerful method.

People like "Hungarian Gauntlet" user Mark Crisp, who tells us:

"The amazing thing is his method still works today. I have personally traded it and made over 400%..."

Or Steve Burns who reports:

"I've made thousands when I have traded like Darvas."

The only difference between what they've done and what you can do today using the "Hungarian Gauntlet" is that unlike Steve, I wholeheartedly believe that you could use it to make not just "thousands" but potentially $1 million in the next 12 months.

Why am I so confident? Well you see, you need more than just the "Gauntlet" strategy to follow in Darvas's footsteps to wealth.

Just like he realized when he bought Universal Products and Thiokol Chemical, it takes a special kind of stock to withstand the "Gauntlet".

And I'm here to tell you exactly which ones can do it.

How to Know Which "Horse" to Back

So if Nicolas Darvas wrote a best-selling book on his "Hungarian Gauntlet" theory that explains exactly how it works down to the finest details...

Why am I bothering to write you this letter?

What could you possibly need me for?

Well picture this. You start hearing some stories of people you know who've made a killing at the racetrack lately.

Naturally you want to hit the jackpot too, so you head over to the track and ask how to place a bet.

Once you figure out the betting system, you take your racing form, walk up to the window and get ready to place the wager that's going to make you rich.

Then the clerk asks you "Which horse do you want?"

And that's when you realize just how lost you really are.

You see, it's easy to learn the rules of betting. It's whole other thing to learn what makes a horse a winner. The breeding, the training, the jockey, the conditions of the track and how each horse reacts to them...

You might as well play Russian roulette with your life savings if you're thinking of wagering it without knowing a thing about the horses running the race.

And guess what? The stock market is just like a big old horse race. And it's up to you to decide which "horse" to back.

It's not so hard to figure out the logistics of a successful investment strategy - to understand the reasoning and fundamentals behind it.

What's not so easy to figure out which stocks to apply that strategy to.

A market strategy is only as strong as the stocks it's powering.

It took Darvas years to devise the "Hungarian Gauntlet." But it took him just as long to learn how to identify the stocks with the best chance to run the "Gauntlet" and make him his millions.

Well, I'm almost positive you don't have years to do the same. And you shouldn't have to wait that long to build (or rebuild) your wealth anyway.

That's why -- now that you understand the bare essentials of the "Hungarian Gauntlet" I'm going to tell you the identities of not one, but THREE of the best stocks in the world today to use it on.

Unless you'd rather scour the internet, financial pages and talk shows looking for these stocks yourself... then you can put this letter aside, and I wish you all the luck in the world.

But I'm supremely confident that almost all of those resources are going to point you right back towards the one specific market segment I'm writing you with today.

And that segment is agriculture.

A "Terrifying" Crisis Breeds
Unimaginable Opportunity

It's probably not something you think about as you head to the grocery store to do your weekly shopping... but the world is running out of food.

According to a recent Stanford University student project -- "As the world population increases exponentially and the economy fluctuates wildly, the global food shortage is fast becoming one of the most terrifying and seemingly insurmountable crises that humanity has ever faced."

It's true, and as tragic and alarming as it is - there's a small circle of companies getting filthy rich off of this looming disaster.

Not because they're trying to exploit the situation... not on purpose, at least. But simply because they play a vital role in producing the food that so many people are literally dying for around the world.

Agriculture companies are set to become THE prime investment sector of 2010... and using the "Hungarian Gauntlet" strategy, you could ride a select group of those companies to a million dollar return in just 12 months.

The global food shortage is a result of several combining factors and some very bad timing.

Rising oil prices... which have led to a corresponding rise in bio-fuels - meaning less crops are available for food.

Inflation has meant that it costs more for farmers to produce food and more for consumers to purchase it. Therefore less is produced and less people have the chance to buy it.

Droughts around the world have left farmlands literally high and dry, forcing starving people to riot in order to get even the most basic food staples they need to live.

The world's grain stocks have only enough supply to cover us for 2.6 months, down from a recent average of four months. Asian rice inventories are near danger level.

And all the while, the world's population keeps growing, meaning there are more and more mouths to feed. In fact, with the amount of people being added, it's the equivalent of tacking on another Great Britain to the world each year.

It's actually predicted that by 2054, the world could have a staggering 9 billion people living on it.

And those people ALL have to eat...

Just look at the chart below. Even with the world population currently increasing only around 25%, check out the impact that makes on demand for many of the world's most common food sources.

Food Demand Far Outpaces Population Growth

"If things don't change, we're heading toward some very dire situations," says a food expert at the University of California, Berkley.

And so with demand outracing supply by a country mile, it's only natural that the agriculture sector is quickly becoming a hotbed of big gainers. But don't take my word for it. See for yourself...

Over the past year agriculture stocks have seen the following:

  • Archer Daniels Midland: 57% gains...
  • Corn Products International: 80% gains...
  • Bunge Limited: 121% gains...
  • Agrium Incorporated: 146% gains...
  • The Mosaic Company: 155% gains...
  • Smithfield Foods: 162% gains...

Not bad for 12 months' time right? Well you ain't seen nothing yet!

Because imagine if you'd been holding AgFeed Industries for the past 12 months...

You'd have racked up an unbelievable 720%!

Or even better, what if you'd had MGP Ingredients in your portfolio?

You'd be sitting on an absolutely astounding 787% return!

Gains like these are exactly why I'm confident beyond a shadow of a doubt that agriculture is the best possible corner of the market to apply the "Hungarian Gauntlet" to right now.

And here are the THREE best opportunities for you to make it happen.

These Three Stocks Are Ready to Run the
"Gauntlet" and Start You on Your First Million

I can't reveal too much about these three "Gauntlet Plays" to you here in this letter... the hours of research I've conducted on them has produced enough information to fill up an entire letter on it's own, and I don't want to bog you down.

But rest assured, all the information you need is within reach of your fingertips.

To be more specific, it's all contained inside a special research report that I've just completed -- that'll I'll gladly send to you FREE OF CHARGE.

Inside you'll learn about the three agriculture stocks I've pinpointed as your best opportunity to make as much as $1 million over the next 12 months.

I've just shown you how high these kinds of stocks can fly in that time period, and with the markets heating right back up again, I don't see a single reason why these companies couldn't take a rocket-fueled ride right through the "Hungarian Gauntlet" as well.

Here's just a sneak preview of what you'll find in your FREE report...

Gauntlet Play # 1:

This European chemical company pulls of the critical work (and rather neat trick) of converting energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the very air we breath into products essential to the farm industry.

In fact, they're the world's largest supplier of mineral fertilizers. And with farmers working overtime to try to keep up with demand for their crops, you can expect this industry leader to be filling some huge orders.

With the market edging into recovery mode, that means big things could be in store for this vital partner in food production... which could start you off with a big leap on your path to your first million dollar payday.

Gauntlet Goal: 304% over the next 12 months.

Gauntlet Play # 2:

Based in South America, this firm seeks out and acquires prime agricultural properties throughout the continent.

But one they've discovered them, they're not finished. This company uses top technology to optimize the production of grain crops, beef cattle and milk on their farmlands.

Right now they own 19 farms throughout South America. With populations of these nations growing as fast as any in the world, this company stands to reap the benefits as they continue to snatch up undeveloped farm land and pump meat and crops out at the fastest pace possible.

You can do the math... big demand = big production = big gains.

And another huge step towards your first potential million.

Gauntlet Goal: 339% over the next 12 months...

Gauntlet Play # 3:

Grain inventories in China just dropped to a 30-year low.

Couple that with the fact that China's population is expected to be 1.465 billion people by 2030 and I'm sure you see the need for a reliable food producer inside the world's biggest country.

This Chinese agriculture company works in two segments. One develops, produces and distributes much needed fertilizer for farmlands producing grain and other crops that are at such critical levels right now.

The other segment grows the fruits and vegetables themselves and distributes them directly to the people through 530 regional outposts.

China is without a doubt one of the biggest factors in the world's food shortage... this company is right inside the belly of the beast and with over a billion customers right at its doorstep make it perhaps the biggest no-brainer play in this entire scenario.

Gauntlet Goal: 376% over the next 12 months...

Add it all up and that's not one but THREE chances to potentially quadruple your money applying Darvas's proven "Hungarian Gauntlet" to three stocks residing in the hottest investment sector on the planet today.

And depending on how much of an investment you're comfortable making, those combined potential gains of 1019% could help you bank as much as $1 million in the next 12 months.

Of course even if you don't have that much capital to start off with, imagine what 1,019% in total gains could end up netting you...

$5,000 could become $56,000
$10,000 could become $112,000
$25,000 could become $280,000
$50,000 could become $560,000
$75,000 could become $840,000

I'm fairly certain you'd take returns like that in a hot second right?

And remember even though Darvas made his wealth on just five plays, doesn't mean you'll necessarily have the same luck... that's why I've got a vast array of ways to use the "Gauntlet" and other strategies like it to help you reach for that $1 million mark safely and swiftly.

How to Use the "Hungarian Gauntlet"
to Become a Macro Millionaire

My name is Justice Litle, and I've been a disciple of "The Hungarian Gauntlet" for years now.

I'm a market junkie, believe me. I follow them all obsessively.

It's not just a job for me, it's a passion. And if something isn't working, I'm sure as heck not going to stick with it. That's a one-way ticket to a portfolio full of big losses.

But Nicolas Darvas's "Gauntlet" strategy has never let me down.

I've always believed that keeping your eye on the big picture is the only way to get rich.

Big picture = Big profits.

And that's just the attitude that made Darvas $2.45 million richer ($18 million in today's dollars) in 18 months.

Darvas never gave up. Despite numerous setbacks and failures, he always kept his eye on the prize. And then came the day when he developed the "Hungarian Gauntlet".

That's when he finally achieved his dream of stock market wealth.

And he did with just five simple trades.

Macro Trades you might call them...

And I don't mean to brag, but I've made a career out of using strategies like "The Hungarian Gauntlet" to lead people to those very types of trades, producing sterling gains startlingly fast...

I've done it both as editor of the Macro Trader investment research advisory and editorial director of the Taipan Publishing Group.

And during my time with Taipan, I've played a part in leading everyday wealth seekers just like you to chances at over 125 double- or triple-digit winners in the last year alone -- including gainers like:

  • 440% in 77 days
  • 470% in 52 days
  • 329% in 61 days
  • 125% in 18 days
  • 114% in 4 days
  • 155% in 11 days
  • 189% in 3 days
  • 423% in 74 days
  • 255% in 61 days
  • 403% in 77 days
  • 242% in 50 days
  • 340% in 77 days
  • 524% in 23 days
  • 235% in 9 days

... Even an incredible 6,900% in just 71 days

My point in showing you this is not to boast or sound arrogant, but to highlight one important fact:

Justice Litle,
The Maestro of Macro

Justice hates bragging about himself. But as his publisher, I know all he's doing to help our Taipan readers become rich. So I'll do the bragging...

In just 10 years since pursuing a Ph.D. at Oxford University, Justice has:

  1. Worked as an institutional commodities broker executing complex trading strategies for international clients...

  2. Written for Futures magazine, provided market commentary for Reuters and Dow Jones, been quoted by The Wall Street Journal, and contributed to the book Trend Following...

  3. Stood at the helm of Outstanding Investments, an acclaimed natural resource newsletter rated #1 by Hulbert's Financial Digest.

  4. Read over 300 books on money, markets, investing and global macro theory -- and reviewed numerous others...

With these qualifications, we're thrilled to have this world-renowned trading expert running our marquee investment research service, Macro Trader.

And right now, Justice is using Nicolas Darvas's "Hungarian Gauntlet" to provide readers with three of his most potentially profitable picks he's ever recommended. In fact, thanks to this strategy, not to mention the perfect storm brewing the agriculture sector, you could make as much as $1 million on these stocks alone. Keep reading...

Sandy Franks,
Executive Publisher,
Taipan Publishing Group

No matter what kind of market, what financial climate or what pervading world-view we're living in - there's always a way to get rich in the stock market.

And that's the exact same philosophy that kept Nicolas Darvas plugging away, even when it seemed nothing would work for him.

And it can work for you too. Just ask some of the Taipan Publishing Group's readers, who've had the opportunity to make up to 69 times their money over this last year.

These are the kinds of gains that turned even small amounts of coin into major steps toward their lifelong billions...

And in my work as editor of Macro Trader, that's what we're looking for.

Because I operate with one mission statement in mind:

It doesn't take hundreds upon hundreds of little gains to get rich... it takes just a handful of HUGE ones.

Just like the five trades Darvas used to make over $2 million in 1959.

Or billionaire Bruce Kovner, who took a $3,000 cash advance against his credit card to make his first trade -- and made nearly eight times his money?

Or Michael Marcus, whose $80,000,000 fortune began with a $700 play on plywood futures that multiplied his life savings more than 17 times over?

These huge, life-changing scores came from superior information, knowledge, and perspective, not endless jumping in and out of trades or big cash outlays.

Micro-trading leads to micro profits...

And the opportunity I'm offering you today is textbook MACRO trading. We're looking for that small circle of investments that fill a portfolio with rocket fuel and send it hurtling into the profits stratosphere.

All you need to do it is superior knowledge -- the kind of I make it my job to provide you each and every week with Macro Trader.

Oh and with Macro Trader you don't need to risk a fortune to make one either...

George Soros', one of the most famous Macro Traders in history, made $1 billion off his "Black Wednesday" position against the pound sterling... but that position was actually $10 billion.

That means he ended up banking roughly 10% gains on his money risked.

Unless you're Soros, that's no way to get rich.

The key to global macro investing the way I practice it is leveraging knowledge and information while others leverage huge amounts of cash.

And with the three "Gauntlet Plays" I've just shown you, you could end up collecting as much as $1 million dollars without risking everything you're worth to do it.

That's because using Darvas's "Hungarian Gauntlet" approach, these three red-hot agriculture stocks could each end up quadrupling your money in just one year's time.

I'll provide you with complete details of each pick, including ticker symbols, so that you can add these three stocks to an investing portfolio as early as tomorrow morning.

It's all contained in a special report that I've just put the finishing touches on, entitled "The Hungarian Gauntlet: Ride These Three Stocks to $1 Million"

This report is yours FREE. I'll show you how to get it below -- right after I show you how I use global macro theory to put my Macro Trader subscribers into potentially million-dollar (or billion-dollar) positions...

Just two words for Macro Trader: HUGE HIT

"As a new Macro Trader subscriber, I just wanted to give you some feedback on your new trading service thus far, I have just two words: Huge Hit!!!! Each week, I look forward to your analysis of the most recent market mayhem and the latest twists and turns of current events. I think the incorporation of an audio presentation on the website and in the e-mails is nothing short of cutting edge genius!"
-- Jeff C., New Oxford, PA

The Power of Macro Proven Beyond
Any Possible Doubt

Wikipedia defines "global macro" as being an investment strategy based on:

"... forecasts and analysis about interest rates trends, movements in the general flow of funds... government policies, inter-governmental relations, and other broad systemic factors."

And of course, global macro investing theory means all this
stuff -- but it encompasses so much more.

It's applying the analysis of momentum trading and behavioral finance...

It's the testing of new "quantitative finance" mathematical models of analysis...

It's seeing money and opportunity through the master lens of macroeconomics...

Whoa whoa whoa... that sounds pretty darn complicated right?

Don't worry. You won't need to know ANY of it to potentially bank as much as $1 million from the three "Gauntlet Trades" I'm ready to send you.

All you really need to know is that global macro is my life.

It's how I base every investment recommendation I make in my Macro Trader investment research advisory...

And I don't call the power of global macro investing the "billionaire's blueprint" for nothing.

Virtually all of the very best-performing hedge funds active today employ variations on the global macro theme...

  • The Quantum Fund
  • Balestra Capital
  • FX Concepts, Inc.
  • Bridgewater Associates
  • Centaurus Capital
  • Caxton Associates
  • D.E. Shaw & Co.
  • Brevan Howard Asset Mgmt.

These are perennial household names in the annual "best hedge funds" rankings. Look them up if you care to...

Also, take a look at this chart of cumulative returns from funds that use a global macro approach vs. other investing principles:

Cumulative Returns From Funds

See how the global macro outlook blows away every other approach?

Whether you're using the "Hungarian Gauntlet" or any other of a number of macro strategies... the end result very often consists of just one thing:

Huge, life changing, gains.

Macro Trader ropes
a tidy 80% gain

"In at 5.45; out at 9.83..."

-- Jim M., Sydney, NE

Just ask some of these men who've made their fortunes thanks to the power of global macro:

John Taylor studied romance languages before catching the global macro bug by forecasting currency fluctuations. Today, without benefit of a degree in business or economics, Taylor manages a portfolio worth $14.6 billion...

John Paulson was born to humble beginnings in Queens, New York. He got his BS in finance from NYU. He doesn't put in 15-hour days and he tries to make it home to his townhouse for dinner every night. But he's become a global macro titan nonetheless, now sitting at #79 on the Forbes 400 list, with a personal fortune of around $6 billion...

Jim Melcher competed on the U.S. fencing team at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. He had "lousy high school grades" and considered himself lucky to have been accepted at Columbia. Nevertheless, global macro savant Melcher is today reaping the spoils of a compound portfolio growth rate of 33% annually since 1999 -- beating the market over that same period by more than 23 times over...

Raymond Dalio was the son of a jazz musician who caught the global macro bug early. He executed his first trade at age 12, long before studying finance at Long Island University. Today, the self-made man manages an über-successful hedge fund, and sits atop a personal fortune of some $4 billion...

76% Macro Trader
gain sits "well"

"... In at $5.20, out at $9.20... Hope the rest come in this well."

-- Ray M., Winnipeg, Manitoba

John Henry was a farmer's son, who grew up in rural Illinois and Arkansas. After developing asthma as a teenager, he studied philosophy at the University of California -- but quit to play rock and roll. Yet the lack of a college degree didn't stop him from developing a global macro method of trend-following, amassing a personal fortune of around $860 million. Nor did it hinder his ownership in three major league baseball teams, an NHL hockey team, and a prominent NASCAR team...

David Shaw is a world-renowned scientist, and was probably called a "computer geek" all through college -- but Fortune magazine has called the Stanford Ph.D. "the most mysterious and intriguing force on Wall Street." His pioneering methods of quantitative trading are a global macro trader's fantasy. Today, his hedge fund employs over 1,500 people and manages around $29 billion...

James Simons, like a lot of global macro greats, got started as a mathematician. An MIT-educated and award-winning academic, Simons left the teaching world to apply his own methods of mathematical analysis to money and markets. The results speak for themselves -- Simons is now ranked by Forbes as the 55th richest person in America, with a personal net worth of $5.5 billion...

And of course, I've already told you all about how Nicolas Darvas used the power of global macro to develop the "Hungarian Gauntlet" and make over $2 million in just 18 months.

Really I could go on and on, name after name. Story after billion-dollar story.

But I've already proven beyond any possible doubt that the global macro approach is the one to embrace if you're interested in getting rich.

Now it's time to help you get started toward your first potential millions.

Why I'm Not Satisfied With Wins of 93% in a Week,
92% in 8 Days, and 82% in 48 Hours

Again, I'm not much for bragging -- but just in the six short months since I launched Macro Trader earlier this year, I've led my subscribers to gains like:

  • 93.3% in 7 days
  • 54.1% in 22 days
  • 17.6% in 5 days
  • 31.4% in 20 days
  • 7% in 23 days
  • 50% in 22 days
  • 41.8% in 19 days
  • 7.7% in 13 days
  • 44.4% in 20 days
  • 82.3% in just 2 days
  • 15.8% in 22 days
  • 92.8% in 8 days

As you can see, these winners yielded an average gain of 45%..

With an average hold time of less than 16 days.

Now obviously, most people would be THRILLED to bank this kind of coin over the last six months -- especially in and up and down year like 2009.

Wouldn't you invest EVERY TIME in something you knew would pay you 45% on your money in 16 days?

But not me. These gains are nice appetizers... but I'm ready to get to the main course.

The three "Gauntlet Plays" in front of you today aren't aimed at a quick 54%, 82%, 93% in a week or two.

Thanks to the ongoing global food crisis, not to mention the declining value of the dollar, these three international agriculture companies are in the perfect position to each QUADRUPLE in value over the next 12 months.

"Not bad" gains of 84% in 1.5 weeks

"It's nice to take some profits. I'm a relatively small trader but I bought [your Macro Trader pick] at $5.50 on 2/11 and sold today (2/23) at $10.30. Profit after commission of $937 (84%). Not bad for a week and a half -- thanks!"

-- Albert H., Nine Mile Falls, WA

That means depending on the amount of capital you're willing to put forth, those three trades alone could make you a certified millionaire in just one year!

That would mean you'd be besting the famous Nicolas Darvas by a full 6 months, using his very own strategy.

And as we watch each of these stocks break through the "Gauntlet" and charge into the next box, increasing in value each and every time, you can be content in the knowledge that this is exactly how an incredible amount of the worlds most famous and successful investors made their millions too.

When you hook your fortunes up to the power of global macro, you're in great company...

Not just names like Soros, Paulson or Darvas either. I'm talking about the normal, everyday folks just like you, who have become Macro Trader subscribers over the last year.

And if you decide to join them, let me tell you everything you're going to get...

I'll Give You Four Profit Tools Worth $3,798... FREE

Here's what will happen when you click the "Order Now" button below and sign up for my 30-day money-back-guaranteed Macro Trader investment research advisory...

  • I'm going to give you all the information you need to potentially rake in $1 million or more thanks to the three macro agriculture stocks I'm calling your "Gauntlet Plays".

  • I'll also give you everything you need to understand and use global macro investment theory to put yourself on the trail to lifelong wealth.

  • That starts with this comprehensive bundle of global macro investment support materials...

SPECIAL REPORT #1: "The Hungarian Gauntlet: Ride These Three Stocks to $1 Million"

Here's where you learn all the details on the three "Gauntlet Plays" that I've just laid out for you above. With the world's food shortage reaching red alert, these three international agriculture companies are playing a key role on pulling us back from the brink of disaster.

That not only makes them valuable to the world, but also to any smart investor's portfolio. And when you apply the "Hungarian Gauntlet" strategy to them you can instantly maximize their already massive profit potential.

Each of these three plays could quadruple your money... handing you the VERY REAL chance at as much as $1 million by the end of 12 months.


SPECIAL REPORT #2: "The Macro Trader Field Guide: Your Path to Trading Wealth"

In this report, I'll reveal all I know about the power of global macro. I've spent the last decade and a half discovering and studying macro trading, including:

  • My precise and comprehensive definition of global macro, as it applies to my Macro Trader investment research advisory...

  • My three keys to making you bigger and more consistent gains, a better trader, and a more effective overall investor...

  • The delicate yin and yang of both fundamental and technical analysis in world-class global macro investing...

  • The mystery of "Triple V" analysis revealed, why investing with two-stage exits is often advantageous, how to train yourself to recognize inflection points, market psychology, and much more...


THE TRADER'S CHRONICLES -- An Audio/Visual Guide to Macro Trader and Global Macro Investing

In this ongoing series, I summarize -- in fast-paced, yet clear and easy-to-understand illustrated online audio recordings -- everything I've learned in more than a decade's worth of total global macro immersion...

I'll also tutor you in things like:

  • Spotting investable global macro trends early -- and dodging the common missteps that can wipe you out fast...

  • The 400-year-old "Trader's Key" that one global macro guru used to turn a few grand into $200 million in a decade...

  • How NOT to be a slave to trading -- but make yourself rich in just to 15 minutes of "screen time" per day...

  • How to control losses, keep them small, and actually transform them into solid (or even HUGE) wins...

  • How to play any market -- up or down -- for a six-figure yearly income, and why down-markets aren't lemons; they're lemonade to traders...

  • How to take the guesswork out of trading, get the best entry and exit points for trades, manage a trading account like a professional, and so much more...

VALUE: $1,000 YOUR COST: $0


Held several times yearly and open only to Macro Trader members, these private events are held in Lake Tahoe, Nev., the home of many elite American traders (including commodities trading legend Ed Seykota) -- and where I hang my hat as well...

I model these pow-wows after the secretive Bilderburg meetings, where around 130 of the world's wealthiest businessmen, most powerful politicians, and other influential leaders have gathered in the most luxurious hotels around the world to share secrets since 1959.

One of the main focuses of the Bilderburg meetings -- from what little I can gather -- is the trading of wealth-building strategies...

That's the spirit of my periodic Macro Trader conferences, as well. Held at the famous Lone Eagle Grill (a favorite haunt of Tahoe's millionaire traders), you'll enjoy drinks, dinner, and festivities as you hobnob and network with some of your fellow macro traders at these confidential gatherings...

Lone Eagle Grill

You'll also hear tips, stories, and ideas about global macro that only passionate, seasoned, and successful millionaire traders can give. Come sit by the fire with your drink of choice -- and maybe even toast your own successes over a cigar with your new Macro Trader comrades...

VALUE: $2,500 YOUR COST: $0

This all adds up to $3,798...

And here's the best part: it's 100% money-back guaranteed for 30 days, so there's absolutely NO risk to you.

But it's hard to put a real-world value on the things I'm giving away with your subscription -- especially the opportunity to discover firsthand the trading secrets of global macro millionaires.

VIP names multimedia Macro Trader "best service"

"... As a VIP member of Taipan, I must say this looks like the best service I've seen in a very long time... I like very much your new audio/video approach. This makes it so much easier to consume your information than just reading."

-- Mike C., Seattle, WA

Personally, I believe that considering that the three "Gauntlet Plays" I'm including in this package could be worth as much as $1 million a year from now, this package of these supporting material is worth far more than this.

And heck, with all the teaching tools contained in the Macro Trader field guide and the The Traders Chronicles, I think these materials are worth MORE than a typical four-year college degree in finance or business.

I'm not kidding.

The entire Macro Trader experience, really, is a chance to submerge yourself into the lives, minds, and investment tactics of some of the richest and most successful traders on Earth...

You can't really put a price on that.

But I CAN put a price on my Macro Trader advisory service. And it's a fraction of what you're imagining, I guarantee it...

Why $200 Will Get You $5,000 Worth of
Macro Trader
Research and Analysis Today

That's right, my Macro Trader global macro investment research advisory is valued at $5,000 annually by the Taipan Publishing Group...

But right now, I'm offering you a chance to try it out for yourself for only $200.

Under our no-hassle auto-renew plan, that's how much (or rather, how little) you'll pay for every 90 days' worth of Macro Trader.

And since the first 30 days of your subscription is covered by our unconditional money-back guarantee, you can subscribe now and begin building your path to millionaire's status with your three "Gauntlet Plays" right away...

THEN decide if my advisory service is right for you.

Go ahead, sign up now and:

  • Immediately receive and act on your Special Reports -- Quickly invest whatever you're comfortable with in your three "Hungarian Gauntlet" picks, if you choose. Also learn the basics of global macro theory in as I know and practice it, so you can begin to spot your own "macro trades."

  • Start reading your Macro Trader Weekly Briefings -- my once-a-week forum for portfolio updates, charts, market updates, important fundamental and technical developments, scenarios for future recommendations, and commentary on relevant themes of the day.

  • Begin trading with Macro Trader's Trigger Alerts -- These are just what they sound like: specific trading recommendations sent out in real time via e-mail. Rarely more than a paragraph or two, they tell you only what you need to know if you want to get into action fast on every play I recommend.

  • Read, print or download from the Macro Trader Web site -- Get instant access to all past and current Trigger Alerts, Weekly Briefings, Special Reports, Trader's Chronicle media presentations, plus all past and current portfolio picks. Choose your plays, or put money into them all.

  • FREE subscription to Taipan Daily -- Your inbox becomes a virtual ATM with all the FREE financial news you can use to build wealth. These alerts -- written by myself and Adam Lass -- provide expert analysis of global trends, giving you useful information to help you profit on commodities, foreign stock markets, and hard-to-find opportunities that slip past your broker.

  • FREE privately circulated Taipan Insider E-Letter -- You will see firsthand how our publishing group uncovers the many ideas we pass your way, and you'll also learn what our editors think are the most important and pressing economic issues that could impact your wealth.

As you can see, this is a lot to offer -- even for $5,000.

There are small funds and exclusive advisories that charge more than this in yearly fees for nowhere near as much in value...

And, I'll wager, nowhere near the track record that the power of global macro has racked up over the decades.

But all this is an exceptional value when you factor in your four FREE profit tools worth $3,798...

However, it becomes an absolutely stupefying value when you can get ALL OF IT for just $200 every 90 days...

Or for NOTHING, if you cancel within the first month.

That's not just an exceptional value, that's almost highway robbery. But it's okay, I urge you to do it anyway...

Go ahead, I won't be offended:

Sign up, learn all you can from me - make your $200 subscription fee back almost instantaneously and become a global macro player yourself...

I promise, there's no risk in signing up for Macro Trader right now. You've got a full 30-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee.

Darvas Would Be Proud...

If Nicolas Darvas were alive today, I'm utterly convinced that he would still be a model for what we're doing here at Macro Trader.

And I'm confident that he would have his sights set squarely on the agriculture sector, just like I do with your three "Gauntlet Plays" I'm prepared to send to you FREE.

But he would also be cautious.

Darvas experienced all too often precisely what happens when you "make too much." His "Hungarian Gauntlet" came within inches of being outlawed by a skeptical attorney general.

And now that we sit in an uncannily similar market as Darvas did back then, the "Gauntlet" is set to become perhaps more powerful than ever.

When he was Attorney General of New York a few years ago, Elliot Spitzer bum-rushed successful investors and let the full power of his office weigh down on them.

I'm not saying the "Hungarian Gauntlet" strategy is going to come under the same scrutiny again...

But those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

At the very least, some overzealous crusader might try to smear the good name of Darvas's creation yet again.

Don't wait for that to happen. The recovery isn't just on its way, it's already here.

Now is the time to use the "Hungarian Gauntlet" to become a potential millionaire yourself. And if you listen to what I'm offering you today, it could easily happen in as little as 12 months...

Whether you're an amateur like Darvas, or a seasoned pro, the strategy works just the same. And as a subscriber to Macro Trader, we'll use it -- as well as several other macro methods -- to hunt down massive gains, one big play at a time.

Here's your first opportunity. Don't let it pass you by.

At least heed the words of Darvas devotee Keith Chung, who says:

"To the naysayers and the non-believers, [the Hungarian Gauntlet] is the convincing testament that it is unquestionably possible to BEAT THE STOCK MARKET without a single shred of doubt."

Why not find out for yourself? Before the next Louis Lefkowitz decides you won't be allowed to...

Justice Litle, Executive Editor, Macro Trader
Justice Litle
Executive Editor
Macro Trader

P.S. One more thing: For those that prefer, I'm also offering full-year Macro Trader memberships for just $795. That's an even sharper deal than the $200 every quarter -- and a discount of 84% off the everyday price. Choose your preferred subscription option NOW by clicking below...

Order Now!

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