Monday, August 31, 2009

$187,641 in SIX MONTHS! You must try this!

Dear IDE Reader,

This is more exciting than the Da Vinci code!

A secret group of traders have been quietly digging their shovels into a massive cash mountain and hauling away millions for themselves.

They only "work" a few hours A MONTH! (From a PC at home).

They are just normal (but wealthy) people who have discovered a BIG secret.

One man cracked their code (although he came close to dying before he did it.)

The results? He says he's pocketed a tasty $173,140 in profit in just 6 months.

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MaryEllen Tribby
CEO and Publisher
Investor's Daily Edge

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P.S. I hear people are already making big money from this.Just check out what they have to say about the program...

"I made a profit of $2,600 on AIG in two days. Thanks to Flag-Trader, you are the best teacher in this field."

A Abraham (Virginia)

"On a recent trade we made a profit of 111%."

Kenneth Forward

"I've double my account from $5,120 to $10,360 so far this month."

Richie S (Manchester)

"In one month I made over 186% on my investments and the money just keeps rolling in. It is hard to find a trading method that is low risk with high rewards."

A Abraham

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