Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mad at AARP for supporting Obama's Trillion dollar health plan?

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Mad at AARP for supporting Obama's Trillion dollar health plan?

Get Even. Join AMAC, the conservative alternative.

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is actively
protesting the wasteful plans being proposed that will take away
our freedom and replace it with rationed coverage.

We are strongly against government dictating what kind of care
we can receive and forcing our doctors to follow government
guideline instead of deciding what treatment is best for us.

AMAC (pronounced A-Mack) has organized and sponsored Tea Parties
in New York and Florida and supported efforts across the country.
We have visited Senators and Members of Congress and held rallies
outside of their offices and we are just getting started!

See our website for more information.

While we have members in all 50 states and are growing, we are
tiny compared to AARP's 26 million members. But AARP has angered
many of their members by backing a plan that will actually hurt
many seniors and increase their medical costs!

If you want to do something to stop the destruction of the
world's best health care system please join AMAC now. Membership
is only $12.50/yr per family and open to anyone 50 and older.*

Did you know? Under proposed health care law you:

* will be forced to schedule an end of life meeting with your
doctor every 5 years when you reach age 65

* will be forced to allow the government real time access to
your bank accounts so they can do electronic fund transfers with
your money.

We are not making this up!! This is real!

Act Now to protect your health care!

Call 1-888-262-2006 and join us in the good fight. (Or join
online at

Let us be your voice in Congress!

* You may join as an associate member at any age, however you
will not receive the discounts available for members 50 plus.

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