Friday, August 28, 2009

A Big Victory!

Americans for Prosperity

Dear Brad,

Ever wonder if we can win tough public policy battles like health care and cap-and-trade?

Well, today we scored a big victory on a crucial issue that looked impossible just a few months ago.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the outrageously mis-named Employee Free Choice Act -- or Card Check -- is NOT going to be brought to a vote this year!

Card Check would effectively take the secret ballot away from American workers when it comes to deciding whether or not they want to join a union. It would take a cherished freedom away from millions of Americans, and at Americans for Prosperity we've been fighting it tooth-and-nail throughout the year.

A few months ago, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and their Big Labor allies were confident of passing this legislation, which would dramatically expand the power of unions by giving them millions of new union members along with their "forced dues."

We launched a "Save Our Secret Ballot" effort with rallies in key states like Pennsylvania (where union organizers aggressively attacked us), North Carolina, Arkansas and Virginia. We urged grassroots activists like you to call and email your Senators and House members. AFP was one of several free-market groups who took up the fight to stop this union power grab. TO SEE PHOTOS AND COVERAGE OF OUR GRASSROOTS EVENTS CLICK HERE.

Faced with this grassroots uprising, the big-government side had to back away -- and today they did.

So, we should take heart! Yes, we face a big challenge on stopping the health care takeover. Sure, the cap-and-trade battle is not easy. But, if we fight aggressively, fight hard and remain committed we can win -- just like we won the Card Check battle.

Today, I was in Wisconsin where Americans for Prosperity Foundation hosted a series of Town Hall meetings across this great state with special guest John Stossel of ABC's "20/20". AFP Foundation provided citizens with a forum to discuss a government takeover of health care. The crowds were huge and energetic: 1,900 in Madison (last night), 500 in La Crosse today and over 1,200 earlier this evening in Wausau, which is the home district of House Appropriations Chairman David Obey, who has refused to hold town hall meetings with his constituents.

Over 1,900 packed our town hall event in Madison, Wisconsin

You could feel the electricity in the room from seniors, small business owners, young couples, students, all committed to making sure the government keeps its "hands off our health care." CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS AND COVERAGE OF THE EVENTS.

Crowd of over 1,200 in Wausau

We've got a long way to go on the health care and cap-and-trade battles. Several Senators are now saying Congress will stay in session deep into December in an attempt to wear us down.

While we gird for the long road ahead, let's take a moment to savor a victory for freedom today on the Card Check issue.

Then, let's get up and back to the fight for freedom!


Tim Phillips

PS: You may have seen AFP's very own Phil Kerpen on Glenn Beck's FOX News show on Monday and Tuesday as Phil exposed the influence of the Apollo Alliance of big environmental groups, labor unions, and social justice community organizers on the stimulus bill. If you missed it, you can watch it here!



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