Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taipan Daily's Weekly Wrap-up: How to Make 691% When the Market Is Wrong

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Saturday, August 29, 2009
Taipan Daily: How to Make 691% When the Market Is Wrong
by Erin Beale, Group Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group

Last week, Fed Chief Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke boldly declared that the “U.S. economy is on the verge of a long-awaited recovery after enduring a brutal recession and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.”

But it looks like consumers aren’t buying it. Friday’s report showed U.S. consumer confidence at a four-month low, with worries about unemployment and personal finance woes.

Justice and Adam exploit the myth of the so-called V-shaped market recovery… delve into the mystery of whom Bernanke really works for… and show you how to bank 691% in this market right here…

The Coming Crisis of the “Frankenstein Currency”

There are plenty of candidates these days when it comes to big ideas in big trouble. TARP... TALF... Quantitative Easing... the Federal Reserve system... public option healthcare (ahem, cough). But this one is even bigger. We’re talking about one of the conventional candidates for the next global reserve currency.

Few realize it, but this still-young currency could be on the verge of the greatest challenge it has ever faced. Given what’s coming next, odds are strong that it will soon crash. And beyond the event of a currency crash – which would be a hugely impactful event but not life threatening in itself – there is reason to question whether the currency will ultimately survive. Find out what currency we’re talking about and the coming crisis right here…

Attack of the "Black Wednesday" billionaires

Sometime before October 7th, a quartet of notorious traders will make $53 billion by intentionally crashing one of the world's most powerful currencies. And one simple 5-letter code could pay you $100,000 or more when it happens...

But we can only give this code to 1,000 people. Get it NOW right here.

Is the Next Bank Crisis Unfolding Even as You Read This?

The argument for a V-shaped recovery is that the recession we just lived through is like all the other recessions of the past few decades. But it isn’t.

Normally, unemployment is treated as a “lagging” indicator – something economists look at in the rearview mirror. In a downturn driven by financial crisis, however, unemployment becomes a “leading” indicator because of the impact of job losses on credit. As Americans lose their jobs, credit defaults rise, lending activity falls, and banks see their portfolios get hit.

So why is this happening? Did the banks stumble into some new hidden reservoir of toxic waste? Did Wall Street’s financial engineers whip up a fresh scheme of epically stupid proportions behind our backs? Hear Justice’s take – and what it means for your portfolio – right here…

First Inflation, Then Deflation?

On the one hand, the prospect of a global recovery is highly inflationary. So is the sheer amount of stimulus being pumped into the system by the United States, China, Europe and others.

On the other hand, the prospect of a fresh banking crisis (and ongoing consumer retreat) is highly deflationary. Those who believe in deflation point out that the world is plagued by excess production capacity... that stimulus (i.e. quantitative easing) has never truly worked in the past... and that the ongoing multitrillion-dollar implosion in the credit and lending universe is enough to outpull any inflation-creating efforts, like a collapsing dwarf star with an irresistible gravitational field.

So why deflation first and inflation second? Justice explains here…

How to Make 691% When the Market Is Wrong

Simply put, the market is not “being left unmolested.” Rather it is being grossly manipulated by the most “visible of hands.”

Washington has dedicated itself utterly to controlling the economy and stock market, in a fashion undreamt of even by such grand centralists as FDR and LBJ. I am loath to bandy about such extreme terms as “fascist,” but Washington’s hunger to consolidate power may actually be moving through mere socialist on a headlong voyage to some rather dark places.

However, Adam offers two solutions to grab hefty triple-digit gains and use Washington’s truculence to arm yourself against future misfortune...

Secretary of Defense Says "U.S. Under Constant Cyber Attacks"

A little-known technology company was quietly awarded a contract worth $300 million to use its proprietary software that prevents cyber attacks.

This isn't public knowledge yet. But believe me, when announcements are made, people who own shares of this company will be celebrating … in fact, people who get in on this opportunity on the ground floor could see their net worth dramatically impacted.

Follow this link to learn more…

Whom Does the Fed Chairman Actually Work For?

In light of the Bernanke reappointment, now seems a good time to ask a curious question. Whom does the Fed Chairman actually work for?

Does the Chairman work for the President or Congress? Not exactly... the Federal Reserve is a proud and unbending institution, fiercely protective of its cherished independence. There is definitely a kabuki dance of forged alliances, cultivated relationships, and so on. But a good Fed Chairman works the aisles up and down the Hill precisely so the Fed can maintain its vaunted independence, not give it up. Keeping Congress’ greasy mitts off the true levers of power is a top priority.

But Justice concludes whom the Fed really works for – and what it means for our government and economy – right here…

Optimism Triggers Global Market Rally

The recovery is here… Bulls are running… Markets are rallying… Here’s how optimistic markets create investment opportunities.

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