Monday, August 31, 2009

GOP May Cave On ObamaCare

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Would you allow an agency that had the compassion of the
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) make health care decisions for you
and your family?

Would you go to a hospital or doctor's office run by the
employees of your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)?

If your answer is "yes" to one or both of the questions above,
then do nothing. If, however, you believe that you should be able
to make your own health care decisions... if you want quality and
affordable health care... then the time to take action is now.

At this very moment, three Republican Senators (Charles
Grassley, Mike Enzi and Olympia Snowe) are meeting with Democrats
behind closed doors in an attempt to strike a deal on ObamaCare.
And if successful, their actions will effectively lead to
government-run health care for all.

In short order, they'll attempt to pull so-called "compromise
legislation" out of a hat. And, make no mistake, whatever plans
and schemes they devise behind closed doors will give Barack
Obama and proponents of ObamaCare essentially everything they
want... paving the road to socialized medicine for you and your
family... lack of choice... lack of quality care... rationing of
services and a host of other evils.

The plain and simple truth is that the only thing keeping
ObamaCare alive right now is the fact that Grassley and Enzi and
Snowe are still playing political footsies with the opposition.

Without "compromise," ObamaCare would be dead on arrival. Take
the possibility of "compromise" off the table and ObamaCare would
simply wither on the vine:

* Democrats in the Senate simply do not have the 60 votes
needed to stop debate (break a filibuster) and pass the versions
of ObamaCare that have already been passed out of committees in
the House of Representatives. And thanks to millions of Americans
making their voices heard, it is highly improbable right now that
they will be able to obtain those votes.

* Liberals in Congress know the public is dead-set against
ObamaCare. Their constituents have made that very clear by
bombarding their offices with phone calls and faxes - not to
mention the reception they've received at town hall meetings
across the country.

* But... a recent poll commissioned by AARP - a huge proponent
of ObamaCare - indicates that 76% of Americans would support
health care legislation if they believe that Democrats are
working with Republicans "to pass health care reform

The AARP poll simply confirms what proponents of ObamaCare have
known for quite awhile... that the only way they will be able to
pass ObamaCare is by convincing the public that they are working
with Republicans.

And Grassley and Enzi and Snowe are giving them the means to do
just that... they're giving it to them on a silver platter.

Why do Grassley and Enzi and Snowe feel somehow compelled to
keep ObamaCare alive? Do they believe the American people
actually want ObamaCare? If that's the reason, we can disabuse
them of that notion right now.

But whatever the reason, our course of action is clear. We must
demand that Grassley and Enzi and Snowe walk away from the table
and stand with the American people.

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