Monday, August 31, 2009

Taipan Daily: Less than 48 hours left for 100 FREE Urgent Health Reports

A Special Offer from the Health Sciences Institute
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The 100 Greatest Underground Cures

Your doctor won't breathe a word about them... The pharmaceutical giants don't want you to have them...

Our own government refuses to acknowledge they exist (despite the mountain of clinical evidence we will show you).

But, for a very limited time, they can be yours. Absolutely FREE. New, proven treatments for the worst plagues of mankind...

CANCER! "Magic Bullet" discovered 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy with zero side-effects. Man with 12 prostate tumors becomes tumor free! (Report #1)

DIABETES! From insulin dependent to non-diabetic in 6 weeks flat?! The botanical breakthrough that works as well as drugs or better... with NO damaging side effects! (Report #19)

ALZHEIMER'S! Mental decline halted & may be reversed for thousands of patients, with harmless flower extract that outperforms latest drugs (Report #53)

ARTHRITIS! Both types of arthritis pain neutralized by gourmet delicacy! Researchers stunned to find why New Zealand Maori don't get joint disease (Report #17)

To honor our special agreement with Taipan Daily, the Health Sciences Institutes wants to send you its brand-new Encyclopedia of 100 GREATEST UNDERGROUND CURES at no cost when you become and HSI member

Plus 96 other life-saving "forbidden" cures -- yours if you respond by midnight September 2, 2009.

100 Greatest Underground CuresThat's 100 reports bound into one massive volume of underground disease treatments (the ones the mainstream doesn't want you to know about). It's our greatest giveaway ever. But you must act now or this exclusive offer will pass. Quantities are limited.

Go here to learn more about these astonishing medical discoveries and claim your free Encyclopedia of our 100 Greatest Underground Cures now.

To your good health,

Jenny Thompson
Director, Health Sciences Institute

P.S. In Report #31 you'll learn how a few drops of this natural breakthrough relieves arthritis pain. Remember, these 100 free reports are available only from the Health Sciences Institute... but you must respond by midnight EST September 2, 2009.

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