Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chuck Norris: Dirty Secret No. 3 in Obamacare

Human Events
Chuck Norris Dirty Secret No. 3 in Obamacare
By Chuck Norris
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Ever heard the saying "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"? That's true for any of the 1,000-plus-page versions of Obamacare.

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I've informed you in previous columns of two dirty secrets in Obamacare. Dirty secret No. 3 is the sin of omission. It's what the health care bill doesn't say that will bite you in the end.

In 1,000-plus pages, there's surprisingly sparse coverage or complete avoidance of a host of necessary issues. I would cite pages in the bill, as I've done in my other articles, but there aren't any covering them. These are questions that need specific answers by the Obama administration, as well as by each of our representatives:

 --What would the child development methods and values used in training parents during home visitations be?
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