Thursday, August 27, 2009

Your Last Chance at Six Free Months of Very Expensive Research...

Whiskey & Gunpowder
Whiskey & Gunpowder
By Gary Gibson

August 27, 2009
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Your Last Chance at Six Free Months
of Very Expensive Research…

Dear Whiskey Shooter,

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Gary Gibson
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Whiskey & Gunpowder

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Dear Reader,

Profit potential like this doesn't come cheap.

In fact, my service is the most expensive advisory my publisher offers.

But to help celebrate the 2-year anniversary of my research service’s beginning — I've convinced my publisher to GIVE you six months, for FREE.

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Because Friday morning, I'll send a short email to my readers.

It will contain the details on a tiny company that's poised for a big, big move.

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of my service than with the potential for huge profits!

In fact, that one company I'll release to my readers on Friday morning could start your "30-Day Retirement Plan".

Yes, just one month and three of what I call "flash action" market moves could be your chance to turn as little as $500 into $14 million, or more.

I know that sounds impossible.

I'm here to show you just how POSSIBLE it is.

Because the "30-Day Retirement" has clicked into place before.

It's only a matter of time until it happens again.

The question is — will it happen to you?

Good Only Until Midnight, Thursday, August 27 — Your Ticket to the "30-Day Retirement Plan"

If you chose to retire just 30 days from right now, how much money would you need?

$5 million?

$15 million?

Or maybe just $1 million?

Whatever your answer is, I'll show you how you could get there.

Imagine reaching your retirement money goal in as little as one month. Starting with just $500. That's right. I'll show you below how in only 30 days — you could have retired rich by any measure you can imagine.

Heck, you could have even started with $250, instead of $500.

It might have just meant you ended up with $4 million, instead of $8 million. Or $6.5 million, instead of $13 million.
It doesn't matter how much money you need to retire. You can get there in less time than you ever imagined with "Flash Action" market moves.

And it's very easy to pull off.

Unbelievable wealth could be yours with a simple, yet unknown investment strategy that's not much different than buying common, big-name stocks.

I'll explain exactly how it works in a few moments. For now, I assure you this:

What I'm about to show you is 100% legal. It's safe. It's cheap.

And it's easy.

You need only three small things to get started.

Three Simple Steps to a
"30-Day Retirement"

  • First, you need a tiny amount of cash

  • Second, you need a bit of knowledge — which is what I will share with you today

  • Third, you need excellent timing — and a fair amount of luck.
First, I should warn you that what I'm about to show you is not for everyone. No one can predict the future, and every string of success ends with a loser.

So there is significant risk involved, but the potential for profits is limitless. And I would never recommend rolling all money invested from one play to another — as you'll see in just a moment.

The best thing is to take out part of your winnings as you go and continue with only some of the profits. That way, you keep most of your gains safe and play with the rest.

To show you how this could be possible, here's a recent example of how $500 could have turned into millions in under one month...

How 3 Simple "Flash Action" Moves
Could Have Funded the
"30-Day Retirement Plan"

When the markets opened Friday, Sept. 5, 2008, just $500 would've bought you 2,500 shares of Paradigm.

At the open, Paradigm traded at 20 cents per share.

By 11:22 a.m. that morning, Paradigm traded at 70 cents per share.

  • Had you sold at 70 cents — you would've been sitting on a 250% gain before lunchtime.
That 250% turned your $500 into $1,750... that's $875 per hour!

Not a bad two hours, right?

You make one easy move in the morning, and then sell before lunch and grab $1,750 in profits!

It's the first "flash action" step to turning $500 into millions.

Yes, this is real — and in just two more stock moves, I'll show you how you could've turned $500 into millions with the "30-Day Retirement Plan"!

PLUS — I'll tell you all about my next "30-Day Retirement" profit alert!

Reply before Midnight, Thursday, August 27 — and you can get my next alert (set to hit your inbox on Friday morning) for OVER 50% off the normal price!

How's that as a way to celebrate the month of August, when most other market-watchers are lazing away their days on a beach somewhere? You could use this historic opportunity to start your own lucrative 30-Day Retirement!

First — here's Step 2 in the recent 30-Day Retirement!

"30-Day Retirement Plan" Step 2

On Thursday morning, Sept. 11, 2008, let's say you put your $1,750 in gains from Friday back into the market.

Concord Ventures had such a great morning that it could've turned your $1,750 into $175,000. All by 12:27 p.m.

  • That's a gain of 9,900%!

Just like with Paradigm, the move with Concord Ventures started first thing in the morning and ended by lunchtime.

And in just two simple market moves, $500 could've turned into $175,000 — in less than a week.

Now, I know what you're thinking — $175,000 is great, but it's not millions.

But just wait until you see what happens in step three of this amazing "flash action" path to easy riches!

Success! Here's How $500 Explodes Into MILLIONS for the "30-Day Retirement Plan". . .

On Friday, Sept. 12, 2008, shares of Abviva rose an astounding 7,900%.

  • If you got in and out at the right time, the $175,000 from your earlier "30-Day Retirement" play could've exploded into $14,000,000.
Here's how this recent "30-Day Retirement Plan" worked...

  • PDGO on Friday, Sept. 5
  • CCVR on Thursday, the 11th
  • And ABVV on Friday, the 12th.

Yes, with timing and the right moves, it is possible to turn just $500 into millions.

In this example, all the action took place in one week with three simple "flash action" moves.

A week could change your life forever.

What Would You Do With $14 Million?

Maybe you'd quit your job and retire right away.

Or maybe you'd keep working.

You could do whatever you wanted.

Buy a house. Or pay off your current home.

Buy a fancy car. Or three. Or seven.

Travel the world. Dine in all the best restaurants.

After you were done with all that, you could even give money to family members in need — or to your favorite charities.

Sock away a ton of money for retirement or unforeseen future medical expenses.

It would be completely up to you. Because with a huge influx of cash would come something even more valuable.


Freedom from worry about what might happen tomorrow or next year. Freedom from ever running out of money. Freedom from whatever shackled you to a lifestyle you might not like.

Freedom to do exactly what you want, whenever you wanted to.

Now imagine the chance to start putting all your grandest plans, all your biggest dreams, into motion beginning with as little as just $500.

Moves like these can happen. They have happened.

They'll happen again. The question is — will this happen to you?

I've already shown how just three of what I call "flash action" market moves could change your life.

But I'm just getting started! Here are some more examples...

You really don't even need $500 to become rich with these amazing little stocks.

Heck, you could start with just $250 if you wanted to.

The key is you have to look in the right place.

Now, the gains I'm showing you don't come from the NYSE or the Nasdaq.

But that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the profit potential of these "flash action" gainers!

In fact, if you reply before Midnight, Thursday, August 27 – you'll receive my "flash action" alert first thing on Friday morning!

In about five minutes, you could get started working toward your own version of the "30-Day Retirement"!

Yep, just $250 could start you on the path to retirement riches. Simply, legally and very, very quickly.

Here's what I mean.

Your Investment of $250
Plus One Move = The "30-Day Retirement Plan" Pays You $21,871 in Just Four Hours

On Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008, Genesis Pharma went from 24 cents per share all the way up to $21 by 1:24 p.m.

Had you grabbed shares at the open, just $500 would've bought 2,083 shares of GNPH.

  • At $21 per share on Thursday afternoon — you would've been sitting on $43,243 in total profits.

This is less than 24 hours — heck, it's less than half a work day, and over $21,600 in easy possible "flash action" profits with just $250 to start!

Gains like this one happen every single day. But you have to look in the right place.

As I mentioned earlier, you'll never find these gains on the big exchanges.

The reason gains like GNPH go missed day after day might make you scratch your head.

See, most stock watchers would rather put money in blue chip stocks and hope for small gains year over year that barely beat inflation.

These people are working on a 50-year retirement plan.

Good for them. History has shown it works.

But those people are losing out big-time!

Because they're missing all the best gains — quick, aggressive gains that are right under their nose every single trading day.

And once you start grabbing these hidden gains, you could be well on your way to a "30-Day Retirement."

Which would you choose? In as little as 30 days, "flash action" stocks like the ones I'm showing you could put you on easy street for the rest of your life.

You can forget waiting. Hoping. Trying to beat inflation.

Because the smallest, most hidden stocks out there can also be the most lucrative.

Here's why...

"Flash Action" Stocks = "30-Day Retirement" Stocks

All the amazing "flash action" gains you've seen so far come from Bulletin Board stocks.

They're the smallest of the small.

They're even smaller than your normal penny stock.

That's TINY.

But some of the companies trading on the Bulletin Board listing services are the Microsofts, IBMs, Intels and Amgens of tomorrow.

Bulletin Board stocks are the household-name stocks of the next decade.

These are the kinds of stocks that could fund an entire retirement in just 30 days. Stocks that can make an incredible $10,000 or more per hour.

And you can begin chasing your own "30-Day Retirement" with these tiny stocks today.

To get you started, I want you to accept an exclusive "flash action" trading alert I'm set to send right to you.

Inside, I'll tell you the name of my latest "30-Day Retirement Plan" target.

This report will hit the email inboxes of my readers on the morning of Friday, August 28.

To guarantee you receive my next "flash action" pick — you must respond to this note from me today no later than Midnight, Thursday, August 27 .

You need this alert so you can start on the road to "flash action" profits as soon as the markets open on Friday, August 28.

I'll tell you all about this e-mail alert in just a minute.

But before I jump into how I hunt for huge gains from these small stocks, there are a few things I need to point out.

Bulletin Board stocks sometimes trade only a few thousand shares per day.

Big companies like Microsoft, for example, trade around 84 million shares per day.

And Intel usually trades around 70 million shares per day.

All that trading and all those available shares mean share prices really don't move very much in a given day.

But a ton of activity in a tiny stock can sometimes send the share price jumping all over the place — up and down. That's why...

  • I will teach you exactly how to safely build and monitor positions in "flash action" stocks.
You also need to sort out which companies are real and which ones are lame and empty.

You need to dig around. Find out all there is to know. Get the inside scoop on profit margins, costs and growth.

  • This is exactly what I do. I scour the Bulletin Boards for potential "flash action" companies — the strong, solid, growing companies. I'll even give you all my information on some of the best Bulletin Board stocks today

  • I'll tell you exactly what potential "flash action" shares I think you should buy, when and for how much. And when the time comes, I'll tell you exactly when to sell...

  • Using my recommendations, you could profit from "flash action" moves

  • Simply agree to receive my next alert before Midnight, Thursday, August 27 and you'll be ready to hit the ground running when the alert arrives on Friday morning!
I break these potential "flash action" stocks down to their atoms, show you how they work and how you could potentially make them pay for your own "30-Day Retirement."

Along the way, you could make huge amounts of easy money, sometimes overnight.

You've probably already figured it out — but that's why I call these amazing little stocks "flash action" movers.

Before you know it, just a tiny bit of cash could jump up to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars!

Sometimes, huge "flash action" gains pile up in the markets one day to the next!

For example, here's an even FASTER "flash action" bonanza that occurred in the markets recently...

Turn $500 Into $336,500 in Two Days —
Faster "Flash Action" Gains!

On the morning of Sept. 15, 2008, shares of China Biopharma rose an astounding 9,900% — in just three hours!

  • That's enough to turn $500 into $50,000!
Then — the next day — First Quantum Ventures shot up 573%.

  • That's enough to have turned $50,000 into $336,500!
Imagine that... Starting with just $500 one morning and sitting on up to $336,500 the next afternoon!

That's FAST "flash action" market moves at work.

See how easy it could be to fund your entire retirement off just 30 days of playing the right "flash action" market moves at the right time?

These moves happen all the time. Every day!

So are you ready to start grabbing your share of these incredible gains?

It's so cheap to get started, as I've shown, that it's a shame everyone who ever bought a share of stock isn't grabbing these impressive "flash action" movers!

That begs the question... so why isn't everyone doing this?

It all boils down to Home runs versus strikeouts.

Here's what I mean...

"Flash Action" Home Runs Are So Massive,
They Easily Make up for the Strikeouts

Famous baseball star Hank Aaron hit 755 home runs during his illustrious 23-year career.

But do you know how many times he struck out? 1,383 times.

That's almost two strikeouts for every single home run.

For every major success, he averaged two failures.

And that's pretty much how the stocks I'm writing about to you today work too.

You should expect some strikeouts. The best investors expect them.

This means you should never put money down on these impressive little stocks that you need to pay the mortgage or keep the lights on.

I'm not trying to steal my own thunder here — I'm simply talking reality.

But when just $500 could start you on the path to incredible wealth, the risk is limited.

And the home runs could more than make up for the strikeouts. Many, many times over.

Yes, it's true that you need precisely targeted moves to take advantage of the right three "flash action" moves to make millions.

And it's also true that amazing timing is a factor too.

It's my job to alert you to the best "flash action" opportunities — exactly the ones that could put you on your way to your own "30-Day Retirement."

See, even with all the caveats about "flash action" stocks taken into account, I cannot ignore the fact that there's money out there — money literally floating around the markets each day — that with the right information and a little determination you could grab and use to fund your dreams — maybe even use to fund a $10,000 per hour 30-Day Retirement!

Simply agree to receive my next alert before Midnight Thursday, August 27, and you could start making some serious gains...FAST!

How much you could make is really up to you.

Because "30-Day Retirement" money is there for the taking!

You just have to know how to grab it!

Here's another example of the kind of money I'm talking about — and this one's the fastest gain yet!

So far, I've shown you how a savvy investor could have made $14,000,000 in a week. Then I showed how an investor could have made $336,500 in two days!

If you thought those gains were great — this one will knock you out! It's just another example of HUGE cash that can be made from hidden, "flash action" moves in the market.

1,400% Gain in 30 Minutes — Lightning Quick
"Flash Action" Profit

By 10:00 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 18, 2008 — shares of USR Technology Inc. had risen 1,400% since the 9:30 open.

1,400% in half an hour — easy as pie.

  • That's $500 into $7,500 all before mid-morning coffee time.
It's safe. It's easy. It's cheap.

All you need is the right stocks at the right time.

And I'll tell you how to start today.

And how to receive my next alert — complete with a tiny company that could start your own "30-Day Retirement".

But before I tell you how to get my next alert and start your own "flash action" gains, I should introduce myself.

54,900 Members Read My Profit Alerts —
But Here's Why They Can't Act On
What I'm Offering Today

My name is Greg Guenthner.

I began my career years ago as a government reporter.

After years of traveling the east coast of the U.S. and spending time in dozens of newsrooms, I started to read the investment classics.

I quickly learned that I had a real knack for picking winning stock ideas.

It wasn't long before I ended up working for a respected financial publishing firm in downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

Today, I lead the revolutionary small stocks newsletter, Penny Stock Fortunes.

With over 54,900 monthly readers, I've pointed the way to gains like 45% in just one day and 100% in just a few months in 2008.

2009 has been EVEN better so far. I've cashed out gains like 33%, 47%, 279% — even 61% in just four weeks!

Now I don't mean to brag, I'm just telling you so you know I know what I'm doing.

I also know you're probably a market-watcher who demands gains even bigger than the comparatively small profits possible with penny stocks — even though they can sometimes rise 250% or more in days.

I know there are people out there who want to swing for the fences.

I know you exist. I know what you want.

And for too long, because I have so many readers, I had to let the "flash action" stock ideas that cross my desk slip away.

Like I mentioned before, these tiny "flash action" stocks sometimes trade very few shares per day.

If I released a "flash action" stock ticker to my 54,900 readers — the stock could go nuts. All heck could break loose. The price might even go up artificially.

And that's no good. Still, I couldn't possibly let lucrative "30-Day Retirement Plan" ideas get away.

So I started an elite, for-serious-readers letter called Bulletin Board Elite.

Recently, Bulletin Board Elite Has Returned Gains of...

  • 100% in just four months
  • And 45% in just ONE DAY
  • 50% in only a few months
  • And a fast 103%
And as of August 19, 2009, Open Positions Include...

  • 29% gains (in only a few weeks) on an amazing little company that makes “microsurgical” tools
Now, those gains aren't bad. I'm proud of them — especially in our current market environment.

But these in-the-books gains pale in comparison to the "30-Day Retirement" opportunities I'm ready to release to you.

I want you to receive my latest alert.

In fact, you simply MUST HAVE IT to start building your own "flash action" wealth.

To get my next alert – you must respond before Midnight on Thursday, August 27.

I'll even show you an example of how my alerts work... so you can charge right into your own "flash action" plays with all the ammunition you need.

The Countdown to My Next Flash
Action Alert — Your First Step in the
"30-Day Retirement Plan"

As soon as you sign up for Bulletin Board Elite you'll receive an urgent "flash action" trading alert straight from my desk — set to hit your inbox the morning of Friday, August 28.

It'll look very similar to this — a recent alert — which out of fairness to current subscribers, I have cut down to not reveal the name of the recommended company.

It's that simple. I send you the e-mail and lay out my case. You use the information I send you to decide whether to get in on the play — and possibly begin your own version of the "30-Day Retirement Plan."

Starting first thing on the morning of Friday, August 28, you could have the power at your fingertips to begin your own "flash action" chain of staggering gains.

Remember, this is exactly the system of research and analysis that's led to 45% gains in one day and 100% gains in only a few months.

And what I'm offering you today could blow the doors off anything I've ever released before...

Remember too: I tell you what the best current play is, and why, in every alert.

I keep you up to date. If a recommendation changes, I tell you.

If it's time to sell and cash out gains, I tell you.

Bulletin Board Elite is like a friendly guide to your own "30-Day Retirement Plan."

I show you the way to gains. Simply. Honestly. So you can make your own decision and get involved however is best for you and your situation.

In just days, you could even be racking up "30-Day Retirement" work-free "hourly wages" like...

And you never know... my next alert, the one I want you to have if you reply before Midnight, Thursday, August 27 might even point the way to an enormous gain like...

"Flash Action" Hall of Fame:  $4,760 Turned
Into $639,500. . . Then $1.52 MILLION

Hansen Natural's a giant in fruit and energy drinks.

4,000 shares of HANS on Aug. 18, 1995 meant a total outlay of $4,760.

By July 2005, HANS traded at $92.40 a share.

Had you sold at $92.40, your $4,760 would've been worth $369,600! That's good for a gain of 7,650%!

Then, by June 2006, HANS traded at $190.37 a share after a 2-for-1 split.

  • 8,000 shares were now worth $1,522,010.

  • That's more than $1.5 million from $4,760, or a lifetime gain of an absolutely staggering 31,875%.
You've now seen "flash action" moves at work. You've seen how just a few hundred dollars to start could turn into incredible sums.

I've shown you how to make $14 million in a week, $336,500 in two days, even 1,400% gains in 30 minutes!

And now you've seen how a "buy and hold" play like HANS could make you a millionaire too! The opportunities here are overwhelming!

So you know the stocks I target. You know the blueprint for gains.

Now it's time for you to cash in on these little "30-Day Retirement" gems for yourself...

Don't Miss This Rare Chance to Join
the Ranks of Bulletin Board Elite

I admit up front, I simply cannot offer Bulletin Board Elite to a wide audience.

The opportunities I uncover are just too sensitive for more than a handful of people to know about. But, as you've seen, they can be incredibly lucrative.

Membership is first come, first served. So you must hurry to join at the limited-time price I'll reveal in just a minute.

But first I need to issue my warning, one more time...

Tiny "flash action" securities can be extremely volatile. Some of these stocks trade for just pocket change, and too many buyers can send the price up triple digits.

Now, to show you gains the right way, I must go wherever the stock-stories lead me, day or night, to uncover only those plays that stand to make you the biggest (and safest) "flash action" profits.

So, to be your "inside man", dedicated to digging up the "flash action" moves that safely and properly make you rich, I need to know you're committed to starting your own path to profits.

And to get you started as soon as you receive my latest alert, I'm prepared to throw in SIX other gifts.

Your Gifts Just For Trying the
"30-Day Retirement Plan"

  • My Latest Flash Action Alert I've told you all about — complete with the name and ticker symbol of my latest "flash action" recommendation. Respond to this note today, and you'll get it on Friday morning, August 28 — guaranteed. Your shot at a 30-Day Retirement starts the moment it hits your inbox! You might even make a mint in just the first week!

  • You'll also immediately get 3 Diverse Stocks, One Goal: 10-fold Gains or More. One company’s growing extremely fast just like Hansen Natural did! This report's another $995 in stand-alone "flash action" value.

  • The hot-off-the-presses Stock Profits That JUMP: Scoring Big Off the Bulletin Boards. I teach you how to buy "flash action" plays, how to SAFELY build positions, and how to set strict limits on risked trading capital. I also show you how to find a low-cost broker who offers exactly the service you need.
Now, I suspect you're an advanced market watcher. If you weren't, you probably wouldn't still be reading my letter.

But I urge you not to dismiss this report when you receive FREE access to it.

It's filled with "30-Day Retirement Plan" tips and tricks you can use to play "flash action" movers even better, so you could see repeatable "30-Day Retirement" style profits!

Alone, I could sell Stock Profits That JUMP: Scoring Big Off the Bulletin Boards for $395 and make a nice living. But you get it FREE, just for starting your own path to riches with "flash action" movers!

It comes to $1,390 just in reports. But I'm not even asking for my break-even price.

And I still haven't even told you everything else you get!

  • Total Protection with Flash-Action Email Alerts: You get time-sensitive e-mail alerts to keep you on top of what my latest research and analysis show. I tell you what to sell, and what "flash action" positions you should increase. Basically, if you need to know something FAST... these alerts will keep you in-the-know. A $495 value.

  • Monthly Bulletin Board Elite Issues: Guaranteed to contain at least one new "flash action" pick, each month you'll get an email issue directly from me, giving you the scoop on my latest "30-Day Retirement Plan" pick, updating you on existing picks, and analyzing the trends impacting our portfolio. $795.

  • Full Bulletin Board Elite Website Access 24/7: You can follow the model portfolio, read through the flash alerts and issues archive, read and print your special reports. $495.

  • As soon as you sign up, you're given a unique membership ID and Password. Use it to scour the Bulletin Board Elite website and take advantage of all the for-your-eyes-only info it has to offer.

  • Also, as a paid member of Bulletin Board Elite you'll receive a FREE subscription to the Agora Financial Executive Series... two daily e-letters that will give you a rare insider's view of our editorial room.

  • You'll receive the groundbreaking Rude Awakening, which uncovers the latest big-picture trends in politics and in the markets, as well as the 5 Min. Forecast — a daily snapshot of what our revolutionary editors are saying right now.

  • You'll also receive a FREE subscription to the Penny Sleuth daily e-letter. This insightful small-cap letter is brought to you each weekday from some of the best small-cap minds in the country.
To ask $2,000 for all this information, access, and profit potential is a steal. After all, with "30-Day Retirement Plan" potential like you saw from Paradigm, Concord Ventures, Abviva and Genesis Pharma — which could have made savvy investors as much as $875, $57,750, $43,240, EVEN $2,126,023 PER HOUR!

Now, I've seen services like Bulletin Board Elite sell for $10,000 or more. There are "analysts" on Wall Street who pay thousands for these limited-audience alerts.

Some of these analysts work in hidden niches of the market, making millions per year to research tiny stocks. To them, services like mine are a leg up on the competition.

$2,000 is a fraction of the cost some "professionals" pay for potential like this.

But it doesn't cost $2,000 if you reply before Midnight, Thursday, August 27. Nowhere near that, in fact…

BREAKING NEWS — To celebrate the two year anniversary of my groundbreaking profit research service — and because my next "30-Day Retirement" alert could be so incredibly lucrative, I'm discounting the price!

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You're Minutes Away From the Chance At
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You won't sleep at night if you let this opportunity slip away now!

You're so close to starting your own "30-Day Retirement"!

Better yet, you can try the "30 Day Retirement Plan" at no risk! You have my personal guarantee...

Try Bulletin Board Elite for 60 days. If at any time during that first 60 days you're unsatisfied with the service, just cancel it. We'll refund 100% of your subscription cost.

No questions asked. No hassles. It's that simple. You can even keep your free gifts.

Even if after that first 60 days you decide you want to cancel, I'll refund to you the balance of the cost for all undelivered issues.

But I don't think you'll be canceling.

Once you get my latest, profitable alert, the rest of the year might be nothing but "flash action" profits gravy!

How's that sound? You have two months to decide if Bulletin Board Elite is for you. So go ahead and start your own path to "flash action" wealth.

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Simply reply right now to be placed on the list to receive my groundbreaking "flash action" trading recommendations!

Best regards,

Greg Guenthner
Editor, Bulletin Board Elite

P.S.: I just finished another special report. It's about a groundbreaking new company that could be the perfect start to your own "30-Day Retirement Plan."

Normally, I'd add this to the list of reports worth $995, but if you join Bulletin Board Elite today, I'll throw this new report in for FREE — right along with all your other reports.

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