Friday, August 7, 2009

Buchanan: A GOP That Can Say No

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A GOP That Can Say No
Reports of the death of the Republican Party appear to have been premature.

Not since Sen. Bob Griffin derailed LBJ's scheme to replace Chief Justice Earl Warren with crony Abe Fortas, before Nixon got to the Oval Office, has the GOP defied this city and voted to reject a liberal judicial activist for the court.

In 1970, after revelations of ... (continue reading)

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Do you believe health care decisions should be made by you and your doctor - and not government bureaucrats?

Well, according to Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ):

"Passage of the Democrats' Affordable Health Choice Act of 2009 will guarantee one thing - choice in health care will cease to exist. Don't be fooled. If enacted, this legislation will restrict the health care options you have today. If there are any changes whatsoever made to your plan, the government will say no."

With "controlling costs" a primary goal of Obamacare, and half of all medical costs coming in the last six months of life, "rationed care" takes on a new meaning for us all.

London's Telegraph reported Sunday that the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence, known by its Orwellian acronym NICE, intends to slash by 95 percent the number of steroid injections, such as cortisone, given to people who suffer severe and chronic back pain... (continue reading)
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Introducing the razor-sharp, feather-light ceramic slicing knife. Unlike steel knife blades, YoshiBlade stays razor sharp. In fact, this space-age material is so hard that professional chefs use ceramic to sharpen their steel knives. Say goodbye to old fashioned steel knives. As a bonus you'll get the Ceramic Potato Peeler.

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Tell Israel: Cool the Jets!
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton warns that if Iran's nuclear program is not aborted by December, Israel will strike to obliterate it.

Sgt. Crowley, a Cop in Full
There is no doubt who won this face-off. Game, set, match, Sgt. James Crowley and the Cambridge cops.

The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America
The state of emergency is a national one. The very life of our nation is at stake in the immigration debate.

Day of Reckoning
How ignorance, ideology, and greed are tearing America apart.

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