Monday, August 3, 2009

Chuck Norris kicks Obama: Release birth certificate! A Free Press For A Free People
Chuck Norris kicks Obama: Release birth certificate!

Action star Chuck Norris has a simple challenge for President Obama as his birthday comes tomorrow: If the birther movement is truly full of a bunch of conspiracy-fringed kooks or "zombies," as the Los Angeles Times proclaims, then prove once and for all that you are a naturally born citizen by posting your original birth certificate.

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What's your take on the document allegedly certifying Obama's birth in Africa?

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Where's Obama leading? Find out from Mark Levin

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Tell Obama you don't buy his state-run media cover-up

See the movie Obama doesn't want you to see: 1st documentary on eligibility

All your Obama birth certificate needs in 1 place!

Now you can watch eligibility story
Farah produces 1st feature documentary on Obama mystery
A Question of Eligibility
WASHINGTON - WND Editor Joseph Farah has produced the first major DVD documentary on the critical issues surrounding the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as president – but it wasn't easy.

In fact, during the course of shooting and editing "A Question of Eligibility," the award-winning filmmaking team, veterans of many controversial movie projects, made the unusual request to keep its identity secret for fear of retribution from the administration.

"That's how hot this topic is," said Farah. "That's how hot this movie is."

"A Question of Eligibility" is expected to ship to customers on Aug. 4, the date Obama claims as his 48th birthday. Preorders are being accepted exclusively at the WND Superstore.
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