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Imagine Turning Just $200 into $1.2 Million (or More...)

Imagine Turning Just $200 into $1.2 Million
(or More…)

Dear Whiskey & Gunpowder Reader,

It’s called a Stock String.

With scientifically selected stocks like the stocks you’re about to see, it is possible to turn one winner into a string of winners.

A tiny amount of cash to start can quickly balloon into some hefty payouts.

And just like Outstanding Investments Editor Byron King searches the world of energy and natural resources to find you the best winning plays month after month…

Penny Stock Fortunes Editor Greg Guenthner puts the same kind of research into the smallest stocks on the market.

These tiny stocks are where the Stock Strings are found — and where you can turn just $200 into $1.2 million or much, much more.

Read on for the full report from Greg…

Gary Gibson
Whiskey & Gunpowder

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If You Started With $200 in August 2007, You Could Have Been Sitting on $5 Million by November 11, 2008, Thanks To...

Wall Street's
Most Profitable Stock Strings Revealed


Inside: Exclusive details about four stocks set to rise as much as eight times over in the next year. If I don't deliver gains, I'll give you DOUBLE your money back. Some Amazing Gains In The Last Year in this Explosive Market Sector...

Gains In The Last Year

Dear Profit-Seeking Reader,

In just the next five minutes, I want to show you how you could have turned $200 into $5 million in just over 15 months.

Sound impossible? It's not!

In the last year and three months, one of Wall Street's most profitable 'stock strings' could have turned $200 into $5 million. I'll show you how in a second.

I'll also show you what four stocks you need to own right now to start your own string of gains (potentially worth millions!) for 2009.

I'm so sure that these stocks could make you a tremendous amount of money...

I'm willing to refund you DOUBLE YOUR subscription price if my recommendations do not produce AT LEAST FOUR 100% gains in the next year. I'll explain all the details in a moment…

Does that sound like a fair deal?

That's how sure I am that you can make money following my recommendations.

You see, these 'stock strings' are Wall Street's best-kept secret. Those who know how to play them become insanely rich — and FAST! But the vast majority of investors have NO IDEA what they are, or how to profit...

So before you read on, let me warn you...

Only a few people will have the insight, intelligence and know-how to make the huge gains I am going to show you in this report. That's because in order to beat the market and make spectacular gains, you have to choose the highest-yielding, fastest-growing and most-ignored stocks in the world.

I'm talking about the stocks that are left out of your nightly news reports...that are never featured in The Wall Street Journal or Investor's Business Daily...and that your broker would rather die than tell you about (since he wants them for his own portfolio!).

These stocks are where the huge profits can be made month in and month out. They are the same class of stocks that...

  • Gave readers gains of 82% in less than 2 months and 58% in 15 months in 2008

  • Helped the finest fund manager of all time quadruple his money in only 4 years

  • Formed one of Wall Street's most profitable stock chains ever and could have turned $200 into a potential $5 million in just 15 months

  • USA Today, Yahoo Finance,, and well-known money managers have touted them as the best investment opportunities on the market.

In fact...

Forbes reported in December 2006 that "Small companies are expected to grow earnings considerably faster than large companies [...] and small 'penny' stocks are likely to remain popular as long as they are delivering superior earnings growth."

And if you are willing to invest in them now, you could make a fortune just like the $5 million that could have been made from 2007 to 2008.

The key is to recognize these stocks before anyone else does — and to string the gains together over several months — even a year — at a time. This technique is certainly not for everyone. No one can predict the future, and every string of success ends with a loser. So there is significant risk involved, but the potential for profits is limitless. Of course, we would never recommend rolling all money invested from one play to another. The best thing is to take out winnings as you go, and continue with only as much of the profits as you feel comfortable putting on the line. That way, you keep your core money safe and play with the rest.

In fact, if you'll give me just a few minutes, I'll show you how one of Wall Street's most profitable stock strings could have made $5 million...starting with just $200.

The magic is in knowing what type of stock yields the highest returns. And the great thing is you could have done it with only nine investments! Here's how...

Profit Chain Step 1: Invest in an Undiscovered Wireless Technology Firm that Racked up 466% Gains in Just 4 WEEKS

On August 6, 2007, shares of Superconductor Technologies Inc. (SCON:NASDAQ) traded for just $1.39 a share. Most investors had never heard of this tiny company, but SCON was poised for an amazing run.

SCON is a company whose technology extends the range of cellphones and prevents dropped calls. The company has less than 130 full-time employees — but in early August 2007 — it was about to see a stock price increase for the record books. SCON is a good company. It's small, it's growing, and it has technology wireless providers need.

In short, this unheard-of company was a solid business — the kind that can make educated individuals like you a lot of money (but you NEVER hear about on TV or in the newspapers). And that lack of coverage is exactly what led a select few investors to enormous profits, while most people had never even heard of SCON!

Between August 6 and August 30, shares rose from $1.39 to $7.87. And it was the first step to turning $200 into $5 million. If you invested $200 on August 6, you were sitting on $1,132 by August 30. That's a 466% rise in FOUR WEEKS.

As impressive as 466% in four weeks is, it is not going to turn $200 into $5 million, is it? Well, no. It was only Step One in the profit chain.

Now, the safe way to play it would be to pull out your original investment at some time and roll on the rest. Only the very bold would bet the entire pot, so for the sake of demonstration, let's say you took your initial $200 out of that $1,132. That means you're forwarding $932 in pure profits to the next stock in the profit string. You're playing with house money!

Profit Chain Step 2: 850% Gains in Less than 2 Months

The week after SCON's amazing profit run, another small company called Anooraq Resources (ANO:AMEX) really started to take off.

ANO is a platinum miner. Its properties are located in a region of South Africa rich in precious metals.

On September 7, 2007, ANO traded for just $2.74 a share. By October 29, it had shot all the way up to $5.59. Had you been stringing together your profits from SCON, your $932 would've been worth $1,901 in less than two months.

In just over seven weeks, you could have grown your money over 850% by investing in just TWO of the fastest growing stocks on Wall Street — the ones you NEVER hear about in the mainstream media.

But turning $200 into $1,901 is just the beginning. Check out what happened next — Step Three in your quest to turn $200 into $5 million... and Step Three in Wall Street's most profitable stock chain.

Profit Chain Step 3: This Stock Shot From $1,901 All the Way up
to $5,893

Step Three in the profit chain was Fuwei Films Co. (FFHL:NASDAQ). FFHL is based in China and makes the clear plastic film that wraps up packages of processed food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. It has a growing customer base in China, India, Japan — even the United States. But here's the thing — on November 23, 2007, the day FFHL started its amazing run, no one knew what FFHL was, and very few investors were able to capitalize.

On November 23, FFHL traded at a puny $2.20 per share. Less than three weeks later, the share price had more than tripled, to a healthy $6.82 per share. That was good enough to turn your $1,901 into a robust $5,893.

In Just Over 4 Months, You Could Have
Turned $200 Into Nearly $5,900!

Starting with ONLY $200, if you had managed to get in on those three plays at the right time, you could have been sitting on $5,893 in pure profits in just four months!

$400 to start would've had you sitting pretty at $11,792. $1,000 to begin with, all the way back at Step One — and you'd be counting the dough with $29,480 in profits.

But those are hypothetical starting amounts. What I'm demonstrating here is how as little as $200 could turn into $5 million.

Talk about a profit chain! And all you had to do was...

  • Recognize the ignored stocks set to soar and...

  • Take your gains from the previous month and reinvest them in the next highflying stock.

That's it! Well, actually there was another step. When you finally decided to end the string, you had to collect your big check and deposit it into your savings account. If you chose to end the string of gains after investing in only the three stocks I just showed you, you could have turned $200 into $5,893. Not too shabby. But in a second, I'll show how anyone with a steel stomach and amazing timing could have turned that $5,893 into over $5 million by November 2008.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? I know. But the only reason it sounds crazy is because you never hear about these stocks in the mainstream press. NEVER. So you are not used to these amazing gains. Think about it...

If you knew about these stocks, your broker would lose his business. You wouldn't want to buy shares of GE, IBM and eBay from him. You'd close your account and make your own fortune — without all the pesky fees.

No broker wants that. If everyone knew about these stocks, Wall Street could crumble. And I don't expect that to happen anytime soon. You see, most people don't have the guts to invest in these stocks. Since they don't know much about them, they ignore 'em. And it's too bad...

The best investors of all time have built their fortunes buying these very kinds of stocks. In fact, the most successful money manager of the 20th century got his start by investing in stocks just like SCON, ANO, and FFHL. And he quadrupled his money in four years!

I'll tell you all about his story — and how you can make similar gains in this market. But first, let me ask you a question...

Are you beginning to see how $200 could transform into $5 million if you were brave and savvy enough to invest in the right stocks at the right time...and strung those gains out over several months?

Thousands of Undiscovered Companies
Waiting for You Right Now

There are thousands of undiscovered companies that trade on the NYSE, Nasdaq and Amex every day. Many of them have growing sales and earnings, low debt, lots of cash and incredible products. And those are the companies that make investors rich every month.

They are companies like Superconductor Technologies, Inc. (SCON), Anooraq Resources (ANO), and Fuwei Films Co. (FFHL) — three stocks that could have turned $200 into nearly $5,900 in just over four months!

And folks, these high-rising stocks aren't rare. They are very common, in fact. In 2008 alone, here are just a few of the companies that saw astounding gains:

And there are many, many stocks like these (including the nine stocks I'll show you in a minute) that could have turned your $5,893 into $5 million! But before I get to those, I want you to know...

You could have made a LOT more than $5 million last year. You see, there are FAR more high-rising stocks than the ones I am showing you in this report. But it would take hours for me to list all of them. And by now, I think you get the point. An investor with the knowledge, insight and fortitude to invest in the right stocks at the right time could make a fortune.

And that is exactly why I am willing to offer you the best deal I've ever offered.
If you give my research service a try today and my string of recommendations does not deliver at least four 100% gains in my track record in the next year, just give me a call and I'll pay you back DOUBLE what it costs to join. All you have to do is ask.

Simple as that. If my analysis does not deliver gains, I'll send you a check for exactly TWICE what you sent in.

Sounds like a fair bet, doesn't it? If you're willing, I can show you how the best investors of all time made a lot of money. And get you on the road to joining them... completely risk-free.

From $200 to $5 Million in Just Over 15 Months

For instance, using a hypothetical example, I just showed you how you could have turned $200 into $5,893 — in only three steps on the profit chain.

Let's take that example to its gutsy, but logical extreme. Pretend you could have kept the profit chain going all year long. I'll show you how you could have turned that $5,893 into $5 million by mid-November in 2008 with only SIX more stocks.

If you had managed to invest in one highflying stock after another — taken your gains and invested in the next highflier — just like I showed you with SCON, ANO, and FFHL — in just about 15 months, you could have turned $200 into $5,893... then into $5 million. Check it out...

The Histroric 9-Step Profit String

Starting in August 2007 and ending in mid-November 2008, it was possible to turn $200 into over $5 million by investing in the right stocks, cashing out and reinvesting your winnings in the next stock on the profit chain! Of course, you couldn't have done it investing in General Electric, IBM, Intel, Cisco or any other large stock your broker tried to push off on you.

You had to have the proper guidance and intelligence to put your money where no one else was... and you had to decide whether to do the safe thing and take some winnings out early — or take a chance by rolling your winnings into the next play.

Of course, I can't promise you will turn $200 into $5 million this year by following my recommendations. What I showed was an extreme example of how powerful penny stocks can be. It took tremendous timing and a lot of luck to turn $200 into $5 million.

But those who kept up the string could have walked away millionaires in a year. And if you stay with me, I'll show you what four stocks you need to own now to start your own stunning chain of winning stock picks.

Remember, you need only $200 to get started.

Penny Stocks Beat the Pants off of Large-Cap Stocks Year in and Year Out

The best-performing stocks on the market are companies with tons of cash... groundbreaking products... and growing businesses — the same stocks that have proven to be the BEST investments over the last century.

The one thing that makes these stocks different is... they're still small enough to make them affordable for small investors to make a grab for their share of the profits!

Since 1926, no other class of stock has made investors more money than these penny stocks. Let me repeat that...

Over the last 80 years, NO group of stocks has made investors more money than penny stocks. Not mid caps, not large caps, not gold stocks and not retail stocks.

In fact, a famous study done in 1996 by Ibbotson Associates — a major research firm based in Chicago — proved this once and for all.

After compiling cold, hard data on small- and large-cap stock returns from 1926-1996, Ibbotson Associates proved that small-cap penny stocks outperform large caps...

  • 56% of the time in any given 1-year period

  • 66.1% of the time if you hold for 10 years

  • 94.2% of the time if you hold for 20 years

  • 100% of the time if you are willing to hold for 33 years or more!

In other words, investors who buy shares of the smallest companies on the market beat those who buy stock in companies like Microsoft, GE, IBM, Intel and Cisco. That's exactly why everyone generates the same returns year in and year out. It's ridiculous!

But what investors don't realize is...

  • There are 3 times more small-cap stocks than large caps on Wall Street right now. That means you have 3 times as many opportunities to make huge gains every month — like the 82% and 58% gains Penny Stock Fortunes readers could have made

  • The longer you are willing to hold solid small-cap stocks, the more money you can make.

Check it out...

$1,000 Turned Into $3.96 Million

Anyone who invested $1,000 in a basket of small-cap stocks in 1926 could have cashed out for $3.96 million by 2000. By comparison, a $1,000 investment in a basket of large-cap stocks in 1926 grew to only $1.76 million by 2000.


Over time, people who buy and hold small-cap stocks give themselves the chance to walk away MUCH richer than those who follow the Wall Street herd and invest in the same old large-cap stocks. I'm talking $2.2 million richer!

In fact, the most famous money manager of all time made his first fortune following the same advice I am sharing with you now.

Here's How He Turned $10,000 Into
$40,000 in 4 Years

John Templeton was the most successful money manager of the 20th century — and probably of all time. In 1954, he founded his flagship Templeton Growth Fund — one of the highest-yielding funds of the modern era. Every $100,000 invested into John's fund was worth $55 million by 1999. That's an annual rate of return of 12.2%. To put that in perspective for you...

If you put $100,000 in Microsoft in 1986 — arguably the best single investment opportunity of the last 100 years — you would be sitting on $22.9 million today. That's less than HALF what the Templeton fund yielded investors!

And in 1992, John sold his entire group of funds — worth $25 billion — to Franklin Resources Inc. for $440 million. Until his death in 2008 at the age of 95, he lived a life of luxury in Nassau, in the Bahamas.

Think he was just a rich kid who got richer as he got older? Think again... John Templeton wasn't born rich. In fact, he was born on Nov. 29, 1912, in Winchester, Tenn. — a small town only miles from where the famous Scopes Monkey Trial took place.

After graduating first in his class at Yale (which he put himself through by working three jobs), Templeton took a job on Wall Street. He loved stocks, numbers and the promise of big returns. And he knew he could make a fortune investing in the most lucrative stocks of all time — small-cap "penny" stocks. By 1939, just five years out of school, John saw his opening. Problem was, he had no money to act on his knowledge.

But that wasn't going to stop the young farmer from Tennessee. In a move slated for the Investment Hall of Fame, John went to his boss and begged for a $10,000 loan. Remember, this was 1939 — 10 years after the start of the Great Depression. The Dow Jones was down 73% from its high in 1929. And most people were petrified to invest in any stocks — let alone small caps. Plus, $10,000 was a lot of money — the equivalent of $155,108 today.

But John's boss knew there was something special about this kid. He studied the markets like a bloodhound looking for a faint scent in the woods. And when he found it, the gains were sure to follow. So he gave John the loan — all $10,000.

It proved to be the best move he ever made.

Templeton took the money and invested it equally in every single small-cap stock trading on a major exchange for $1 or less. There were 100 stocks, all told. He was betting these stocks would lead the way out of the Depression. And, boy, he was right.

Between 1939-1943, John's investment grew from $10,000 to $40,000 — despite four of the companies going bankrupt and losing everything! Shortly before his death, Mr. Templeton's net worth was an estimated $2 BILLION. He owed his fortune to that day he went in, hat in hand, to borrow the money from his boss... and took a calculated gamble on the fiery strength of small companies and their will to survive in tough markets.

Today, I'm offering you a similar shot...speculating on the very fiber of America's future leaders. With the right guidance, you could achieve similar results. In fact, I am so confident of these stocks' effectiveness, I'm willing to make you the best offer of my entire career.

If you give my research service a try today, I will give you an unbeatable offer...

If you aren't 100% satisfied with the results, all you have to do is say so. If my strategy does not yield the opportunity for four 100% winners in my track record in the next year, just give me a call and I'll send you DOUBLE WHAT YOU PAID. All you have to do is ask.

Simple as that.

No one else can afford to make that kind of an offer. But there's a simple reason for that. I know something no one else does...

These stocks were good enough to help John Templeton quadruple his money after the Great Depression. They have been proven to be the most lucrative stocks to own over long periods of time. And I have NO doubt they will help you make a pretty penny in this market!

Sign up today, and I'll give you ALL the details you need to start your own profit chain in 2009. I can't promise you'll have a chance to make $5 million like last year. That was one of the best runs of all time, even in one of the worst markets ever… and it took tremendous timing and a lot of luck. What I showed you was an extreme example of how powerful penny stocks can be. But the market is still ripe for huge gains. Even the mainstream press knows that!

What The Press is Saying About the
Small-Cap Penny Stock Market

"Small companies offer individual investors like us many other advantages. Most institutional investors, who have billions of dollars to allocate, must avoid small caps — at least until they grow larger. That makes small caps underfollowed and increases the chances that they're misvalued.'

—The Motley Fool

"Running a portfolio that targets some of the market's smallest stocks allows [investors] to buy growth opportunities, often in overlooked areas, and ride them before the rest of the market piles on.'


"Managers who own shares [of their own company] stand to reap a bigger benefit from a firm's success, which results in a big increase in share price [for small caps].'


The ONLY Major Group of Stocks to
Beat Its 2000 Highs!

Not only are penny stocks making headlines. Since 1999, penny stocks have blown their large-cap peers out of the water.

The Russell 2000 (known as the "small-cap index" on Wall Street) pummeled the S&P 500. In fact, it was the ONLY major stock index to not only reach its 2000 highs (during the height of the last bull market), but also pass them.

Small-cap stocks can make smart investors with the insight and intelligence to go after them a lot of money. And they can do so at a record-breaking pace. In fact, readers have seen gains of:

  • 87.5% on shares of little-known Alloy Inc— a "Generation Y" marketing company

  • 56.6% on shares of DURECT Corp. — a small pharmaceutical company

  • 19.82% on leather maker Wilsons

  • 25.2% on Salton Inc — maker of the popular Foreman grill.

And they also could have walked away with additional gains of 20%, 22.4% and 10% on, DURECT, Salton and Wilsons — again.

But that's nothing. In a second, I'll show you a real-life string of gains that helped readers make 233%, 146.7%, 62.35%, 34.81%, 34.94%, 35.2%, 32.19% and more over a span of six months. In fact, from June to September 2003, EVERY single small-cap recommendation my publication closed out was a winner. Putting only $200 into each stock, you would have been sitting on a possible $3,051.06. And you have a chance to do the same thing NOW!

Before I show you this profit chain, let me introduce myself... please read on...

If I Put My Name on Something,
It Must Be the BEST

My name is Greg Guenthner. I am the editor of Penny Stock Fortunes — the single greatest penny-stock newsletter on the market today. And I can say that knowing it's 100% true.

I have spent time in newsrooms up and down the East Coast, and I bring a reporter's eye and skepticism to every stock I research. I'm not looking for fly-by-night stocks that might give your portfolio a tiny boost. I travel whenever necessary, meet with CEOs, pore over financial filings and take part in conference calls so I can uncover only the best small-cap stocks that could put money in your pocket for years to come.

I also evaluate stocks using my proprietary CXS Money Multiplier System. It's a complicated screen I perfected after reviewing the fundamentals and prospects of several of the most successful small-cap stocks in history. The CXS System is an important tool in helping me determine whether or not a stock is worth recommending. I rely on it in every single issue of Penny Stock Fortunes.

The great thing about the CXS System is that it isn't subject to fads in investing. Hot ideas of the month and wildcard stocks with no fundamental strengths are rejected by CXS just like all the other garbage stocks out there. You can always count on Penny Stock Fortunes to bring you only the very best picks from the world of penny stocks.

My peers are best-selling authors in the investment world, CEOs of major businesses and traders that have made millions on Wall Street. And I don't say that to brag. Rather, I want you to know...

If I put my name on any investment letter, it MUST be the best. And Penny Stock Fortunes is.

In years past, Penny Stock Fortunes readers have had the chance to rake in gains like these...

Penny Stock Fortune Gains

If you had put only $200 into each one, you would be sitting on $8,502.12 today.

Those are some pretty nice gains — and they are only a few of what readers have seen through the years. There have been more — lots more! And there WILL be more in the future. Because there are new blockbuster opportunities every day!

Every month, I highlight at least two penny stock opportunities for you. I tell you what the risks and rewards are. And I give you ALL the information you need to make an informed buy decision.

I even let you know when to take your gains and get out — with detailed and reasoned sell recommendations. It couldn't be any simpler...or more potentially profitable.

Check out what some of our Penny Stock Fortunes readers have said...

I've Made More Money With You Than the More Expensive Services
"I depend on the recommendations of Penny Stock Fortunes, plus some research for peace of mind. I am not a rocket scientist in the area of investing and cannot afford huge chunks of change for stock. I only wish I had signed up sooner for the service. I respect what you do. I've made more money with this service than any of the other more expensive services out there."

— Best Regards, Peggy B.

You Allow My Money to Work for Me!
"Thank you for helping my dreams become a reality by allowing me to make my money work! Believe it or not, you are the only newsletter that I have found I can trust."

— A happy and loyal subscriber, R. Hunt

I Love Your Analysis!
"I am very new at trading stocks. In fact, my only experience prior to subscribing to Penny Stock Fortunes has been keeping an occasional eye on my 401(k)-type savings plan that my employer sponsors. I love your analysis as well as your delivery."

Reaped Many Rewards
"I've been impressed by the results of the system and reaped many rewards. Your system has helped steer me in the right direction and prepare the foundation for a profitable future."

— T.K., Satisfied PSF Subscriber

Those are some pretty powerful testimonials. And it goes to show how you can make a lot of money if you are willing to invest in the right penny stocks.

In a moment, I'll give you all the details you need to know to invest in the four hottest stocks on the market right now — the four stocks that could start your own profitable stock string and turn $200 into $5 million in 2009.

And if you take advantage of my 100% money-back guarantee today and sign up for Penny Stock Fortunes, you could begin booking the gains in just a few hours — literally.

How so? Let's take a look...

I want to prove to you that my research service is the best in the world, so I'm going to give you four penny stock picks that could easily double your money...or more.

When you sign up for your risk-free trial to Penny Stock Fortunes, you'll get all the details on these four barnburner stocks in my groundbreaking report Four Penny Stocks You Need to Own. Here's a sampling of what you will find...

Barnburner Stock No. 1: Millions of shares of this small company were snapped up by legendary investor George Soros. This company that has him so excited is a leader in a specific kind of telecommunications technology poised to return decades of great profits.

The company is solidly run, has great financials and will be a welcome addition to your portfolio. Its forecast for the future is one of the brightest you'll find in the entire technology sector.

Barnburner Stock No. 2: This company has a head start on technology that helps businesses, governments, and universities connect to the Internet. And now, the giant firms that provide Internet access to tens of millions of homes are about to jump aboard too.

This is one of those companies you'll be hearing about on TV in another year or two — after the big money's already been made. You have a chance to grab that big money for yourself!

Barnburner Stock No. 3: This tiny health insurer is steadily growing its revenues in a tough economy. And its five-year growth rate is more than double the industry average.

In an industry dominated by big boys like Blue Cross and Humana, no one's noticing the profit stream this little dynamo is building. Get in before the crowd starts to notice, and the profit potential is amazing!

Barnburner Stock No. 4: If you use a wireless modem for your laptop computer, there's a good chance this company makes it. It's lined up lucrative contracts with all the big providers — AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. This stock could return years of great profits!

Any one of these four stocks could return four times your money or more. And if just two or three rise, one after another — forming a profitable stock chain — you could walk away VERY rich! Just how rich?

Well, that's impossible to forecast. But if it's as good as the profit string Penny Stock Fortunes had back in 2003, you are in for a treat. I'm reaching all the way back to 2003 to show you these gains, because I want to prove to you just how successful this service has been... for YEARS! Check it out...

Nine Gaining Stocks in a Row!

From June 2003 until Oct. 22, 2003, Penny Stock Fortunes closed out positions in nine stocks. They were all for gains. Take a look at what can happen when you hit several successes in a row...

9 Winners in a Row!

Right now, I also have stocks in the open portfolio that are up 19%, 33% — the list goes on and on!

Think about these results for a second... in only six months, nine Penny Stock Fortunes picks in a row returned profits. Not a loser in the group! This is a real-life chain of gains that you could easily see when you subscribe. And who knows? If you hit everything just right, you could even turn $200 into $5 million!

So how can you get started in this moneymaking venture? How can you get the names and ticker symbols of my four favorite small-cap stocks for 2009?

All you have to do to get in is join me at Penny Stock Fortunes. Take me up on my offer to try out my research service risk-free. If my recommendations do not deliver at least four 100% gains in the next year, just let me know and I will gladly refund double you what you paid for the service.

A Chance to Make Tons of Money, or I Pay You

Penny Stock Fortunes is worth thousands of dollars a year. If, for example, just one of my Four Penny Stocks You Need to Own stocks rises 100%, you could make thousands of dollars right there, depending on your initial stake.

Between these and other upcoming opportunities alone, you could see $200 stakes shoot up to princely sums in no time!

With the profit potential this high, it wouldn't be unreasonable to ask for $2,000 to join Penny Stock Fortunes. After all, you could make that up on one or two investments — easily. But that's not all...

Sign up now, and you'll get the names of my four favorite barnburner stocks — all of which could at least double your money in a heartbeat. The groundbreaking report is called Four Penny Stocks You Need to Own. Inside this one report, you'll get the hard data on four excellent companies and what simple steps you need to take to start seeing amazing profits!

Plus, if you act right now, I'll also throw in two more reports... FOR FREE!

My Best Online Discount Brokers Guide will tell you what you need to watch out for when searching for a broker, and how to find a good one. Having the wrong broker can suck profits from even the tidiest of portfolios — but having the right broker will put you on easy street even quicker!

Winning With Penny Stocks will give you an insider's look into the world of small-capitalization penny stocks — how they work, how they grow and what you need to do to see the best profits. Investing successfully over the long term with penny stocks is both an art and a science. This report will get you started off on the right foot.

So that's four stocks to get you started on your way to earning $5 million in 2009 and beyond, plus TWO other exclusive reports.

All of a sudden, $2,000 doesn't seem like so much to ask!

But don't worry, there's no way in the world I'm going to ask $2,000 for a subscription.

In fact, I'm not even going to ask $100! I'm going to offer you my best deal ever. And I mean that. Just keep one thing in mind...

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  • Penny Stock Fortunes recommended shares of Select Comfort. At the time, this beaten-up bed manufacturer was trading for $5.61 a pop. Less than five months later, every investor on Wall Street was buying the stock, and it shot up to $9.76 per share

  • Chinese diesel engine maker, China Yuchai, was also screaming, "BUY." It was trading for less than 10 times earnings. Its sales and net income were soaring. And demand for its diesel engines was sky high. When Penny Stock Fortunes recommended CYD to readers, it was trading for $7.50. Less than two months later, it hit $18.50. That's a 146% gain in 60 days!

  • Shares of gold and silver miner Coeur d'Alene Mines were once dirt cheap. And with precious metals on the rise, this was a no-brainer. Readers were able to buy shares of CDE for $1.71. Later, they were triggered to sell at $5.49 — a mere 221% gain!

A bed maker, a Chinese diesel engine manufacturer and a gold miner... It doesn't matter what kind of company it is — as long as it is a solid business in a growing industry.

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You can do the same.

Heck, even the mainstream press knows these stocks are the best. Remember...

Forbes reported that "Small companies are expected to grow earnings considerably faster than large companies, and small stocks are likely to remain popular as long as they are delivering superior earnings growth."

The problem is most of those other so-called experts don't have the guts to recommend penny stocks! But I do. And if you join me today, I will — starting with the four best stocks to own right now. But before you sign up, look at what another reader said about Penny Stock Fortunes...

You Do the Work for Me! Being an accountant, I understand financials, however, I don't have time to research every stock I come across. You have done that for me.'

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Irreverent, Skeptical, Penetrating, In-Your-Face Coverage of the Small-Cap Universe

At Penny Sleuth, we're tired of the same old story on Wall Street — especially when it comes to the small-cap market. Everyone's a "yes man" these days. Your broker loves any stock that will make him a commission. "Yes, it's a buy." The mainstream analysts do nothing but tout bad stock after bad stock. "Yes, they will rise!" Even your neighbors tell you only about their winners.

The best deals aren't found on the surface of Wall Street. They are hidden in the shadows, in the corners and under the rug. Most brokers don't know a thing about them. The Wall Street Journal doesn't cover them at all. And your neighbor doesn't even know they exist.

So who knows what secrets lurk in the shadows of the
small-cap universe?


Sleuthing is about peering into the dark corners of the small-cap market. It's about asking questions no one else is asking and looking off the beaten path for answers.

It's about looking at the market with a fresh perspective and at small-cap investing with a fresh approach. Sleuthing is about seeking real insights...and real gains.

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I look forward to welcoming you on board. And I can't wait until you see just how powerful these penny stock profit chains can be. I do hope you will find out!

Best regards,

Greg Guenthner
Penny Stock Fortunes
January, 2009

P.S.: If you sign up today, I'll rush you a copy of your FREE report with the names of the four best penny stocks of 2009, Four Penny Stocks You Need to Own, to get you started on a profitable stock string — just like the one that could have turned $200 into $5 million from 2007 — 2008. AND — you'll also have immediate access to all your other FREE gifts as well!

P.P.S.: If my analysis does not reap you at least four 100% gains in your 12 issues of Penny Stock Fortunes, just let me know and I'll refund you DOUBLE your subscription price. Guaranteed.


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