Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shameful New Medical Scare Tactics!

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Special Alert Bulletin

Protect your savings and your health by saying "NO WAY" to the
next wave of...

Shameful New Medical Scare Tactics!

The medical industry's newest plan to "scare the cash out of
you" to boost their slumping profits. For example...

* "You're headed for a heart attack." Another 11 million
Americans are slated to get a statin drug--even if their
cholesterol is normal. Be sure YOU aren't one of them!

* "Those extra pounds are killing you. " Why losing weight
WON'T make you healthier. Now, forget dieting and live longer
with this secret!

* "You need a biopsy." Not so fast. Cancer cells spread when a
tumor is punctured. But this new discovery STOPS them in their

* "Genetic testing can save your life." Their newest
money-making scheme. But anyone can turn OFF their disease genes
right now--for FREE!

* "Get a flu shot or else." Lies they tell about flu
deaths--and the hidden RISKS in vaccines!

Inside: The top 50 best drug-free cures for today's most common
medical problems.

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BUSTED: Today's Dumbest Health Advice!

Mountain Home Nutritionals
700 Indian Springs Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601

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