Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taipan Daily: Have you heard about this?

Dear Taipan Daily reader,

This report, which I'm sending you a copy of free, has got a lot of readers talking. It's about a very secretive meeting that's going to take place in Geneva, Switzerland. The men attending are five of the most influential world leaders. They have one specific agenda in mind: determining the fate of the U.S. dollar. What they decide will change your idea of "money" forever – and set you up with a chance at $540,000 or more with one investment.

I have to tell you some readers were shocked by the information contained in this report. I wanted you to have a chance to read it and make your own judgment. Please set aside 10 minutes to read this report and then decide for yourself. Then let me hear from you as soon as possible.

Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily
Sandy Franks
Executive Publisher, Taipan Daily

The 2nd Red
Herring Alliance

In 2010, under the guise of
routine business, five powerful men
from around the globe will meet
behind closed doors.

What they decide will change your idea
of "money" forever -- and set you up
with a chance at $540,000 or more.

Dear Reader,

History is full of "red herrings."

They're decoys that lead your eyes and mind away from something else -- most often, something evil, illegal or dangerous...

The Trojan Horse was a red herring, fixing the attention of Troy's army away from the defense of their city.

Some would say Lee Harvey Oswald was a red herring, a patsy concealing a vast conspiracy involving the Mafia, CIA and KGB.

But the most important and wide-reaching red herring in history is something I'll guarantee you've never even heard of...

It happened at a place called Jekyll Island.

In 1913, seven men -- who collectively represented 25% of the world's wealth -- gathered on a seven-mile strip of land off the Georgia coast. Ostensibly, their purpose was a friendly duck-hunting expedition between old friends...

However, not a single duck was shot that weekend.

Instead, this secret alliance changed the world's definition of "money" for the next century.

You see, what came of that meeting was the creation of something you know as the American Federal Reserve -- an institution that's been in power now for more than 95 years.

And what those seven men decided in that smoke-filled room on Jekyll Island was that the U.S. dollar would begin its rule as the new world reserve currency.

Now you understand why this particular red herring -- born out of trickery and deceit -- is one of the most famous in history.

Those who embraced the idea, and had the inside scoop, profited greatly... earning riches enough to retire instantly and move to mansions in Paris.

They pocketed fortunes and never looked back... trading in their pennies for a life they had only ever dreamed of.

Today, a similar red herring is on the horizon.

Five men from around the globe will meet -- much like the Jekyll Island Seven -- under the pretense of a routine get-together.

When that meeting ends, the way you think about money will change forever.

Thanks to a high-placed source, we have a pretty good idea what the outcome of this future meeting is going to be.

Those who are in the know and take action immediately stand to be rewarded with the payday of a lifetime.

You could easily walk away with as much as $540,000 -- in one fell swoop -- if not more.

Heck, some could stand to profit just like those from the Jekyll Island group and retire instantly...

But you have to move RIGHT NOW if you expect to reap those kinds of gains -- those who wait for this meeting to actually happen before taking action will not make the big money.

Here's what you need to know now in order to get rich...

How a powerful few will decide
the future of money AGAIN... And
make you filthy rich doing it

I predict that on an unspecified date next year, in a small, unassuming office building just outside the main business district of Geneva, Switzerland, five of the world's most high-powered officials will come together.

They'll show up in unmarked Benzes and Bentleys, casually dressed, trying, for all intents and purposes, to make it appear as if what they're about to do is completely routine.

There will be no cameras, phones or recording devices...

But just as it happened on Jekyll Island, when this "red herring" meeting ends, the future face of money will be very different.

The U.S. dollar as we know it will become extinct.

In fact, currency as a whole will have changed drastically -- no more yuan, rupees or euros as they exist today.

Instead, we'll have an entirely new currency. Something the world has never seen -- or even imagined.

It won't be gold, silver or any other precious metal, either...

But before you jump to conclusions about what this "universal currency" could be, I want you to realize this could actually be a very good thing for YOU.

You see, if you know what these five officials are going to decide -- and I do, thanks to a high-placed source -- you could stand to grow rich almost instantly, pocketing $540,000 or more in a very short period of time.

How can I be so sure of this?

Just ask Peter Leza...

Why Peter Leza was offered
$500,000... And turned it down

At age 22, Peter Leza made an investment most people didn't even know existed...

And even if they did know, they would have laughed at him for taking $500 of his hard-earned money and throwing it down the drain.

However, a short time later, Peter was the one laughing.

"I own a lot of stocks and bonds," says Leza, "But I don't think there's anything in the world you can invest in as good as [this]."

While most people were collecting dividends or pumping cash into mutual funds, Peter was hoarding as much of his secret investment as he could get his hands on.

Maybe Peter got lucky. Or maybe he knew exactly what he was doing...

But no matter what the reason, he found himself cashing in for the payday of a lifetime.

In fact, Peter recently turned down a $500,000 offer for just 1/10th of the investment he's been holding.

Most people would jump at an offer that high... but not Peter Leza.

He doesn't need the money.

Not only did he turn down the offer, but he also has enough cash set aside to put his four great-grandchildren through college.

Heck, with his investment valued at $5 million, he has enough money to put a whole slew of people through college.

All from a measly $500. That's 1,000 times his money.

Even better, Peter is still making money on his investment today... 76 years later. He also knows just how much his investment stands to be worth over the next several years...

That's because when the five men I mentioned earlier meet in 2010, the asset Peter is holding will become part of the world's new "reserve currency."

And much like those from the Jekyll Island meeting -- as one of the early birds to get into this asset -- he stands to make more money than he ever dreamed possible.

It's no exaggeration to say that Peter could easily make another 1,000 times his money, and not in another 63 years...

More like 63 weeks, if this meeting goes the way I know it will.

The good news for you is there's still time to be one of those "early birds" yourself. You don't have to have made your move years ago like Peter Leza to rake in huge gains.

There's still a window of opportunity. And like I said, that "window" could pay you as much as $540,000...

But before I go any further, let me briefly clarify what's happening here...

What exactly is this
new world reserve currency?

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this new world currency is that it's actually been discussed before...

In fact, renowned economist John Maynard Keynes proposed it back in the 1940s.

It was to be a currency backed by commodities rather than the standard bill-and-coinage currencies most countries had grown used to.

As it turns out, Keynes and his currency unit -- the Bancor -- were just too far ahead of their time in the '40s...

But recently, this plan has surfaced again -- only this time it's under the table. Most people have no idea it's coming.

This new currency is very much like what Keynes came up with back in the 1940s... a currency backed by hard assets.

However, not just any asset will work.

Even something like gold won't work -- there's just not enough of it. There's only $4 trillion to $5 trillion worth of it on Earth.

Existing gold -- and even silver -- reserves are too small to back up a currency that can truly support the new world economy.

This is why a currency based on hard assets -- ones the world has plenty to spare -- would make far more sense.

I'm talking about things like timber, copper and rare earth minerals... a combination of assets plentiful enough to back an entire world currency.

How can I be so sure it's going to happen this time?

The age of a "new world currency" has already begun...

It's no secret the Chinese have been on a buying spree lately...

And if you take a hard look at what they've been buying, you'd see that they're exchanging U.S. dollars left and right for as many hard assets as they can get their hands on.

Why? Because they know how valuable these assets will be once the transition to a new world currency occurs.

Timber won't just be timber. Copper won't just be copper. These things will literally be money in the bank.

And it's not just China. Russia is also in on this in a big way, as are Brazil, India and others.

At the recent G8 Summit, French President Nicolas Sarkozy railed against keeping the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency, exclaiming, "We cannot stick with just one single currency."

Even the chief economist at Goldman Sachs, Jim O'Neill, is worried about the future of the dollar. In a June 2O U.K. Telegraph article, he's quoted as saying:

"The BRIC countries [Brazil, Russia, India and China] are becoming so much more important, while the G7, including the US declines, which raises issues about the degree of dominance of the dollar..."

Now, the "anti-dollar" movement is one we've all been hearing about for years, ever since China decoupled the yuan from the buck back in 2005...

But this time, it's more than just talk; the end of the dollar really is on the horizon.

And once the new world currency I'm talking about takes over, the world's idea of money (as well as yours) will be changed forever.

My only hope is that you heed my warning -- as well as my advice on how to get rich off this historic shift.

You see, once this currency is implemented, a momentous change will occur as more and more countries fight to own these assets.

And there's nothing you can do but sit back and rake in the money as it happens.

"To prevent the deficiencies in the main reserve currency, there's a need to create a new currency that's delinked from the economies of the issuers."

- The People's Bank of China

The best way to do that is by following what all these countries are doing... turn your attention to all these hard assets that will define the world's currency just a short time from now.

It's not just a shot in the dark. I know which assets are being targeted thanks to some inside information I've recently received.

One of them, in fact, is the very same thing Peter Leza (whom I mentioned earlier) used to get super wealthy.

Of course, making $5 million like Peter did would require a significant amount of luck...

But even if you walk away with "only" $540,000 like I'm sure you could, I'm sure you wouldn't complain.

Let me show you what I mean...

How you could make $540,000
off this once-in-a-lifetime currency shift

Look, I can't tell you with 100% certainty this meeting is going to happen in Geneva, exactly what kinds of cars these officials are going to drive up in, or even the exact date of this meeting.

In fact, no one can.

But, I can tell you this. According to a highly placed source, this meeting is going to occur soon and it's going to involve hard assets.

Put simply, certain hard assets are going to skyrocket as this currency becomes a reality.

You just have to know exactly which ones to put your money in if you want to make a killing.

Luckily, I do... and I'm about to share that information with you right now.

Two of the biggest assets that are going to create a buying bonanza are timber and copper.


Well, timber IS infinitely renewable -- but there's only a finite supply of choice tracts of timberland. And there are a select few targets that are going to be hit hard once the timber-buying spree begins.

And copper, because of how essential it is to developing nations.

It's no secret countries like China, India and Brazil are spending trillions of dollars emulating America's high standard of living and rampant consumerism.

As they do so, the demand for copper is going to go through the roof even more than it already has. In fact, demand is going up the very moment I write this -- even though the world economy is depressed...

In fact, according to a special report from Commodity Online, copper demand has increased by 89% over just the last year and a half...

It's these two assets -- timber and copper -- that are going to make you hugely wealthy if you know what you're doing.

"We need some kind of universal means of payment, which could create the basis of a future international financial system."

- Dmitri Medvedev, Russian President

There are two companies in particular that I'm certain are going to be primary targets in helping you rake in incredible gains.

I'll share their names and ticker symbols with you in just a moment, but first let me show you just how profitable these assets can be.

As I showed you earlier, Peter Leza made an absolute killing, turning $500 into $5 million.

While those 100,000% gains are extraordinary, his source of super wealth is extremely simple.

In fact, Peter had put his money in timber. And he's still making money off it right now... 76 years later.

But even if you didn't invest back in 1933 like Peter did, you can still make a huge amount of cash starting right now.

Just take a look at a company called Plum Creek Timber. At first glance, it appears to be just a normal, run-of-the-mill timber outfit.

And in most cases, that's just what it is. But for Riley McManis, it was something else entirely.

That's because in just a single day -- February 10th of this year -- Riley pocketed $62,640 on this company. And if that isn't incredible enough, there's more...

On that same day, five others raked in huge sums of cash on this firm as well:

  • Mike Willard snagged $23,889
  • Jonas Seiler grabbed $48,998
  • James Marquis earned $64,200
  • Rowan Jacobson stashed away $49,722
  • Sloan Thompson pocketed $58,662

That's a total of $310,091 in just 24 hours -- and even better, none of these people started with a stake that exceeded $1,000.

If you'd known what these guys did, you could have made more than $64,000 in a single day just like Riley McManis did.

Now imagine what companies like this will do once they become primary targets for countries looking to stockpile hard assets.

You got it. The stock prices are going to absolutely skyrocket. There's no telling how high they might go.

And it's the same story with copper.

Have a look at the chart below:

View Imperial Metals Chart

This stock -- for a company called Imperial Metals -- went from $0.44 to $18.46 in just a four-year period from 2003 to 2007.

That turns every $1,000 into $41,954... or every $5,000 into $209,772 -- in just four short years.

See what I mean? All this happened with a regular stock BEFORE 99.9% of investors were even paying attention to it.

And, just like with timber, companies like this copper firm look to really take off once they've become "buy" targets next year, after the new world reserve currency becomes public knowledge.

That $272,412 you could have made off the two companies I just showed you could very easily double once these targets come into play -- turning into $540,000, or even more. Perhaps much more.

Luckily, I've found two of these targets... companies that stand to skyrocket once the new world reserve currency is implemented... once the "red herring" meeting in 2010 concludes.

What are the names of these companies?

I'm about to let you in on that. But first, let me introduce myself to you and tell you how I discovered this opportunity.

The most exciting opportunity of my
entire career...
and your investing life

My name is Justice Litle.

And I can honestly tell you, after a full decade of researching the markets for a living as an independent
analyst -- it takes quite a bit to surprise me.

However, once I learned about what's going on right now... I was completely shocked.

You see, thanks to a high-placed source from a superpower's central bank, I was able to come by such information.

It goes without saying I can't name names or list any documents I've looked at, but I can tell you I've laid eyes on information that only a handful of people in the world have seen.

I've just never seen anything like this before...

Even more shocking is how lucrative this opportunity could be despite all the fiscal suffering of the past two years.

Once-in-an-age chances like this make my job very interesting to say the least, but finding the "diamond in the rough" isn't always easy for ordinary investors.

It's why people are constantly asking me how to make money in such a crazy market... how to avoid losing money... and even how to read the market for the biggest gains out there.

Of course, there's a ton of people out there who are willing to share a piece of their minds about money and investing.

Unfortunately for you, most of those people have no idea what they're talking about.

They're not the ones being quoted by The Wall Street Journal or writing articles for Futures Magazine like I am...

I don't mean to brag, but you don't end up being a regular contributor of market commentary for Reuters or contributing to an actual, published book like I have with Trend Following by accident.

It takes a lot of years and a lot of hard work. And that's what sets me apart from the plethora of "amateur" analysts out there...

They're just not willing to put in the hard work it takes to find the best opportunities in the world... something I learned very quickly as I pursued a Ph.D. at Oxford University in England.

They simply don't have the background to find the off-the-radar investments that could set them up for a life of wealth like Peter Leza enjoys.

So after years of watching people lose money thanks to bad advice from friends and so-called "experts," I decided to do something about it...

I developed a newsletter called Taipan's Safe Haven Investor. In it, I share my lucrative, yet financially sound investment ideas with investors and wealth builders like you.

You see, unlike most of the "advice" out there, this newsletter is completely based on keeping your hard-earned cash protected in challenging markets like we're experiencing now...

While at the same time giving you the chance to use little-known ways to grow your assets far more than what mainstream investors ever get the chance to do...

"The major part of Indian reserves are in dollars -- that is something that's a problem for us... Currency adjustment is one thing that suggests itself."

- Suresh Tendulkar, Chairman of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council

And with the new world reserve currency getting ready to "go live," the opportunity I've been telling you about today is perhaps the most potentially lucrative way to make money I've ever uncovered.

It doesn't really matter one way or the other how you feel about this new world currency. It's going to be implemented no matter how many Americans are opposed to it...

However, as the Jekyll Island Seven proved years ago, those who accept it and are willing to throw a few bucks in at the right moment could stand to retire on the spot once they bank their gains.

And unlike Peter Leza, you won't have to wait years for these profits to come in.

As I revealed above, I'm 100% certain that the "second red herring alliance" I described will happen as early as next year.

You already know that high-powered officials from several major countries have chimed in on the matter -- stating they think there's no other way to go than a global currency.

It's not the first time
I've been on the cusp of
a world-altering call...

A few years back, a friend and I were on the prowl for big-time trades... the kind of trade that can turn mere pennies into a fortune overnight.

Lucky for us, one of those trades came our way in 1999. I'd noticed some unusual "noise" going on in the gold market, and I felt it was worth a closer look.

The opportunity I discovered, like the one I'm telling you about today, was simply too good to overlook... yet many people, even experienced traders, weren't even paying attention.

As quickly as possible, my friend and I immediately sunk $10,000 into the play... and the outcome was just as we had predicted.

In a mere five trading days, we had turned that $10,000 into $60,000. That's a 600% return... in less than a week.

You see, we had made our play not long before a European Bank Accord was announced, putting a five-year moratorium on gold sales.

Gold prices exploded on the announcement, handing us some massive gains.

What most people were unaware of, or didn't know how to do the research on, could have made them 600% returns in just a matter of days.

And they've said this in public meetings, which have already taken place on the matter...

Doesn't really sound like the new world currency I'm talking about is a "maybe," now does it?

To me, it all adds up to a very realistic way to grow a portfolio AND pocket huge sums of cash along the way.

There's always a way to make
money -- you just have to find it.

Throughout my career, I've made it a mission to find the right investment recommendation at the right time for my readers.

And it certainly isn't easy.

In fact, it's quite a bit of work. It means two-hour conference calls, sitting in on three-day-long meetings, and sifting through hundreds of financial reports each day...

But all this work pays off. I'm proud that I've been able to steer my readers towards positive returns, no matter what the markets are doing.

Even though the economic climate has been pretty lousy lately, Safe Haven Investor readers have still seen some pretty nice gains so far in 2009.

In fact, three of my open recommendations right now could have earned in-the-know investors 45%, 52% and 111% so far this year.

And as I mentioned, those gains are all on current picks -- they still have the chance to go much higher...

But I'm 100% confident that once this new world reserve currency goes live, the two companies I'm going to add to the Safe Haven Investor model portfolio will have the potential to earn you the payday of a lifetime.

You could even earn as much as $540,000 like I showed you earlier.

Or maybe a lot more. As with any once-in-a-lifetime event, there's simply no existing frame of reference that can help us estimate just how much money there is to be made.

It could be even more than I'm estimating.

In fact, George Soros once took advantage of a massive shift in currency to make over $1 billion in just a single day.

Of course, that's likely not going to happen to you or me. I'm just pointing out with an opportunity like this, the sky's the limit.

But the only way you'll receive complete details on each one of these firms -- names, profiles, ticker symbols, etc. -- is to respond to this letter NOW.

As with any lucrative investment based on inside information, only those that take advantage before the masses stand to see the biggest gains...

Why you must stake your claim immediately

I can't stress enough just how fast-moving these plays could be.

Once the new world reserve currency is upon us, there are going to be bidding wars between companies for timber, copper and other assets that are suitable for use as universal money.

Hard assets and well-positioned companies that produce them will get scooped up left and right -- and if you're one of those few who got in early, you'll be collecting huge windfall payouts...

Everyone else, however, will be fighting for your scraps.

That's why there's simply no time to waste. You must take advantage of this situation immediately...

If you don't, you stand to be one of those on the outside, wishing they had gotten in for the millions of dollars in payouts that will most certainly be doled out to early investors.

That's why I'm going to immediately make sure you get this time-sensitive information once you respond to this letter.

I want you to have this zero-risk, no-obligation information in hand seconds after you request it. I don't believe in dawdling when it comes to the possibility of my readers pocketing a half million dollars or more...

Once you have this information, you'll know how to take advantage of this situation, which companies I'm certain are poised to skyrocket -- and most importantly: How you can set yourself up for the $540,000 payday I've been talking about.

So, how will this information arrive at your fingertips?

It's simple.

Sign up for Safe Haven Investor -- with zero risk or obligation -- and you'll immediately receive, via e-mail, a Special Report I've compiled on this matter titled How to Bank $540,000 Worth of the New World Reserve Currency.

This report is absolutely FREE. All you have to do is claim it (which I'll tell you how to do in just a second).

It's as straightforward as it sounds.

Respond to this letter... read the Special Report... make money.

It doesn't get any easier than this to potentially make more than half a million dollars, as far as I know.

Now normally, my recommendations are not quite this urgent. But they are this time, and here's why:

Right now, you've got a rare chance to get invested in the new world currency before it's been formally established.

Remember, the "second red herring alliance" meeting will most likely occur next year -- and it's imperative you get in before the news is all over the mainstream media.

So there's really no time to delay here...

Now, I bet I know what you're thinking: "What's the deal here? I'm sure I have to do something to get a chance at this $540 grand or more, right?"

True enough. But if you read on for a moment longer, I'm sure you're going to be surprised at how little I'm asking of you...

One proven investment research advisory --
8 FREE ways to profit from it

First, I want you to realize I'd never ask you to spend a dime unless it was 100% risk- and obligation-free...

All I ask before I send all the urgent information I've promised is that you accept a simple, risk-free trial to my newsletter, Safe Haven Investor.

And for simply agreeing to test my research service, with absolutely no obligation, you'll get a wealth of powerful profit resources:

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You'll be one of a select group that receives this information...

But even better, you'll have the chance to secure ground-floor returns on what stands to be one of the biggest moneymaking opportunities in history.

It's not every day you get a chance quite like this one...

Of course, for the chance to make $540,000... most people would be willing to pay a boatload -- $1,000... $2,000... certainly even $5,000 or more.

After all, $540 grand is more than 10 years' worth of salary for the average person.

However, if you think my newsletter costs anywhere near that, you're going to be shocked at what I have to tell you.

But before I get to that, let me show you two "must have" bonus gifts I want to give you in addition to everything I listed above.

And all for simply agreeing to try my Safe Haven Investor newsletter with absolutely no risk or obligation.

Special Bonus #1:

Profit Report: "Cash In With Crisis Bonds"

In 1970, a young Greek-American immigrant named John, fresh off a tour of duty in Vietnam, came home to launch his business career -- and plowed every penny he had into a very special kind of investment.

That investment eventually helped him amass a $1.7 billion fortune and transformed him into one of today's most respected industry players.

In 1990, Kenneth, a recent college graduate -- using the same special kind of investment -- laid the foundation for what would eventually become one of the most successful hedge funds in America.

In 2008, this fund was valued as high as $18 billion.

And as recently as this past November, the former chief investment officer of a major American bank went on a shopping spree -- pouring $17.5 million of his portfolio back into the very same investment.

Guess what? He locked in double-digit returns in the midst of one of the worst months in American financial history.

So why am I telling you these stories?

Because right now, you can now get your hands on the same special investment all of these men built their massive fortunes on for less than half its true value!

I call these special investments "Crisis Bonds," and they're specifically tailored to investors looking to both protect their assets AND build their wealth during tough times.

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Greek-immigrant John started buying Crisis Bonds at the age of 28. He didn't have much formal investing education or trading experience. Plus he had very little money to get started...

Kenneth began purchasing Crisis Bonds from his Harvard dorm room in the late 1980's. Little did anyone else know that they'd eventually turn him into one of the most powerful men on Wall Street...

These financial geniuses both realized early enough that Crisis Bonds are some of the safest and most reliable moneymakers you can ever hope to own. What's more, there's never been a better time to add them to your portfolio.

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Amazingly, that's not all...

Special Bonus #2:

Profit Report: FREE MONEY! Collect Big "Free Money" Payouts, Courtesy of the U.S. Government...

After years of giving special treatment to America's financial elite... the U.S. government is finally helping the "little guy" for a change.

In fact, thanks to a federal law, you can now divert thousands of dollars per month from Wall Street's wealthiest institutions -- directly into your own bank account.

This program allows you to legally skim money from the cutthroat Wall Street firms who've gotten obscenely rich at the expense of ordinary folks like you and me.

By following my detailed instructions, you could add $3,750 to $11,450 to your bank account every month, courtesy of the U.S. government.

It's perfectly legal, as mandated by SEC Code 13F. And regardless of how much money you collect from the plan, you'll NEVER have to pay back one thin dime.

In FREE MONEY! we'll show you exactly how to get your share of this fantastic income opportunity.

Again, this Special Report is absolutely free. Both of the reports I told you about are.

Consider it my "thank you" for agreeing to test my Safe Haven Investor research service.

So how much will it cost you?

Can you spare the cost
of a postage stamp every 3 days?

As I said before, most people would be willing to shell out quite a bit of money for a realistic chance at $540,000 in profit.

And most investment research services can cost a good chunk of change -- anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000.

In fact, I personally know people who pay well over $5,000 per year for the same kind of information you're going to get from Safe Haven Investor.

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Justice Litle
Justice Litle
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July 2009

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