Monday, August 17, 2009

Taipan Daily: Lessons From Lions

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Editorial Director’s Note: Jim’s got a thing for Africa, and for lions above all. You won’t want to miss his exciting wrap-up of the myriad goings-on at the 2009 Taipan Global Opportunities Summit — including a chilling encounter with the King of Beasts in Chicago’s renowned Field Museum of Natural History. It also includes one of your last chances at some roaring profits of your own…

Lessons From Lions
Final Highlights From the 2009 Taipan Global Opportunities Summit
by Jim Amrhein, Contributing Editor, Taipan Daily

Chicago’s a town with a history of violence. And not to seem morbid, but I’ll admit that one of the reasons I jumped at the chance to cover Taipan Publishing Group’s 2009 Global Opportunities Summit was to see the Windy City resting place of a pair of notorious killers…

Like pharaohs, they lived in splendor, were feared and revered as gods, and roamed without care among the terrified masses. And like despotic Roman emperors, they entered the domiciles of the people they dominated and killed them at will.

They were the among the most bloodthirsty man-slaughterers in the world at the turn of the 20th century — and are the serial killers with the highest body counts since the Medieval era. Between them, they brutally murdered approximately 135 people…

But they didn’t use Tommy guns or revolvers or knives or baseball bats to do it. They used teeth and claws and savagery and stealth.

They were the man-eating lions of Tsavo.

For those who don’t know the story, the man-eaters were a pair of enormous maneless male lions that terrorized an entire encampment of native African and imported Indian laborers as they struggled to construct a bridge over the Tsavo River for Britain’s Kenya-Uganda railroad in 1898.

According to the accounts of Col. John Henry Patterson, the Irish-born engineer who was contracted to build this bridge on the Kenyan border, these lions were especially brazen around humans and utterly unafraid of firearms. They were also quite atypical in their feeding and living habits. These factors combined to earn them the names “ghost” and “darkness” among the laborers.

Under the looming threat of rebellion by the terrified workers, Patterson undertook the task of eliminating the cats — finally killing them three weeks apart after months of hunting involving numerous inventive strategies…

The second of these lions took seven shots to bring down — the last two frontals while the beast was charging the resolute Patterson with everything he had.

I can tell you from personal experience from my 2007 Zimbabwe safari that the soulless, yellow-eyed glare of a mature wild lion tom will drain the spit from the mouth of even the most stoic man in a heartbeat. And his charge is positively paralyzing.

A wild tom lion rushes straight at you like a linebacker with a clear shot at the quarterback. He explodes from a crouch without warning, inertia and airspeed slicking his mane back against his neck as he reaches full speed at the first stride. He hurtles toward you with rhythmic, coughing grunts as the motion of his powerful front legs forces bursts of air from his bellows-sized lungs…

Groo-agh, groo-agh, groo-agh.

Forty feet, twenty-five feet, ten feet, death.

If that description seems vivid, it’s because a single glance into the eyes of the Tsavo man-eaters at Chicago’s incredible Field Museum of Natural History brought with it a terrifying flashback of that fearsome charge as though it were happening all over again.

For me, that memory alone was worth the trip.

But attendees of the 2009 Taipan Global Opportunities Summit came for a different kind of adrenaline rush — the kind that comes with the promise of profits…

Four More “Lions” of Alternative Investment Knowledge

In yesterday’s Taipan Daily, you read the highlights of Contributing Editor Sara Nunnally’s sobering presentation on the Annihilation of the American Brand

And in case I didn’t mention it before, Sara was the one who came up with the single most potentially profitable trade from the 2008 Taipan Global Opportunities Summit:

A possible 6,900% gain - that's 69 times your money. If you missed her article this week, I suggest you check it out in this year's CD/MP3 recordings.

That leaves me with three presentations from three powerhouse Taipan editors yet to summarize for you. Let’s start with the ever-popular and supremely credible…

ZACHARY SCHEIDT — Managing Risk in an Age of Black Swans

For those who may not recognize the term, a “black swan” event is an outlier. A flyer on a graph. In economic terms, it’s an event or condition that occurs well outside the norms of historic precedent, predictive reason or common sense…

According to Zach, editor of both Taipan’s New Growth Investor and Death Cross Trader, black swans have been happening a lot lately, and they can create unanticipated risk in portfolios — and wreak havoc with normally sound systems of analysis.

“Risk is always present when investing,” according to Zach. And too many traders (individuals and professionals alike) end up causing permanent damage to their capital because of misunderstanding — or poorly managing — risk…

Unfortunately, people who learn this lesson often come to the conclusion that in order to protect against risk, they must trade conservatively. These people miss out on incredible trading opportunities.

Says Zach: “I'm here to tell you that you CAN trade aggressively — and book serious profits — while still protecting your wealth against crippling losses.”

Taipan's 2009 Global Opportunities Summit Reports

The Solace of Numbers

Spiritual Sizzle for Me - Profitable "Steak" for You

Ferris Bueller's Days Up

In his Friday morning presentation, Zach revealed his three distinctly different strategies for managing risk that could still allow you to book triple-digit winners…

While also insulating your wealth from significant losses. In your CD/MP3 recordings of the Taipan Global Opportunities Summit, Zach will walk you through the steps of each of these three strategies — so you can understand exactly how you can put these strategies to work in your account.

Starting off with several examples from the banking and bailout crisis that came to a head in 2008, Zach shows us exactly why these three risk-management strategies are so important. In a nutshell, these strategies offer:

  • Four crucial guidelines for the proper sizing of your positions relative to your investment account…

  • Four ways to pinpoint the “value at risk” of all your investing positions — which allows you take on more risk for greater rewards, but still limits your downside…

  • Four tips for keeping risky and conservative picks balanced in your portfolio — which keeps your capital stable, but still gives you “gambling money”…

On top of all this, Zach reveals his one key trade for right now — it’s aggressive and fast moving, so you’ll need to get your CD/MP3s of this phenomenal presentation right now if you want to get in on it.

I wouldn’t wait if I were you. Some of Zach’s picks in 2009 alone have been good for 155% in eight days, 189% in two days — even 524% in 16 days

Next up, Taipan’s one and only “Crisis Junkie.”

CHRISTIAN DeHAEMER — Buy Fear, Sell Greed

“The general market outlook of Crisis Trader is that the dollar will fall, inflation is looming, and hard assets such as gold and oil will be the largest beneficiaries of the next liquidity bubble…”

That’s how the soft-spoken, yet hard-nosed Navy veteran analyst DeHaemer began his speech at the 2009 Summit. He followed with four undeniable illustrators of America’s current “weak dollar” policy that are seldom mentioned in the mainstream financial media:

  • How as much as $23 trillion in anticipated new spending and bailouts will inevitably lead to inflation

  • Why China can’t ditch all of its dollar-based debt instruments — but how it can convert them to hard assets, which would weaken the dollar even more

  • How the Fed literally can’t raise interest rates to curb inflation without killing the housing and jobs market

  • Why the Chinese yuan is undervalued — and what will happen to the U.S. dollar once that currency finds its “equilibrium”

Even better, Chris offered 2009 Summit attendees three specific strategies for playing the fall of the dollar against commodities (get them here right now)…

His jam-packed presentation also included:

Five under-the-radar reasons why certain “junior” gold mines are looking especially irresistible right now…

Four essential truths why certain well-chosen “micro oil” players (and their service companies) could turn huge profits starting almost immediately…

Six reasons why hated mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) could become the profit vehicles you’ll love the most…

Most importantly, he offered us lucky listeners four specific plays from these distinctly different market segments that could help you stay well — or way — ahead as the dollar collapses. (Get them now.)

I’d get them if I were you. Some of his recent winners include 114% in 39 days, 174% in five days, and a whopping 235% in just six days…

But now, let me introduce you to Taipan’s “currency guru.”

HARINDER SINGH — Trading Currencies for a Profit

Even though he’s a globe-trotting 25-year veteran commodities trader and a mechanical engineer with a pair of U.S. patents under his belt, Mr. Singh is as humble as they come…

As the editor of Taipan’s brand-new Currency Profits Trader service, Harinder wowed the crowd with his extensive knowledge and expertise in currency trading — the one segment of money and investing Taipan readers ask about most.

His presentation was like a crash course in currency, covering all aspects, including:

  • The key differences between investing in currencies and investing in stocks, commodities and other vehicles

  • The myriad factors that affect a currency’s value in the world market — an amazingly complex topic, made simple

  • The advantages and disadvantages of both fundamental and technical approaches to investing in modern currencies

  • Detailed explanations of the risks/rewards of currency trading using all approaches

  • Exactly how to set up your currency trading account, plus valuable tips for successful currency trading

This presentation is a must-have for anyone interested in successful currency trading — or for anyone who’s finding it difficult to discover through trial and error the ins and outs of this kind of investing.

It’s the “grand finale” presentation of the 2009 Summit. Keep reading for the final details on how to get this wealth of knowledge and investment savvy for your own…

You Meet the Nicest People at the Summit

I’ve been to financial conferences before — both as a speaker and as a correspondent…

But this was my first-ever chance to attend the Taipan Global Opportunities Summit. And let me tell you: It’s a lot different than other events. Not to bring the topic back to meat, but I’m of the opinion that most financial conferences are 10% steak, 90% sizzle. You get a handful of experts who offer you a handful of tips — then endless “advice” from a seemingly never-ending list of vendors and sponsors who’ve paid money to be there.

In most cases, the entrance to the lecture hall itself is a winding maze through exhibitors who push brochures in your face and ply you with bowls of chocolate coins or mints or Swedish fish or whatever…

Not so at the 2009 Global Opportunities Summit. Aside from Taipan’s nine “lions” of alternative investing, just three outside entities presented — and they were specially selected by Taipan Publishing Group for their direct relevance to this specific conference.

Naturally, you’ll get to hear their wide-ranging and targeted insights in your CD or MP3 Summit recordings…

Also during the course of this incredible event, I had the privilege to meet and hobnob with a great many Summit attendees. People like Chicago-area VIP Inner Circle member Dan, who said he “got all of his investment advice from Taipan.”

And three-year VIP veteran Steve from southern Illinois, who began his Taipan experience with WaveStrength Options Weekly Editor Adam Lass. Says Steve, “I really enjoyed the commentary from him and Bryan… I got some quite good trades out of them.”

Death Cross Trader subscriber Blair graduated to it from the free Taipan Daily e-letter. She claims, “I got to this point where it kept intriguing me… It actually made me start looking at the markets more.”

Blair’s friend Laura, a guest at the Summit, commented: “I’m enjoying it immensely — and getting quite a bit out of it.” Now she’s considering joining with one or more of Taipan’s services…

Then there were father and son VIP members Dom and Greg from west-central Maryland. Outgoing and exuberant Greg was ecstatic with Taipan’s “always solid returns,” while affable, silver-bearded entrepreneur Dom claims Taipan’s “insights on trends” always help him to understand the bigger economic picture…

He added: “I got into [Adam’s] Ford calls last year — made about 500%!”

That about sums up the entire Taipan experience: Lots of people learning lots of things, and making lots of money…

Why don’t you join them right now? It’ll only cost you $79 for the all-electronic, instantly downloadable MP3 recordings of Taipan’s 2009 Global Opportunities Summit. And just $99 gets you BOTH these cyber-files and conventional, portable CDs you can take with you, enjoy and profit from anywhere.

Just like last year, you’ll get more than three dozen specific, timely investment recommendations tailored to today’s economic conditions…

And if history serves, all of them could end up giving you a chance at huge gains of 440%, 524% — even as much as 6,900%...

But only if you reserve your own copy of these limited-quantity recordings, in one of two easy-to-use formats.

Do it right now.

Jim Amrhein
Contributing Editor, Taipan Daily

P.S. Remember, the recordings of last year’s Summit sold out completely. Make sure you get your copies of Taipan Publishing Group’s 2009 Global Opportunities Summit right now…

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