Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taipan Daily: The Solace of Numbers

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Editorial Director’s Note: Well, this is a first. Today, Jim’s asking you to set aside your opinion of HIS opinions – and let him revisit his journalistic roots with some straight-up reporting. You might want to tune in, too. What he’s reporting could land you 69 times your money, if history holds true…
– JL

The Solace of Numbers
A Prelude to Taipan Publishing Group's 2009 Global Opportunities Summit
by Jim Amrhein, Contributing Editor, Taipan Daily

You’ve no doubt formed an opinion about me over the past seven months. Call me what you will (as you so often do): Commentator, pot-stirrer, editorialist, grenade-thrower, original thinker – or any number of unprintable things. I have no regrets about being controversial and outspoken…

However, it might surprise some of you to know that from high school and college on up to my early 30s, what I really wanted to be was a journalist. A dispassionate, objective chronicler of facts. A teller of fascinating and poignant true stories. A revealer of little-known and relevant statistics. And for the next few days, that’s what I’m going to get a chance to do for you.

But with a twist: The stories I’m going to report could make you very wealthy.

So here’s what I’m asking you to do: For the next five days, I want you to put aside your opinions about my opinions. Simply allow me to relay to you, accurately and factually (but with a touch of color, perhaps), what unfolds at a little-known event that carries with it a stunning degree of significance to not only the care and feeding of your money – but the future political and macro-economic climate in which you’ll make that money…

If you pay attention to what I’ll reveal over the next five days, that is. But if you make the mistake of tuning me out simply because of something I said in the long ago that raised your hackles, you’ll be missing out on what may well be the truest and most lucrative financial advice you’ll ever receive in your life.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this advice could pay you as much as 69 times your money or more over the course of the coming year – which, despite all the rosy rhetoric from Washington and the mainstream media, promises to be a pretty fiscally dicey 12 months for our nation.

How did I arrive at that “69 times your money” number?

Simple, straight-up reporting. As I’ll soon prove in true journalistic fashion – with hard numbers – this is exactly what you could’ve made on JUST ONE of the 36 potential winning investments revealed at this same event last year.

Numerous others could’ve paid in the 300% to 400%-plus range, and nearly all of them levied at least double-digit profit potential to those who listened. Let me put on my “reporter” hat and show you the proof right now…

On the Scene at the 2009 Taipan Global Opportunities Summit

I’m writing this right now from Chicago’s luxurious InterContinental Hotel on Michigan Avenue’s vaunted “Magnificent Mile.” That’s the site of Finding Wealth in the Post-Dollar World, the 2009 Taipan Publishing Group Global Opportunities Summit…

I’ve never been to the Windy City before, and my first impressions of it on this glorious 75-degree-and-sunny day are that it’s fast-paced from the git-go. The driver of the crowded shuttle-van from Midway airport to the InterContinental put most cabbies in other cities to shame. Heavy on the gas, heavier on the brake, gesticulating wildly through the windshield as he scatters cross-walking pedestrians like ten-pins.

The tourists react with outrage and flustered shouts – the locals don’t miss a beat on their cellphone conversations. They deftly sidestep us as though they’ve been dodging shuttles their whole lives. Matadors in Brooks Brothers.

Chicago seems like a town that means business, and that grants no quarter. A place that can make all your dreams come true if you’re willing to tolerate a little blood – yours or someone else’s. Or it can break you like a cinnamon stick if you show the slightest sign of weakness. I liked the place instantly. And I couldn’t help but imagine what I would do later in the day, after this dispatch was finished…

A museum? An art gallery? A stroll along The Mile or a spin down Lakeshore Drive? Maybe all of these things. But definitely, steak. This is Chicago, for Pete’s sake – star of the American Midwest; home of Morton’s and about a zillion other primo chophouses. No way I’m eating tofu while I’m in town.

But that’s later. Right now, I’m over the keyboard as your Taipan Daily correspondent for the next few days at this event – dusting off my journalism chops to work on tight deadlines and strict word counts to produce these dispatches for you mere hours before you read them…

In these reports, I’ll offer you the high spots of this event, its most shocking revelations, real-live comments from attendees (folks just like you and me, for the most part), and its most potentially lucrative recommendations – as much as my deadline times and column-inches of space allow, anyway…

How much could this mean to your bottom line?

Well, let’s start where a journalist (at least an unbiased one) would: With facts.

The Lucrative Facts

To prepare for this assignment, I did what any good reporter would do: Research. Somehow, I tracked down what seems to be the only remaining copy of the recordings of last year’s inaugural Taipan Global Opportunities Summit in San Francisco…

Seriously, though thousands of these were offered for sale last summer, they sold out so completely that this single copy of these recordings is all anyone could locate in the offices of the Taipan Publishing Group – or even in the homes of their staff. And I was threatened with grave bodily harm should I lose track of it.

After signing out the copy, I painstakingly watched and re-watched the entire conference, taking notes as all the Taipan editors revealed their best recommendations for the coming year…

Then I looked up the 12-month track record of every one of these investments – to see if what our editors predicted came to pass, and to what degree. The results of my study revealed them as nothing short of prophetic.

At the 2008 Taipan Global Opportunities Summit on August 5 and 6 of last year in San Francisco, our editors offered lucky conference attendees three dozen specific investing recommendations for the coming year…

Every one of these 36 picks gave investors a chance at impressive short-term gains – from a “low” end of 34% in just under six months to an incredible 6,900% in just 10 weeks...

Of these 36 plays, 22 of them (61%) could have doubled your money or more over the past year. Among these were such potential whoppers as:

  • 440% in 11 weeks
  • 218% in 6.5 months     
  • 150% in 3 months, 2 days        
  • 292% in 27 weeks
  • 470% in 52 days         
  • 329% 2 months, 1 day 
  • 168% just under 7 months
  • 206% in 6 months, 1 week      
  • 6,900% in just 71 days

This isn’t spin or hype or salesmanship or anything like it. It’s the bona-fide, straight-up reporting of fact. These gains were there for the taking for anyone who was fortunate enough to get these picks – and trade at advantageous moments…

The Brutal Bliss of Hard Numbers

I, for one, find comfort in numbers. In themselves, they’re not subject to interpretation, nor slaves to an agenda. They can be brutal or blissful in their situational meaning, but they are never ambiguous. They simply reveal

And what the hard numbers reveal about the Taipan editors is that ALL of their three dozen specific recommendations from last year’s Summit could have turned handsome – and sometime stupefying – gains in the worst market calendar year since the Great Depression.

That’s a fact, Jack.

Now, only around 100 people were allowed to attend the 2008 Taipan Global Opportunities Summit and get these picks firsthand. This year, by popular demand, we expanded the attendance to 150. I’m getting ready to start hobnobbing with these fine people on Day 1 of the 2009 Summit (Thursday, 8/13) as you read this…

However, Taipan Daily readers who scooped up all those sets of Summit recordings last year also put themselves in position for these gains huge gains – at a fraction of the cost of the conference, and with none of the hassle of traveling.

Now listen carefully: According to Taipan Executive Publisher Sandy Franks (again, just straight-up reporting here), a limited number of audio recordings of this year’s Global Opportunities Summit, Finding Wealth in the Post-Dollar World, will also be available…

Early word is they’ll be offered in two formats: A portable-anywhere CD version and as computer-downloadable MP3 audio files. And according to a quick conversation with Sandy, they’ll cost just $79 for the MP3s – and just $99 for BOTH the MP3s and conventional CDs.

(Editor’s note: Jim’s correct on the pricing –  and on the limited availability. Get full details on how to reserve your copy now on advance-order here. Last year’s recordings sold out, so you should definitely reserve yours now… – JL)

Again, I’ll confirm all this information for you tomorrow: Pricing, formats – even availability numbers, if they’re known at this time…

However, the important thing is that you reserve your own copy right now. At less than $100 no matter which format you choose, it’s a fraction of the cost of the 2009 Summit itself, once travel and lodging are figured in.

But it could make you just as rich as attending – even more so, in my opinion: With the CDs/MP3s, you don’t have to scribble furious notes on these presentations and picks the way Summit attendees do. You can simply hit “pause,” then replay whatever you want, over and over…

Kind of like what I did with last year’s recordings to prove how unbelievably profitable the Taipan Global Opportunities Summit really can be.

More on this year’s Summit tomorrow – right now, I’m pushing deadline and over my word count (what else is new?)…

And I smell steak. 

Jim Amrhein
Contributing Editor, Taipan Daily

P.S. I’ve asked the home office to install a link so you can pre-order your audio copy of the 2009 Taipan Global Opportunities Summit now. If the word “here” is in blue, it’s live and ready for you to reserve your recordings. I urge you to do it right away…

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