Saturday, August 8, 2009

Taipan Daily's Weekly Wrap-up: The One Fact You Need to Know Most

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Saturday, August 8 , 2009
Taipan Daily: The One Fact You Need to Know Most
by Erin Beale, Group Publisher, Taipan Publishing Group

Is it time to declare ourselves officially on the path out of recession? Some may think so based on Friday’s jobs report. A better-than-expected cut of 247,000 jobs helped the unemployment rate dip to 9.4%… the first decline in 15 months.

But clearly we’re not out of the woods yet. The fact remains that a staggering 14.5 million were still out of jobs in July.

Join Adam Lass in a journey behind the key data figures and their real meanings… learn how to turn well-known poker tactics into critical trading wisdom… decide for yourself whether we’re really living in a present-day Marxist environment… and much more…

The 523% Payoff for Being Prepared

There are several ingredients known to come in handy for stretching limited supplies of a vaccine. These ingredients, known as adjuvants, have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use here in the States. While U.S. authorities are buying up stocks of adjuvants just in case, it does not appear that such approval will be forthcoming prior to this fall, when another wave of “swine flu” infections is expected.

But one small country was forward-thinking, and in 2006 signed a deal with one of the world’s largest vaccine makers to insure that, in the event of a pandemic, it would be in the “First Wave” – a group of 10 countries that will receive their vaccine months ahead of the rest of the world.

Adam exposes this company’s impending 523% payoff for being prepared, and tells you how to profit….

In 2010, under the guise of routine business, five powerful men from around the globe will meet behind closed doors…

What they decide will change your idea of "money" forever – and set you up with a chance to earn a once-in-a-lifetime paycheck.

Just ask Riley McManis, who pocketed a quick $64,260 in a single day.

The History of Western Politics in 18 Horrific Minutes

What would you call an administration that seeks to nationalize key manufacturing industries and financial institutions, mercilessly penalize achievers and redistribute their wealth across the “have not” spectrum, socialize the healthcare system, limit individual rights, subvert the free market, and leverage class envy to accomplish a wide-reaching domestic agenda?

Our ever-controversial guest editor Jim Amrhein calls it pure Marxism, and discusses his view on how close the United States is to drifting to the Marxist model today right here…

Three Things That Make for Valuable Wisdom for Traders

Poker great Puggy Pearson’s wisdom has powerful applications to trading – his “three things” are key to success in markets as well as at the poker table.

“Knowing the 60-40 end of a proposition” simply means always looking to put the odds in your favor. This sounds obvious, but is harder than one might realize in real-life application. There is the matter of knowing the odds in the first place – having a keen grasp on risk versus reward. There is the matter of implied odds – being able to dig deeper and assess hidden factors. And there is also the self-discipline factor... not chasing that weak draw that looks too tempting to resist.

Justice keenly applies poker wisdom to trading knowledge and explains why self-knowledge and self-trust are absolutely critical in high-stakes situations…

The One Fact You Need to Know Most

Oftentimes investors put themselves through inane gyrations as they try to discount a few of the sundry and sordid reports that abound in this biz. And nothing’s so cruel as a week’s worth of input or such.

Adam walks us through the July employment and factory order reports, released this week, and paints a “talking head” timeline that confused the markets thoroughly. Read the story of one morning… three reports… 80 different (mostly contradictory) opinions, none of which truly take into account the big picture. Learn how to use this “$75 billion needle in a haystack information” to your trading advantage right here…

Have You Heard About $1 Silver Shots?

This new government-regulated investment allows you to control a full ounce of silver for $1. With one-ounce silver coins going for $31 on EBay… and silver bullion currently trading at around $15 per ounce… "silver shots" give you a potential 15-fold gain (or more) right out of the gate. Here's how to get your share before supplies are gone forever…

History Does Not Repeat, but It Sometimes Rhymes…

For a quarter-century or more, total leverage levels and bailout costs marched skyward. And so, rather than quietly resetting the clock and heading back to 1982, we instead seem headed for a grand, explosive boom-bust finale of epic proportions.

Will another big bank bust mark the end of the cycle? The idea is certainly appealing. Take one of the lumbering giants (like, say, BAC or Citi) out into the back forty and shoot it in the back of the head... absorb one last wave of pain... and then it’s off to the races again.

But we suspect that won’t be enough. Read why Justice believes that something far bigger, far grander, feels in order…

The Biggest Catch-22 in the History of Money...

That's the topic of discussion at Taipan's Annual Conference. As Uncle Sam tries to lift the economy from recession to recovery, the economic stimulus plan is putting pressure on the dollar. Left unchecked, the value of your financial assets will plunder.

That's why these vital wealth protection and moneymaking strategies are critically important. Learn about them with your own set of LIVE audio recordings of the conference available in two formats: CD or MP3, or order both. Supplies are limited... don't wait too long to order your set.

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