Sunday, August 2, 2009

An Urgent Profit Opportunity from Taipan Daily

An Urgent Profit Opportunity from Taipan Daily

Dear Taipan Daily Reader,

Quite frankly, investing is not for everyone. But you're not like everyone. You're hungry to learn about the latest trends… the best investment strategies… the hottest opportunities… so you can take your portfolio to the next level. In fact, you're probably motivated to make more money than the average investor, which puts you in a different league than that average investor.

How have I concluded this? Because when you signed up for Taipan Daily, you showed that you take your investments – and your money – seriously.

But I've got to be honest with you… If you're serious about making money from your investments (and I believe you are), then you're receiving this note at just the right time.

This is Sandy Franks, and I'm the Executive Publisher of Taipan Daily and the Taipan Publishing Group. You'll hear from me periodically when I have a fantastic investment strategy that I think would be perfect for your portfolio. And that's exactly what I want to discuss with you today. We call it the “13F Disbursement Plan” – a $35 billion program of “free money” the government is paying out. You could get in on this exciting new program that could add $4,570 per month to your bank account and put an end to your money worries for good. Let me explain…

How to Add Up to $11,450 to Your Bank Account Every Month

After years of giving special treatment to America’s financial elite... the U.S. Government is finally helping the “little guy” for a change.

In fact, thanks to a federal law, you can now divert thousands of dollars per month from Wall Street’s wealthiest institutions... directly into your own bank account.

This program – which, as I said earlier,  we call the “13F Disbursement Plan” – allows you to legally skim money from the cutthroat Wall Street firms who’ve gotten obscenely rich at the expense of ordinary folks like you and me.

By following the detailed instructions outlined in this letter, you’ll learn how to add $4,570 to $11,450 to your bank account every month, courtesy of the U.S. Government.

Here’s something interesting: Right now, at this moment, very few investors know about the 13F Disbursement Plan.

In fact, our research shows that nine out of 10 Americans have never even heard of it. And people also don’t know that non-Americans can get in on this opportunity too!

Yet, the people who do know about the 13F Disbursement Plan are making so much money – so quickly – that Philip Goldstein, managing director of New York-based Full Value Partnershas filed a complaint with the SEC claiming that use of the 13F Plan is “stealing.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Goldstein, Uncle Sam sees things differently...

The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) has had enough of Wall Street’s lies and manipulations.

In fact, it has created a new department – the Office of Collections and Distributions – to help scammed investors get their money back.

That’s very good news for you...

And while it may take some serious effort to file a claim with the SEC, I’m going to show you how you can use the 13F Disbursement Plan to collect a small fortune... right out of Wall Street’s back pocket... starting tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.

There is one catch, however...

Why You Should Look Into This "Free Money" Opportunity

While the 13F Disbursement Plan is completely legal (and has the blessing of the United States Government), some folks may be a bit uneasy about taking advantage of the situation.

But there are three reasons why you should give this “free money” opportunity your full consideration:

First, the 13F Disbursement Plan offers you a fantastic wealth-building opportunity with very little risk. It’s safe and simple, and – best of all – it generates lots of income.

Second, the U.S. Government has authorized this. It is perfectly legal, as mandated by SEC Code 13F. And regardless of how much money you collect from the Plan, you’ll NEVER have to pay back one thin dime.

Third, Wall Street has been lying, cheating and stealing from folks like you and me for years... and everybody knows it.

As you’ll see in a moment, if you’ve ever put a single penny into a stock, bond or mutual fund, Wall Street has had their hand in your pocket.

So, diverting money from their overflowing bank coffers isn’t stealing. It’s taking back what’s rightfully yours.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a safe, simple way to build your nest egg, the 13F Disbursement Plan is – hands down – the single best opportunity available today.

But don’t make a final decision just yet. Read this entire letter. After you’ve had a chance to digest the facts, then decide if this is something you might want to try.

But be warned: Wall Street is intent on putting an end to this “free money” program. And people who don’t act quickly could get locked out... permanently.

So, please read on immediately to avoid missing out.

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