Thursday, August 20, 2009

Want to Play the Downside of this Market?

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August 19, 2009

Want to Play the Downside of this Market?

Dear Outstanding Investments Reader,

I just found an opportunity for you, and I couldn't help but pass it on…

As you know, I'm not particularly optimistic about the direction of the U.S. economy -- in fact, some things that I foresee are downright scary.

That's why I recommend buying precious metals, and also staying invested in hard assets like oil and energy -- these things of real worth will maintain their value better than mere promises from Wall Street.

But there is another targeted way for you to handsomely profit from a market downturn.

My friend and colleague Dan Amoss has been consistently predicting some of the biggest downdrafts in the market -- giving his readers loads of chances to profit as company shares plummet. And when I say "profit," I mean it -- he's shown his readers gains of over 460% in just a few short months!   

That's fantastic, but here's why you may be interested…

Dan just pinpointed his next play, and he thinks it could be huge -- maybe even as profitable as when he called the demise of Lehman Brothers. Indeed, this could be your chance to cash in…

Take a few minutes to see if this opportunity is for you. You'll find all of the details in the full report, attached here.

Until we meet again,

Byron King

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