Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Your choice: God or gold?

WND Superstore recommends:

The Jubilee Principle:
God's Plan for Economic Freedom
By Dan L. White

With the world mired in the worst financial crisis since the
Great Depression, people are desperate for answers. But while
politicians and investment gurus are stymied to find answers,
author Dan L. White turns to the God of the Bible for wisdom to
light the way in today's dark times.

In "The Jubilee Principle: God's Plan For Economic Freedom,"
White describes the connection between the Bible and the
marketplace. White, an expert on Christian stewardship and
founder of the Homeschool Helpers ministry, delves into Old
Testament history and shows how God's relationship with the
Israelites is a model that can offer spiritual and economic
liberation for Christians today.

As White examines the economic "long wave"-a boom-and-bust cycle
that happens roughly twice a century in free economies-he
uncovers the wisdom of the fifty-year Jubilee cycle in the
Hebrews' economy. Simply put, this was God's plan to spare Israel
of the tumult of financial crises, and we can still learn
something valuable from His timeless wisdom today.

In the end, White poses a challenge to all readers: "You see,
the great choice in life is either God or gold. Each one demands
all your life. You cannot serve God and mammon. Christ said that.
Do you believe it?"

"The Jubilee Principle" shows that only by serving God can
people truly be happy personally, spiritually, and yes,

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sold at the WND Superstore will be autographed by Dan White.

"'The Jubilee Principle' urges us all to stop chasing money and
to start chasing God instead. Money will fail us, but God never
will. Dan White encourages believers to spend less time on
financial statements and more time reading God's word. 'The
Jubilee Principle' delivers an important message; I highly
recommend it."
- Ray Comfort, best-selling author

You'll Also Enjoy:
Bankruptcy of Our Nation:
12 Key Strategies for Protecting Your Finances in these
Uncertain Times
By Jerry Robinson

In 60 years, America went from the world's largest creditor to
the largest debtor nation.

And now the chickens are coming home to roost, says Jerry
Robinson, author of Bankruptcy of Our Nation. Americans are
suffering - almost no one is immune to the pain.

But, the good news is that it is not too late to insulate
yourself and your family from the ravages of the economic
calamity. In fact, there may be great opportunities in the coming
hyperinflationary depression, Robinson predicts.

With insightful clarity, Jerry Robinson identifies and examines
the five dangerous trends currently impacting the U.S. economy
and your financial security. Complex topics such as the sub-prime
mortgage crisis and the rising levels of U.S. consumer debt are
broken down into simple English for the average consumer,
empowering readers to protect their assets and profits with
twelve straightforward strategies.

This book is more than a diagnosis of the problem. It offers 12
strategies that you can use to protect you and your family from
the storm and strengthen your faith. Here's what Robinson offers
in Bankruptcy of Our Nation:

* a key to understanding the impending danger that still awaits
a nation built entirely on debt;

* a layman's explanation of the flaws in our financial system;

* how to prepare your family for the collapse of the dollar;

* no-cost ways to survive this chaotic economic climate;

Robinson is a conference speaker, columnist, economic
consultant, and president of Jerry Robinson Ministries
International, which offers cutting-edge teaching on
geopolitical, economic, and cultural trends and how they relate
to the church.

Get "Bankruptcy of Our Nation" Now


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