Friday, September 11, 2009

Buchanan: Is America Coming Apart?

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Is America Coming Apart?
Flying home from London, where the subject of formal debate on the 70th anniversary of World War II had been whether Winston Churchill was a liability or asset to the Free World, one arrives in the middle of a far more acrimonious national debate right here in the United States.

At issue: Should Barack Obama be allowed to... (continue reading)

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Are There Republicans Keeping ObamaCare On Life-Support?

Do you really want to empower the same government that is fouling-up cash-for-clunkers to the tune of 3 billion dollars to get its hands on another 3 trillion dollars of your hard-earned money to foul-up your health care? Do you want government end-of-life counselors who would probably exhibit the compassion of IRS agents... making life and death decisions for you or your parents?

If the aphorism holds -- the guerrilla wins if he does not lose -- the Taliban are winning and America is losing the war in Afghanistan.

Well into the eighth year of war, the Taliban are more numerous than ever, inflicting more casualties than ever, operating in more provinces than ever and controlling more territory than ever. And their tactics are... (continue reading)

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Ann Coulter finds liberals: GUILTY as charged

In her most controversial and fiercely argued book yet, Ann Coulter calls out the Left for always playing the victim -- when in fact they are the victimizers. Guilty delivers the most powerful wallop ever of controversial, colorful, conservative Coulter.

More from Pat Buchanan

Distortions -- or Truths?
Obamacare is filled with landmines.

The Get-Cheney Squad
It seems now indisputable that CIA interrogators, with their rough methods, got vital intelligence that saved American lives.

The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America
The state of emergency is a national one. The very life of our nation is at stake in the immigration debate.

Day of Reckoning
How ignorance, ideology, and greed are tearing America apart.

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