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Famous French Architect Transforms Forgotten Paradise into Next Great Retirement Spot

But you have a small window of opportunity to get in on this chic little retirement dream today for as little as $30,000!

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By Martina Dunphy,
Executive Director, International Living

Dear Reader,

The airstrip's been laid. And the stars are already descending.

Not since the 17th century has this spectacular (yet peculiar) piece of paradise seen such a rush of new colonists. But this time it's not conquistadors or capitalists arriving, it's a brand new band of super chic artists, designers and adventurers in search of a simpler, gentler, slower way of life.

Experts have begun comparing this region to Costa Rica's most prized coastline—but in the '80s—before the development, before the tourists came, and before property prices started to soar...

New York Magazine has hailed it as: "the latest eco-playground with panache".

And now a torrent of big-name Hollywood stars have begun to descend on the area including Mick Jagger, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy, Brad Pitt and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And amongst those who are setting up shop here, you can feel that there's a genuine sense of excitement in the air...that these New Age settlers are all part of something very new and special...and that they're proud to be among the first foreigners to discover the wonders and delights of this unique playground.

And they couldn't have found a more perfect and spellbinding setting: a forgotten peninsula trapped in time, where the ways of life and the rhythms of nature have carried on practically undisturbed for centuries...even millennia...

In many ways this place is an anomaly.

Coastal roads wind around beautiful cliffs. Gentle rolling green Tuscan-like hills (uncharacteristic of the region) are dotted with ancient perfectly preserved 17th century Spanish Colonial towns. Yet the area is bordered by a tropical coastal paradise that supports a unique and undiscovered eco-wonderland.

For example, it boasts one of the planet's greatest virgin fishing spots. The waters are literally teaming with fish: big eye and yellow fin tuna, black marlin, wahoo, amberjack, sierra mackerel, orcas, snapper...yet global anglers don't even know of it yet...

It also boasts one of the western hemisphere's best-preserved coral reefs which supports hundreds of species of colorful marine life—yet it is also virtually unknown to the diver...

Iguanas, colorful crabs, red-breasted frigates roam unperturbed on a nearby island...

Dolphins, porpoises and humpback whales still swim freely and fearlessly in its crystal clear unpolluted waters...for millennia they've been coming to this marine haven to give birth, and to train their young in the ways of the deep blue sea...

Thousands of turtles still migrate en masse each year to its stunning white sand shores to lay their eggs...

So are the ebbs and tides of this natural tropical wonderland...

But now the secret's out.

Going Fast: $30,000 Homes in Paradise!

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for the Rich and Famous—for Just $30,000!

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It's only a matter of time now before this lost paradise leaps onto the radars of travelers and retirees, and before property prices begin their giant march upwards.

But right now you have a unique window of opportunity to get in on this extraordinarily untapped wonderland before the crowd.

The region is still home to some of the most outrageous property bargains left on the planet. And the cost of living is still mercifully low...

For example, right now you can:

  • Buy a 3 bedroom house in an old Colonial village for as little as $30,000...or a home right on the beach with a verandah overlooking the glorious Pacific ocean for as little as $95,000!
  • Rent a 3-bedroom house for $175 a month!
  • Enjoy a pizza for $2.
  • Half a pound of coffee for $1.65.
  • A beer for less than a dollar.

In fact, we are so excited by the opportunities exploding in this quiet little paradise that we've just completed an urgent retirement and investment opportunity alert on the region, called Central America's Next Great Riviera: How to Get Your Piece of Paradise for as Little as $30,000. And we want to send you a copy of it FREE just for agreeing to take an almost risk-free look at International living—the world's oldest private oversees travel and retirement magazine.

But first let me tell you about the secret world of unsung opportunities for traveling, retiring or investing that International Living can introduce you to, and the incredible rewards that await you...

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We leave the cul-de-sacs and the suburbs behind us...we say good-bye to the low-yielding domestic investments—the CDs, the money-market funds, the bonds, the Dogs of the Dow...

On the contrary, we look to brighter shores...greener pastures...for greater rewards and bigger profits...

We are not tourists or traders, we prefer to think of ourselves as travelers and investors. We are owners rather than renters, prospectors rather than consumers...

And we look for markets that few have yet to enter: Frontier markets...where you can pick up what the Harvard University investment gurus have dubbed "the early-bird advantage"...where you'll pay less and get more...where you'll work less and earn more...whether you're looking for retirement alternatives or overseas investment... or simply a good-value get-away...

For example, each month in International Living you'll learn how to do things like:

  • Buy your own vineyard for $1670 an acre or farmland for $500 an acre...a cottage by the sea for $32,000... a castle for just $10,000...or your own Caribbean-like island for $217,000 (more about this in a moment!)
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Don't buy into the fertile fallacy that there's no such thing as a FREE lunch.

The world is full of FREE lunches!

And we'll show you where!

C''s time to pull up a chair...

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At International Living, we do things differently. We don't want to stay in homogenized hotel rooms. And it's not just because of the lack of privacy, space and character. We also feel the high cost of a hotel room is just not worth it.

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Better yet: We'll take you to:

"One of the America's Last Great Water Wonderlands"
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Imagine living just a boat ride away from the hustle and bustle of a large coastal city, where after a day of shopping and dining, you retreat to the peace and beauty of your own island getaway...

There's a vast body of water in the Americas where scores of secret islands, including groups of breathtaking archipelagos (some of which have been hailed to be among the most beautiful in all the world) are just waiting to be discovered!

For centuries they've been shut off to almost everyone except the locals...but now a number of compelling real estate mega-trends are all converging at the same time to put these lost archipelagos back on the map.

For example:

  • Delta airlines recently submitted an application to open up the first direct flight route from North America to these forgotten shores. In the past, it might've taken you 24 hours to get there. Soon you'll be able to do it in 6! And many other international airlines are following suit!
  • The coastal capital here has been short-listed to host the biggest show on Earth: The World Cup...and now the government (along with private enterprise) are plowing tens of billions of dollars of infrastructure projects into the region. The big property developers are already moving in, erecting golf courses, lavish resorts, luxury saps, and elite sports training camps.
  • And now the region's tourist minister is developing a Madison Avenue-style marketing campaign to pull millions of North Americans to its shores.

But right now, property prices in these lost archipelagos are going for an absolute steal.

In fact, when you sign up for your risk-free subscription to International Living, we'll rush you the new island investment and retirement opportunity alert we've just completed on this incredible water wonderland. It's called:

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In this special alert you'll learn about:

  • The Forbidden Island—and why its stunning - yet dirt-cheap $35,000 beachfront properties (which have been depressed for decades) are about to leap many-fold. It's largely to do with the busting of an old myth that's spooked the locals for decades.
  • The Secret Isle of the Dogs...247 acres of virgin tropical forest - all yours - on your very own private island for just $217,000! We recently saw an island in the Bahamas about the same size for $28 million. That's more than 100 times the price—and to be honest, it wasn't as breathtaking.
  • The Lost Archipelago: This group of 21 islands is one of the world's most secret (yet most spectacular) wildlife preserves...Here you'll view hundreds of species of exotic marine life...explore secluded bays where you can watch dolphins play every morning till noon, after their long night's hunting in the deep...and bear witness to one of the planet's most spectacular natural phenomenon's: many nights at dusk you'll see the sun swallowed up by the sea, and then minutes later, the moon emerge from it!

This watery tropical playground truly harbors some of the world's most extraordinary natural wonders, along with some of the lowest island property prices you'll see available anywhere today. And you'll learn all about it in The Lost Archipelagos of the Americas...Where You Can Retire at 8 Cents on the Caribbean Dollar.

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For example, in 1987, we alerted our readers to apartments in Acapulco that were going for just $950! At the time, few travelers or investors saw Acapulco as an attractive investment opportunity. Infrastructure was poor. The waters were polluted. And the place was very difficult to get to.

In the years that followed, the government plunged more than a billion dollars into infrastructure projects... the beaches were cleaned up...and a passage was tunneled through the imposing mountain that had kept Mexico City's elite from readily accessing this sparkling bay area.

Then came the restaurants...the nightlife...the champagne....the caviar....the yachts....the limousines...and the hundreds of cruise ships and luxury liners...

Spring break had a new destination.

The world's wealthiest "children" had a new playground.

A hotspot was born!

And those International Living readers, who took our advice way back in 1987 reaped untold rewards...

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  • A little later we steered subscribers to the sun-soaked beaches on the southern coast of Spain. Back then you could buy a beachfront villa for $29,000. Again people thought we were mad. "Isn't the Southern Coast of Spain poor and depressed?" they asked. Yes, back then it was. But where they saw dilapidation, we saw opportunity. Today, the world knows that coastline as the famous and beautiful Costa del Sol. And now homes there go for at least a quarter of a million dollars...many go for a million...
  • We did it again with the Brazilian stock market in 1985. When we first advised readers to get in, Brazil's IBOVESPA stock exchange was at 455. In 2008, it had soared to 44,616. That's a 97-fold increase! The Brazilian stock market became a modern day economic miracle - outperforming practically every other stock exchange on the planet. And we recommended Brazilian stocks at a time when Wall Street had shrugged it off as yet another Third World backwater.
  • Then we did it again with that not-so-little emerging economic super power: China. In fact, we recommended a little bank at the time that went by the name of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. Of course HSBC went on to become one of the greatest investments of the last generation. We did it again with Croatia, Honduras, Panama, Czech Republic, India, just to name a few.

And now we're doing it with Vietnam, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Minor. We're taking investors and retirees into these markets—before they truly open up to the west. We're making sure our subscribers get the early-bird advantage...that they catch the worm!

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This just scrapes the surface of the great global adventures and bargains we'll introduce you to at International Living.

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  • William Bonner - the New York Times best-selling author of Empire of Debt and Mobs, Markets and Messiahs.
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  • Ronan McMahon: Top global property scout.
  • Steve Sjuggerud: Editor of True Wealth, one of America's most widely read investment newsletters.
  • Douglas Casey: Economist and best-selling author of Crisis Investing—the largest-selling book in financial history!
  • Paul Lewis: Well-known New York Times UN correspondent and travel writer.
  • Robert Bauman: Former U.S. Congressman, and well-known author on offshore banking and investing.
  • John P. Dessauer: One of America's first global investors and editor of Dessauer's Investor's World, which has beenranked one of the top five best performing newsletters by The Hulbert Financial Digest.
  • Gary Scott: Global entrepreneur, author and investor, and one of the first publishers to suggest global investing.

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Martina Dunphy
Executive Director, International Living

P.S. Just when you think this offer can't get any better, I want to rush you one more FREE retirement and investment opportunity alert. It's called The Caribbean's Last Great Ground-Floor Retirement Opportunity. Imagine a stretch of virgin coastline where the jungle meets the ocean…howler monkeys swing from the trees…endangered green sea turtles amble carefree across majestic white sands…peregrine falcons, swallow-tailed hawks and bull-dog bats skim through the mist that rises from the waves as they crash against the shore…and forgotten ancient ship wrecks poke their masts out of the crystal-clear waters...

In this lost Eden there lies a property secret that almost no one knows about—yet. But real estate mega-trends are in place here that are about to put this last slice of secret Caribbean paradise on the map. An international airport recently reopened, and is about to undergo a large extension. New highways are being built. Serious investors are buying up vast tracts of coastal land. Almost a billion dollars from private and public sources will soon be plowed into transforming this isolated stretch of jungle paradise into million-dollar properties! And soon you'll see aggressive marketing of the region. But right now you have one last chance to gain a foot-fold in the Caribbean Dream for as little as $59,000! All you have to do is respond to this offer within the next 72 hours, and we'll e-mail you a copy of The Caribbean's Last Great Ground-Floor Retirement Opportunity immediately.

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