Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gerald Celente Trends

Gerald Celente Trends

America is an Empire in Decline .A decriminalization of marijuana is predicted by Gerald Celente Sept 11 2009

Posted: 11 Sep 2009 05:57 PM PDT

Gerald Celente on Sept 11 2009

Topics on this 9-11 2009 is the 9-11 2001 anniversary which Gerald Celente had forecast in USA Today , America is an empire in decline , all OECD data , America is no more on top in quality of life health and instruction , so it is definitely an empire in way of collapse ...add to that the deficit the de-industrialization the national debt ...America should go back into shape economically physically and morally , Americans are the most obese in the world , they take more antidepressant and prescription drugs than any other nation on earth...America was once the most egalitarian society , now it is the one with the widest gap between rich and poor than in any other industrialized nation...people will be forced to become self sustaining , the money is not there anymore , people will start growing veggies for their own consumption on terraces and gardens , Gerald Celente calls it edible landscaping , Mr Gerald Celente calls the war on drugs the dumbest war ever fought , we are going to see a more rational approach to it ending up by a decriminalization of marijuana

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