Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dear Friends,
For years I have been forwarding some really disturbing emails and video's about our out of control government and its move into a socialist new world order. The UN has been heavily involved in the Bush and Obama white house at steering policy towards this one world government state. I know that I have preaching to the choir.
The good news is, I no longer have to forward emails on this subject and alert friends and associates on these things most of them already now. The good news is there is a large organization of current and former military and law enforcement officers who have banded together much like our forefathers did to defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. This includes I'm happy to say a large percentage of current military from top to bottom.
The name of this organization is Oath Keepers. This group of men and women from all stripes has infiltrated every part of government, military and local law enforcement. They are all around us and ready to defend our rights. There is no need to worry about the Bush-Obama new world order crowd. I'm confident the oath keepers will not let it happen.
Thanks to leaders like Ron Paul and others, most of America has woken up to the new world order, socialist movement they are trying to shove down our throats. I'm confident more than ever it's not going to happen.. And if they try, organizations like Oath Keepers and others will have our backs. Police and Military will "stand down" and not follow illegal, unconstitutional orders.
Until yesterday, I was completely unaware of this organization and others like it all across America and within the current military. The illegal UN wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused a rapid enrollment into organizations like oath keepers by our current military. These brave young people have seen the light so to speak and have started asking "why am I here?".
So to make a long story short, the good news is, I will not have to forward any more emails regarding our out of control, non representing representatives in government and all the scary video's. As Joel Osteen likes to say, "we are already living in victory".
If you are a person who has taken the oath to defend the Constitution, please consider joining Oath Keepers and sharing with others. The recent turnout of nearly a million people in Washington on 9-12-09 proves our Nation is in good hands and the people have opened their eyes.
Have a great day!

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