Friday, September 18, 2009

Buchanan: Race and Stupidity

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Pat Buchanan is one of the most principled conservatives in the movement. Below you will find his latest articles.

Race and Stupidity
Ten days ago, the president played his ace of trumps.

He went before a joint session of Congress to lay out his health care plans, confront the "demagoguery" of critics who had resorted to "distortion," "misinformation" and "tall tales," and rally progressives and Blue Dogs to reunite and drive on to victory.

Obama's speech was savagely partisan, but an undeniable... (continue reading)

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Demand a Full Investigation of ACORN

Did you know that ACORN has received more than $53 million in taxpayer dollars since 1994?

Yep, the same ACORN that was implicated in massive voter registration fraud in during the 2008 Presidential campaign... and the same ACORN whose representatives in major cities across the country were caught on tape advising undercover documentarians on how to lie to the government so they can establish a brothel for underage, illegal immigrant girls.

Cutting off all federal taxpayer dollars to ACORN is a good start, but Congress and the Executive Branch must do more!

Down at the Chinese outlet store in Albany known as Wal-Mart, Chinese tires have so successfully undercut U.S.-made tires that the Cooper Tire factory in that south Georgia town had to shut down... (continue reading)

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How to Turn a $200 investment into $1 Million

Imagine turning $200 penny stock investments into a waterfall of cash.

There's a reason penny stocks have been Wall Street's favorite hidden investment for years now: they give the best shot at winning it big.

A select group of profit-seekers already racks up the big penny stock wins with scientifically selected plays.

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