Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama speech as viewed from AFP town hall in NC

Americans for Prosperity

Dear Brad,

Last night from our Americans for Prosperity "Hands Off My Health Care" town hall meeting at the Raleigh fairgrounds, I watched along with 1,100 activists as the President declared he has basically saved our economy since coming into office in January.

By "saved," the President means passing the $1-trillion "stimulus" bill in the spring that drove our debt through the roof while wasting money on boondoggles across the nation.

The President's self-congratulatory rhetoric was stunning when our unemployment is creeping toward 10%, budget deficits are the biggest in American history and our national debt is through the roof.

Sadly, the President then went on to repeat many of the same falsehoods that he has used for months in the health care debate. First, he declared that the Washington health care takeover will not change in any way the health care coverage of the 85% of Americans who currently like their health care. Most Americans know better.

Then, he once again attacked the millions of Americans like you and me who have attended town hall meetings, rallies, and tea parties to defend their health care and oppose the Washington takeover.

AFP activists telling President Obama Hands Off My Health Care

Next, the President stated - with a straight face - that his health care takeover will not increase the budget deficit a single penny! The crowd in Raleigh literally roared with laughter at this line, and I suspect most Americans know the truth - that's one reason we're winning.

President Obama said businesses would be required to "chip in to help cover the cost of their workers," a clever way of saying he supports a punitive payroll tax for health care.  Does that mean he supports the 8 percent payroll tax included in H.R. 3200?  That's a huge job-killer at a time our economy can least afford it.

The President stated that his "public option" - aka the government-run insurance plan - will not harm the private insurance that literally tens of millions of Americans enjoy. But we have seen him on video giving speeches where he details his vision of everyone relying on government health insurance. Click HERE for video.

The President did acknowledge the need for tort reform to get rid of frivolous lawsuits. However instead of putting this reform in the health care bill President Obama placed Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius - a former lobbyist for trial lawyers - in charge of such reforms.

There's so much more, but you get the idea.

I've got a request for you. The President and his friends are counting on this speech being a game changer. It's not. But TODAY, you need to tell your member of Congress that the President's speech has not changed your mind. Act now.

The bottom line is this: despite a rousing summer when your grassroots activism captured the imagination of the American people and slowed the momentum for the Washington health care takeover, we face a September, October and potentially November where the future of our health care is in doubt.

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and the entire big government side is counting on you and me losing interest or growing weary of the fight.

We can't let that happen. This Saturday's 9/12 "Taxpayer March on Washington" is crucial and I hope to see you there. We'll have both our Patients First "Hands Off My Health Care" buses cruising the streets around the Capitol.

Then, we've got to keep the pressure on these Senators and Representatives throughout the fall.

At our rally in Goldsboro yesterday afternoon (just before the big town hall in Raleigh), a lady named Janet walked up to me. Her son is a special needs child and she told me their family's story of struggle and achievement - it was inspiring. But, Janet knows what is at stake for her precious child if we lose this battle over health care, and that's why she took time from a busy day to attend the rally and fight the good fight.

In the decisive weeks and months to come, let's make the same commitment.


Tim's Signature

Tim Phillips

PS: Please let your Senator or member of Congress know that President Obama's speech has not changed your position one bit. Today please call or e-mail because it's important for Washington to get the message--the President's speech changes nothing.

I'd also love to hear from you. Drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter.

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